IV. E.




IV. E.1.  Personnel File. The personnel file shall consist of the Professional Data Profile Form (before 1988), the Pre-tenure Evaluation Forms (through 1997),the Faculty Report of Professional Activities (since 1988), the Pre-Tenure Promotion and Annual Performance Review form (1997 -), and necessary supporting documents (articles, papers, other published materials, and any additional information or letters an individual may submit for his/her file). This shall be a cumulative file. All reports, evaluations, assessments, recommendations and the like will be added to a librarian's personnel folder only with his/her knowledge of that action. The librarian has the right to submit comments on any material submitted to his/her personnel file. The personnel file shall not contain confidential letters of recommendation or any other confidential information, except as submitted by the librarian for his/her personnel file.


IV. E.2.  Location of Personnel File. The personnel file shall be kept in the office of the Dean of Library Services.


IV. E.3.  Access to the Personnel File. Any request for review of a  personnel file must be in writing. Access to a librarian's personnel file is restricted to the individual librarian; Promotions, Tenure, and Leaves Committee; appropriate administrators, i.e. the Dean of Library Services, the Associate/Assistant Dean(s), the Head of the Department to which the individual librarian is assigned; the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs; and the President. The personnel file shall be closed to anyone else, except in cases in which the librarian gives his/her written permission.


IV. E.4.  Completing and Maintaining Personnel File.


IV. E.4.a.  Faculty Report of Professional Activities shall be completed by each library faculty member after the conclusion of each calendar year. The deadline for submission shall be announced by the Dean's office.


IV. E.4.b.  Tenure, Promotion and Annual Performance Review form shall be completed annually by the individual librarian and his/her supervisor until tenure is attained or denied.


IV. E.4.c.  The Dean of Library Services shall be responsible for insuring that the personnel file is maintained and secured.


IV. E.5.  Procedures.


IV. E.5.1.  All personnel records will be in writing. Said documents will be numbered upon their insertion in the personnel file. All materials in the personnel file will be recorded on a register of documents contained in the file. The register will contain:


a. the date on which documents are added to or taken from the file,

b. the title or label of each document,

c. the number of pages comprising each document and any attachments thereto,

d. the source of each document, and

e. the file number given to each document, and

f. a space for the initials of the person making the register  entry.


IV. E.5.2  Librarians will be informed in writing, through the use of a standard form designed for this purpose, whenever entries are made to the register of documents. The form will indicate the date of the entry, the title or label of the document, the source of the document, and the file number placed on the document. The completed form will be mailed to the librarian on the date the entry is made in the register.


IV. E.5.3.  Persons connected with private or public investigative agencies outside the university shall not have access to a personnel file unless a written release from the librarian in question is obtained.


IV. E.5.4.  The Dean will maintain an official record of all persons who view the contents of a personnel file. The following information about the reader of each file shall be recorded on a log of readers to be kept in each librarian's file:


a. the name and position of the reader,

b. the hour and date that the reader received and returned the file,

c. the purpose for which the file was read, and

d. the signature of the reader.


IV. E.6.  *For more information, consult "Policy Statement Regarding Faculty and Staff Personnel Files" in the Indiana State University Handbook.  [add citation]




Dec. 1973

Rev. May 1986, Mar. 1990

Editorial changes approved 11/13/97

Approved by Ellen Watson, November 4, 1998