II. J.1. The chairperson is elected in the fall semester at the Administrative Affairs Committee's first meeting which is called by the Chairperson of the Library Faculty Assembly. As soon as he or she is elected, he or she presides over meetings of the Committee.


II. J.2. The chairperson serves as the contact point for any communications to and from the Library Faculty Assembly, the Library Faculty as a whole, individual members of the library staff, and the Library Administration on matters concerning the Committee.


II. J.3. The chairperson calls special meetings of the Committee and cancels regular meetings when there is no agenda. He or she also is responsible for insuring that a meeting place is available for regular and special meetings.


II. J.4. In February, the Committee recommends two library faculty members to the Dean for membership on the Editorial Board of the Library staff newsletter, from which the Dean will choose one.


II. J.5. In February the committee recommends five library faculty members to the Dean, from which the Dean will choose three to serve on the Student Recognition Committee.


II. J.6. Late in the spring the Committee will receive the proposed Library Calendar from the Associate Dean for Library Services and will make any suggestions about it in writing to him or her.


II. J.7. The Committee also reviews the budget of the Library and the travel budget annually at the time it is given to them by the Dean. No communication from the Committee about this is needed unless there are questions or recommendations the Committee wishes to make.


II. J.8. The chairperson must help to insure that the Committee is consulted about any library policy matters that relate to its areas of advisory interest as specified in the By-Laws.


Mar. 1986

Editorial Rev. Mar. 1990

Revision LFA December 1997

Approved, Dean Watson, November 4, 1998