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LFA Charges

Executive Charges

Charge 09-01: Review LFA web site
LAAC Charges

Charge 09-02: Fulfill the duties of the committee as per Library Constitution & By-laws, i.e., the purpose of this committee shall be to keep apprised of administrative policies and procedures and to fulfill the advisory functions of the Library Faculty on such matters as:

Charge 09-03: Review the calendar for the 2009/2010 academic year.
Charge 09-04: Review policy documents in L:Academic Affairs/Library Services/USR/LIBGRPS/LIBUSERS/policies
Charge 09-05: Advise and assist the Dean with the development of a 360o of department chairs.
Charge 09-06: Advise the Dean on the position description for a new Reference/Instruction position.
Charge 09-07: Advise the Dean on the possible upgrading of the position for Coordinator of the Writing Center.
Charge 09-08: Review the Emergency response plan.
Charge 09-09: Review collection development allocation methods.
Charge 09-10: Clean up L:\Academic Affairs\Library Services\USR\LIBGRPS\LAAC

LFAC Charges
Charge 09-11: Fulfill the duties of the committee
as per Library Constitution & By-laws, i.e formulate policies and procedures pertaining to the Library Faculty, particularly in these areas: Charge 09-12: Revise Constitution & By-laws : Electronic meetings and voting
Charge 09-13: Revise Constitution & By-laws : Nontenure track faculty in relation to grievance and committee service.
Charge 09-14: Revise New Faculty Orientation program
Charge 09-15: Complete sections of PTOC document (definitions and indications of continuing achievement)
Charge 09-16: Better illustrate criteria for tenure

Personnel Committee Charges
Charge 09-17: Fulfill the duties of the committee
as per Library Constitution & By-laws, i.e consider and forward its recommendations to the Dean, or in accordance with current procedures, regarding: