Meeting Minutes

Library Faculty Affairs Committee

December 19, 2004


Present:                                                                                   Approved: 10/7/2005

Alberta Comer

Karen Evans

Elizabeth Lorenzen*

Anthony Kaiser

John Lunceford

Rolland McGiverin

Marsha Miller*

Valentine Muyumba*

Maribeth Slebodnik



The meeting came to order at 8:35 a.m. in Rolland’s office.  JL moved to approve the minutes.   Members of the Faculty Personnel Committee* were invited to discuss the PTOC “Points Grid” document.


Karen noted that the LFAC will meet next semester at approximately the same time, and meetings will increase to twice per month because of missed meetings this semester.


EL requested clarification of the work process on the PTOC grid – is it the joint work of LFAC and the Personnel Committee or will LFAC finish the document after the Personnel Committee has submitted their input?  It was stated that the document is substantially finished but input must be obtained from Sally Baker, the library representative to the Campus Oversight committee.


MM questioned the arrangement of the criteria on the grid and whether the procedures for faculty appointment should be reincorporated into the faculty manual.


EL asked if LFAC will work on the faculty manual, as they have in the past?  We need to clarify Point 9 with Sally regarding definitions and terms, and the text regarding community service.  Work is ongoing on a procedure for granting automatic tenure.


Sally Baker was able to join the meeting and after hearing the committee’s concerns, left a message with Sarah Hawkins asking for input about how to handle the level of detail for definitions in process and the community service statement, since the Senate has not yet approved these items.


RM asked if a definition is needed for “discipline specific” if faculty has a field of expertise in addition to librarianship.


MM noted that there is a difference between MIS and MLS degrees and wondered how we would define and describe them.


EL asked whether the language in Point 19 (departmental committee) should be changed to reflect all steps as this was questioned earlier.  It was suggested that the language “department heads function in lieu of department chairs” be added and attach a copy of this to the library organization chart.


KE stated that LFAC will review the grid document and forward suggestions to the Personnel Committee and review the manual to order it appropriately


MM will give LFAC rights to her working document so that it can be viewed.


There was further discussion about when to make documents available to the Library Faculty Assembly.  MM suggestion sharing the grid document as an in process document for the 1/6 meeting, so it can be reviewed and approved before the February meeting..


EL requested input on “weighting” language in Appendix C – may need to be updated as different activities are added to responsibilities.


MM asked if there is a list of peer reviewed library journals. 


RM asked how requirements would be adjusted if librarianship goals preclude research because of time constraints. 


The meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.  The next meeting will be on January 20.


Respectfully submitted,



Maribeth Slebodnik