The Chair of the Library Faculty Assembly is responsible for making sure revisions of the Perpetual Calendar are made and distributed as necessary.


New faculty will receive a copy from the Staff Training/Public Relations Librarian as part of their new faculty orientation materials.



"A list of all eligible faculty members (to be elected to the Library Faculty Assembly) shall be

 published one month before the election." (Constitution Art. III, Sect. 3)



"Nominations (for Library Faculty Assembly) shall close no later than August 15th."  (Constitution  Art. III, Sect. 3)


"The election (of the Library Faculty Assembly) shall be held before the end of August in each  year."  (Constitution, Art. III, Sect. 3)


"The committee (Library Promotions, Tenure, and Leave Committee) shall be elected concurrently with the Faculty Assembly each year."  (By-Laws  IV, paragraph 1)


"Members (of the Grievance Committee) shall be elected concurrently with the Faculty Assembly each year.  (By-Laws V, paragraph 1)


Members of the Performance-based Salary Adjustment Review Committee shall be elected concurrently with the Faculty Assembly each year.  [not in Constitution/Bylaws yet]


"The first meeting (of the Library Faculty) shall be held during the first six weeks of the academic year, at which the Dean of Library Services shall report to the Library Faculty."  (Constitution Art. I, Sect. 4)



"Terms of service for these faculty members (committee members of Library Faculty Assembly  standing committees) shall begin upon organization of the committee."  "Committee appointments shall be announced within two weeks of the organization of the Assembly."(By-Laws I, paragraph 3)


The Ad Hoc Committee on Control and Review of Standing Rules Generated by the Library Faculty Assembly recommended "that the Library Faculty Affairs Committee annually appoint a Library Faculty Manual Subcommittee which will be  responsible for preparing and distributing update sheets to the Library Faculty Manual and giving to each new Library Faculty member shortly after arrival a copy of the Library Faculty Manual."  (Approved by LFA 6-2-82)


List of Library Committees prepared and distributed by Vice Chair.




Remind library faculty to complete the annual "Faculty Report of Professional Activities" which covers activities January through December for the previous year. 


Remind library faculty of Commencement Attendance  policy.


"Each spring the (Library) Administrative Affairs Committee will recommend two faculty members and the staff council will recommend two staff  members form whom the Dean of Library Services will appoint one faculty and one staff person to  serve a two-year term on the editorial board of the ISU Libraries News.  (Statement by Library Administrative Affairs Committee on "ISU Library Publications." Approved by LFA 12-16-82)



Send a memo to the Chair of each standing committee reminding them to prepare a report for the May meeting, including a list of members and a summary of activities.



"Each committee (standing committee of Library Faculty Assembly) shall submit a written summary of its activities for the year at the May meeting of the Library Faculty."  (By-Laws I, paragraph 5)


"The second meeting (of the Library Faculty) shall be held during the month of May at which the Library Faculty Assembly and its committees shall report on their activities for the academic  year."  (Constitution Art. I, Sect. 4)


Receive proposed calendar from Library Administrative office to respond in such a timely fashion as to provide Administrative office sufficient time to forward calendar plus any approved changes to Assembly in June.  (LFA 11-84)


Rev. Apr. 1991, Editorial Rev. Dec., 1992

Revision LFA, December 1997

Approved, Dean Watson, November 4, 1998