Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 04/05-07                                                                         Approved: ______________

February 3, 2005, 8:30 a.m.

Room 028


Present: Steve Hardin, Betsy Hine, Anthony Kaiser, David Kaunelis, Christopher Mehrens, Cinda May (alternate) 

Absent: Juliet Kerico, Elizabeth Lorenzen

Ex-Officio:  Alberta Comer, Myrna McCallister, Rolland McGiverin, Deb Taylor

Guests:  Sally Baker, Kathy Gaul, Valentine Muyumba



  I.     Call to order and approval of agenda


Initially, there was no quorum.  Chair B. Hine called the meeting to order at 8:38 a.m. 


II.     Approval of minutes: LFA 04/05 (December 2, 2004) and LFA 04/05-06 (January 6, 2004)


C. May’s arrival gave the Assembly a quorum.  R. McGiverin moved, and C. Mehrens seconded, approval of both sets of minutes.  The motion passed unanimously. 


III.     Recognition Awards


B. Hine discussed the “Drop in the Bucket” program, in which people who do good things are given little awards for “put ups” instead of “put downs.” 


IV.     Chair’s announcements/report


B. Hine reminded the group about Faculty Senate elections.  R. McGiverin will go off the Senate this year; he can’t run for another consecutive term.  The Library will need another senator, as well as an alternate.  M. McCallister noted nomination forms had arrived in the administrative office; they will be distributed. 


B. Hine also reminded faculty about attendance at Commencement, reading from the faculty manual.  She reminded faculty that the library has a “generic” cap and gown for use.  It’s important for us to participate if we want to be seen as part of the faculty on the campus, she said. 


She also reminded faculty that they received in the mail the Faculty Senate Administrative Affairs faculty satisfaction survey.  She asked everyone to fill it out and send it back.  She cited the faculty constitution references to authority of committees. 


B. Hine also noted that “professional consultant service” is a proper contribution for the university.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in professional consulting activities.  Guidelines for doing so are in the document.  Anything added to your personnel file should be available to individual faculty members, the department chair, Dean, Associate Dean and the Personnel Committee.


She also announced there would be a Servant Leadership program that evening in Dede I from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.  Richard Smith of Indianapolis will facilitate. 


V.     15-minute open discussion


S. Hardin mentioned the ongoing Campus & Community luncheon series, dealing this time with healing some of the divisions resulting from the current polarization of the nation. 


C. Mehrens noted that Kinky Friedman is running for governor of Texas. 


D. Taylor posed a question: Is what B. Hine said about faculty personnel files (see IV, above) true about staff files too?  M. McCallister said that in terms of definition, what the library has isn’t really a personnel file.  Human Resources (HR) has the only official personnel file on each person.  The library has an unofficial collection of documents.  She’s never required anyone wishing to see their files to make a formal request in writing. 


VI.     Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


M. McCallister referred to an article in the Statesman about a proposed new student activities building.  If approved, each student will be assessed $140 per semester as a special fee for the next 20 years starting in 2007.   The facility would resemble a fancy health club in a large city.  It would remove 700 parking spaces from Lot A.  The entire lot would be closed during construction.  The front of the new building would face the library.  She said students want to get rid of Lot 13 and replace it with a green space.  The plan, she said, contains elements of both good and bad news for the library.  If it’s approved, we’ll have to get used to new traffic patterns.  We’re scheduled for an addition to the library in 2017; a two-year slowdown by the new governor will delay it to 2019.  There may also be a fee for distance students for taking a distance course.  She said she’s had mixed reactions when she’s proposed a library fee.  Extended discussion about fees and the student body followed. 


A. Comer said she attended the Graduate Council meeting yesterday: there’ll be a new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) policy coming out.  M. McCallister said the new policy will contain no real dramatic differences; it includes more references to staff as well as students.  A. Comer said the University will add a women’s golf program to come into Title IX compliance.  It’s a cheap way to comply: the University doesn’t need to hire a coach, and athletes buy their own equipment.   The Council is also reviewing the refund policy on dropped classes.  Students in the future may get lower refunds from dropped classes. 


