Indiana State University Library

Library Administrative Affairs Committee


LAAC 07/08:03


November 7, 2007

1:00 p.m.

Room 132D


Present: A. Kaiser, A. Comer (ex-officio), E. Symonds, J. Eubanks, E. Lorenzen, G. Garvey (staff representative)


I. Meeting called to order 


II.   Charges for LAAC

A. General charge to fulfill duties of committee as per Library Constitution & bylaws

B. Charges tabled for later discussion

   1. Produce calendar for 2008-09 academic year (tabled)—to be emailed later for discussion

   2. Complete sections of PTOC document (tabled)

   3. Review policy documents in Academic Affairs/Library Services/USR/LIBGRPS/LIBUSERS/ policies folder (tabled)

C. Charges to be discussed today

   1. Digital/Institutional Repository

Motion to endorse researching the creation of digital repository; motion seconded

Discussion:  need to look at financial, technological, and staffing issues—write brief paper on what needs to be addressed; how to work with other university departments;

Elizabeth and Emily to meet Friday (11/10) to put together brief paper outlining what needs to be addressed when considering topic

Approved (5-0-0)

   2. Information Technology literacy standards

Discuss standards and send recommendation to LFA; statement to be written by Anthony regarding library’s involvement

Motion to approve standards

Approved (5-0-0)

   3. Examine the possibility of revising the fines policy

What needs to be revised? Concern that faculty/staff don’t pay fines;

$40 fee for “lost” materials plus $8 processing fee—average cost for books and media are higher; should there be replacement costs for certain materials?

Anthony will distribute current fees, and committee will discuss revisions at next meeting.


III. Announcement from Acting Dean

Library will change hours in Spring 2008

Sunday-Thursday open until 2 a.m.


IV. Meeting adjourned at 1:48 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Emily Symonds,