Library Faculty Affairs                                              LFAC 06/07-###???

March 27, 2007

Time: 11


Present: Marsha Miller, Valentine Muyumba, Rolland McGiverin, Myrna McCallister, Alberta Comer


Absent: Karen Evans, Susan Frey


Main topic for this meeting: Mentoring [charge 07-08: revise New Faculty Orientation program]


K. Evans provided document, Proposal for Mentoring Program at Cunningham Memorial Library, outlining purpose, why a mentoring program should exist, mentor goals & duties, general info, ideas for mentors starting relationship. Conversation evolved into questions:


& What’s the difference between an orientation program and a mentoring program? A. Comer referred committee to New Faculty checklists, available in Forms directory. M. Miller will locate and add to LFAC directory.

& Where does the supervisor fit in?

& Who is responsible for the new faculty member receiving training?

& Mentoring may be more of a group effort/responsibility


LFAC has access to the checklists created in the 1980s for the New Employee Orientation program developed by S. Davis. It is possible that using items from these checklists could be used to quickly develop new checklists.


Should mentoring be a formal or informal program? M. McCallister commented on what she calls a lack of commonality among library faculty regarding the relationships/worth, etc. of performance vs. work vs. librarianship. She feels strongly that librarianship should always come first, with other areas to follow. As regards Research/Scholarship, she stated that research should result in a librarian doing her/his main job better. So, for example, reference librarians should concentrate on research on reference issues, with the end result that they become better reference librarians.


Other aspects of this: is this research, or is it staff development and training, and just ‘keeping up’ with current developments?


Additional discussion about research/scholarship: what are library faculty doing? M. McCallister asked if library should bring back the 3d Thursday forum. There was consensus that this was a good idea.


Discussion on mentoring/orientation needs to continue.