Library Faculty Assembly

Executive Committee




LFA 09/05-2                                                               Approved: October 26, 2005

September 28, 2005

Room 028


Present: Susan Frey, Steve Hardin, Mike Jarrell, Anthony Kaiser, Christopher Mehrens, Marsha Miller, Maribeth Slebodnik

Absent: Juliet Kerico, Elizabeth Wright

Ex-Officio: Myrna McCallister, Alberta Comer, Michelle Boyd

Guests:  Barb Austin, Debbie Considine , Joan Evans, Kathy Gaul, Amy Jackson, Carol Jimbo, Chris Robinson-Nkongola, Wilma Turetzky, Nancy Watkins




I. Call to order and approval of agenda


          Chair C. Mehrens called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m.



II. Approval of minutes of (LFA 04/05-12 and 2005 Election Meeting)


S. Hardin moved, and M. Slebodnik seconded, approval of the LFA 04/05-12 minutes.  The minutes were approved.


M. Miller moved, and S. Hardin seconded, approval of the 2005 Election Meeting minutes.  The minutes were approved.



II. Staff Recognition Awards


B. Austin presented a Staff Recognition Award to the following people for staffing the table for Sycamore Advantage: Sally Baker, Debbie Considine, Steve Hardin, Betsy Hine, Christopher Mehrens, Marsha Miller, Chris Robinson-Nkongola, Wilma Turetzky, Nancy Watkins, and Elizabeth Wright.



IV. 15-minute open discussion

M. Miller announced that last week she attended the latest Association of American Colleges & Universities meeting on Liberal Education and asked if we will want to talk about doing something on liberal education in the library?





LFA 09/05-2   Minutes – p.2




V. Remarks of the Dean of Library Services or her representative

Dean McCallister announced that:
We need to evaluate our workload in managing events and described examples of our outreach: the library is hosting one day of the Hoosier Folklore Contest; we will manage a film series in the Spring; A. Kaiser is working on an educational initiative with Vigo South High School; J. Kerico is continues to instruct at Westminster.

At the last Senate assembly the Provost spoke very favorably about the recent Extravaganza.  Discussion ensued about the PR value of this event.

The library will request a permanent replacement to D. Kaunelis’ position.

A. Comer announced that the new reference desk is on order and hopefully will be delivered by the end of November.

M. Slebodnik thanked everyone who helped with the inaugural issue of the library newsletter.




VI. Report of the Faculty Senator


M. Miller reminded all that senate assemblies are open to the public.  Miller announced that the Standing Committees and University Standing Committees were approved;  Senate Chair S. Lamb voiced his frustration with the increasing number of  faculty initiatives;  the provost gave kudos to the library for the recent Extravaganza; Admissions people wish to be called counselors instead of recruiters.



VII. Remarks from Library Support Staff Representative




VIII. Committee Reports

C. Mehrens announced that he has asked the following committees to convene:

               Library Administrative Affairs

               Library Faculty Affairs

               Personnel Committee

LFA 09/05-2   Minutes – p.3



C. Mehrens announced that the Search Committee for the Temporary Reference/Instruction Librarian is Christopher E. Mehrens (chair), Juliet Kerico, Maribeth Slebodnik, Alberta Comer (ex officio). C. Mehrens announced that the committee is interviewing candidates.


C. Mehrens asked who was serving on the Standing Committees.  M. Miller provided the following information:


Administrative Affairs: S. Baker

Arts Endowments: C. Mehrens

Faculty Affairs: B. Hine

Faculty Economic Benefits: K. Gaul

University Research Committee: M. Slebodnik (alt)

Convocations: C. Mehrens

Financial Aid: V. Muyumba

Parking & Traffic: S. Hardin, A. Kaiser

Student Life: B. Hine

University Archives: S. Baker


S. Hardin announced that he is serving on the Academic Integrity Committee.



IX. Old Business





X. New Business


C. Mehrens announced that he plans to keep the LFA meetings to no more than one hour.


XI. Adjournment


          C. Mehrens adjourned the meeting at 1:40 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Frey, Secretary