VII.     Report of the Faculty Senator


R. McGiverin said the Senate approved the Graduate Council’s recommendations on graduate studies financial awards policy.  The Senate had to have a special election to get a replacement on the Executive Committee because they ran out of alternates.  Paul Hightower was elected. 


ISU Vice President for Administration Bob Schaefer said they’ll update the library documents when the new updated documents come out. 


VIII.     Remarks from the Library Support Staff Representative




IX.     Committee Reports


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee


1.     Revised leave form


C. Mehrens said the Committee has not met for a variety of reasons; it’s hoped there will be a meeting near the end of the month. 


The Committee approved the revised leave form electronically.  It should be sent to LFA.  He passed out the revised forms.  B. Hine asked whether we could do electronic signatures and do it online.  M. McCallister said Systems Head Mike Jarrell is looking into that. 


B. Hine said she didn’t think this revised form needs to be approved by the LFA.  Instead, the minutes will reflect that the Assembly discussed it.  This is just an in-house document. 


B.    Library Faculty Affairs Committee


V. Muyumba said that the Committee discussed the Promotion and Tenure Oversight Committee (PTOC) form at its last meeting, which was a joint session with the Personnel Committee.  She didn’t know how close the Committee is to having a document to bring to LFA. 


With John Lunceford’s pending retirement, we need to have a replacement on LFAC to maintain five faculty members.  B. Hine can appoint someone; if you want to serve on LFAC, let her know. 


C.    Personnel Committee


V. Muyumba said the Committee is reviewing the one-year pre-tenure documents.  The Committee has finished three; there’s one more left. 


M. McCallister said annual review documents deadlines may be consolidated across campus; the deadline will probably be earlier.


D.  Senate/University Committee reports


K. Gaul said the Faculty Economic Benefits Committee (FEBC) has a new chair.  It spent most of its last meeting discussing the merits of ISU self insurance as opposed to State of Indiana insurance.  There was also discussion of opposite-sex domestic partner benefits.  There is more information about the state’s programs at  The State of Indiana has eight possibilities; there are a lot of pros and cons about whether it would be beneficial for the University to link up with the state.  The next meeting in will be in three weeks. 


C. Mehrens reported the Arts Endowment Committee will be reconvened in the first part of March.  We’ll be reviewing every award given in the past five years to see whether faculty members given the grant have actually followed through on it and submitted a report. 


A. Comer reported the Benefits Committee is talking about the same things K. Gaul discussed.  Do we want to link up with state for medical coverage?  We already do it for drugs benefits.  She said she appreciates the response to the email she sent.  She’d like to have all the responses by Friday.


B. Hine said Faculty Affairs is working on a statement about employment of spouses.  The Committee is trying to make a few more allowances for employment on campus and in the community.  V. Muyumba noted this has been discussed for the past 27 years.  She hopes something concrete emerges. 


R. McGiverin said the Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee (CAAC) is working on the student component of teacher evaluation which would replace the SIRS form. 


S. Baker said the Promotion and Tenure Oversight Committee (PTOC) has not met yet this year; it has worked on several documents last year. 


E.  Search Committee reports


Three searches are ongoing for a metadata librarian, a reference/instruction librarian, and a head of circulation.  Members of all three committees reported doing reference checks. 


X.     Old Business


A.  Fines policy update


M. McCallister is not sending it forward at this point because she’s proposing a number of new revenue sources for the library; it’s best to do it as a package.  There are no changes in the LFA-approved document. 


B.  Leave form




C.  Promotion/tenure document


Still pending  - under review by LFAC and Personnel Committee


XI.     New Business


A.    Related to library faculty issues




B.    Related to general library issues


M. McCallister reported the quote for the new 14-foot half-wall around Circulation came to $4,000.  A. Comer said she hopes the circ desk will be here Thursday. 


XII.     Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned at 9:27 a.m. 



Respectfully submitted,

Steve Hardin, Secretary