Spring Library Faculty Meeting


May 5, 2005, 8:30 a.m.

Room 028


Faculty present: Sally Baker, Karen Evans, Kathy Gaul, Steve Hardin, Betsy Hine, Anthony Kaiser, David Kaunelis, Juliet Kerico, Elizabeth Lorenzen, Rolland McGiverin, Chris Mehrens, Valentine Muyumba, Maribeth Slebodnik, David Vancil, Elizabeth Wright


Administrators present: Alberta Comer, Myrna McCallister


Support Staff present: Joan Evans, Debra Taylor


Dean Myrna McCallister called the meeting to order at 8:33 a.m.


Faculty Committee reports (summaries here; reports filed elsewhere):


  • Library Faculty Affairs Committee:  Chair Karen Evans reported on work done on the Promotion and Tenure Oversight Committee document, along with revisions to the library constitution and the library faculty manual. 


  • Library Administrative Affairs Committee: Chair Juliet Kerico reported the committee’s work on the fines policy, the computer use policy, and the policy on the USAPATRIOT Act. The Committee also finished the library calendar.  It made proposed changes to the Emergency Manual (to be discussed at today’s Library Faculty Assembly meeting).  It also made recommendations on reviewing policies and procedures, as well as recommendations on engagement with faculty and students across campus.  The Committee has been asked by the Dean to draft a faculty conference release time and absence policy over the summer.  Dean McCallister noted that a question had come to her that if a faculty member attended a conference over a Saturday and Sunday, could they take off Monday and Tuesday?  She’d not encountered that question before, and so asked LAAC to look into it. 


  • Personnel Committee: Chair Elizabeth Lorenzen said the Committee reviewed documents for seven tenure-track faculty members.  It provided comments for annuals reviews for all non-administrative faculty.  It considered one promotion application. 


  • Grievance Committee: Secretary David Vancil reported no grievances were filed.


  • Library Faculty Assembly: Chair Betsy Hine reported the LFA met every month and transacted the business reported in the annual report.  It tried to come to grips with methods to better track charges. 


Dean McCallister said there was not much else to report since her last talk at the quarterly all-library meeting two days ago.  There’s still no resolution for what’s going to happen when our printing contract expires.  Current proposals separate printing and copying into two issues.  There would be a copy release station.  Rose-Hulman and St. Mary-of-the-Woods permit our students to print freely when they visit their campuses, but we don’t reciprocate.  We’ve been handling printing at a loss of $2000/month.  A proposal from ICON would have six printers in the building, requiring machine and toner and paper deliveries, lease costs, and software on the machines to track students’ printing.  The undergraduate students would be permitted 600 “free” pages per semester; graduate students would get 1000 pages.  But the Office of Information Technology (OIT) does not want to pay for the printers in the library.  OIT wants to provide the library with 3 cents per page for every print made – since the cost last year was 7 cents per page, we’d lose money.  We’d prefer not to be in the printing business.  We’re at a stalemate.  The Dean’s next meeting with the Provost is May 16th.  OIT gets the proceeds from a $52 technology fee.  Some $80,000 of that money is earmarked for printing.  Our contract expires at the end of July.  She referenced an email from Marsha Miller about printing, and encourages everyone to review it.  It raises some interesting questions, such as how to accommodate all the various print drivers which will be loaded on students’ laptops.  Michelle Boyd, Mike Jarrell, Alberta Comer and Paul Asay will be helping with printing issues.  Dean McCallister said she’d be delighted to have more input or ideas.  Some general discussion on printing issues followed. 


An election was held for a library representative on the Promotion and Tenure Oversight Committee (PTOC).  David Kaunelis nominated Sally Baker.  Rolland McGiverin seconded.  Sally was elected to a three-year term. 


Betsy Hine moved, and Rolland McGiverin seconded, adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 a.m. 


Respectfully submitted,


Steve Hardin

LFA Secretary