Indiana State University Library

Library Administrative Affairs Committee


LAAC 04/05:04


(The following minutes have not been approved)


December 16-17, 2004

Emergency Virtual Meeting



Participants:  Juliet Kerico (Chair), Kathy Gaul, Elizabeth Lorenzen, Myrna McCallister (Ex-Officio), Christopher Mehrens, Margaret Pearman (Support Staff Representative)


I.          In response to a new charge submitted by LFA Chair, Betsy Hine, an emergency

meeting was called in response to the new Leave form Document distributed by

the Administrative Office.  In order to expedite matters, it was decided that the

document in question should be reviewed and all discussion take place via e-mail.


II.         Upon review of the document, the membership voted unanimously to approve the

            document as written, and this was forwarded to LFA Chair, Betsy Hine


Respectfully Submitted,

Christopher E. Mehrens

LAAC Secretary