Library Faculty Affairsááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá LFAC 06/07-###???

January 31, 2007




Present: ??


  1. Mentoring charge: discussion. Should be structured, voluntary. We should establish benchmarks/best practices. K. Evans will work on this charge; next week will provide an outline of mentor responsibilities, etc.
  2. PTOC III A. 7. Definitions. Still needed: Acquisitions, Circulation, Serials, Digitization (3-5 sentences). Need to ask other librarians to provide?
  3. PTOC III A. 12. Indications of continuing achievement: this section needs statements such as:


Assistant librarians should concentrate onů.

Association librarians should concentrate onů.


R. McGiverin volunteered to work on this section, draft language, etc.


4. M. Miller has placed several documents related to the TPAPR revision charge in the LFAC directory under New Documents. Everyone should look at them before the next meeting, scheduled for February 6.