Library Faculty Assembly

Executive Committee




LFA 10/05-3                                                               Approved: November 30, 2005

Room 230


Present: Susan Frey, Steve Hardin, Mike Jarrell, Juliet Kerico, Anthony Kaiser,

               Christopher Mehrens, Marsha Miller, Maribeth Slebodnik, Elizabeth Wright

Ex-Officio: Myrna McCallister, Alberta Comer, Michelle Boyd

Guests:  K. Gaul



I.          Call to order and approval of agenda


Chair C. Mehrens called the meeting to order at 1:03 pm.  S. Hardin moved, and M. Miller seconded, approval of the agenda.  The agenda was approved. 



II.         Approval of minutes LFA 09/05-02 (September 28, 2005) and LFA 05/06-01            (July 12, 2005)


M. Miller approved, and M. Slebodnik seconded, approval of the minutes from the July 12, 2005 LFA meeting.  The minutes were approved. 


M. Miller noted that there were spelling and typographical errors in the minutes from the September 28, 2005 LFA meeting.  M. Slebodnik also noted that the word ‘Vigo’ should replace the word ‘Leo’.   S. Hardin approved, and M. Miller seconded, approval of the corrected minutes from the September 28, 2005 LFA meeting.  The minutes were approved. 



III.       Chair’s announcements/reports


C. Mehrens reminded all to sign up to work for the upcoming book sale.


Mehrens reminded all that the next feature in the library’s Holocaust film series will be a shown this evening and is, The Nasty Girl and that the host speaker is Dr. Ann Rider.  The next film in the series will be The Great Dictator, on November 2 at which C. Mehrens will speak.  Mehrens thanked ILL for assisting him with obtaining material for his presentation.  A. Comer encouraged all to attend this showing to support the library.



Mehrens announced that a Web Editor Brown Bag Session will be offered by the Department of Communications and Marketing Web Team on November 1.  The session will be focusing on incorporating pictures into websites.


Mehrens noted that this coming Saturday the library will be hosting a meeting of the Midwest American Society of 18th Century Studies.



IV.       15-minute open discussion


S. Hardin announced that he had had lunch with a new faculty member in one of his liaison departments and that she had commented favorably on the library’s presentation for the New Faculty Orientation held in August. 


M. Slebodnik announced that she had updated her Digital Measures forms and asked if anyone knew if Digital Measures had recently been discussed in the Senate.  A. Comer said she attended that latest Senate meeting and nothing on this issue was discussed.  Dean McCallister asked all to keep a list of suggestions/questions on Digital Measures to send to her. 


M. Slebodnik announced that she is currently working on the next issue of the library newsletter and asked that anyone interested in submitting items do so to her as soon as possible.



V.        Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


Dean McCallister announced that it is unlikely that we will retain the position opened by D. Kaunelis’ departure.  At the last Deans Council Meeting the Provost announced that only positions that are deemed critical will be funded.  In Academic Affairs: Cutting the budget as a way to handle financial problems may be coming. Another cost saving strategy will be combining colleges, such as Nursing with Health and Human Performance.  Dean McCallister stated that one way to encourage the university to view the library as critical is to increase our presence through continued outreach and PR.



VI.       Report of the Faculty Senator


Senate representative M. Miller did not attend the last Senate meeting because she was on vacation.


A. Comer, who did attend the meeting, announced that the President commented favorably on the Wabash Valley Voices & Visions project, and that there was a discussion in the senate about the laptop initiative.



VII.      Remarks from Library Support Staff Representative





VIII.     Committee Reports


            a. Library Administrative Affairs

J. Kerico announced that she has nothing to report but that the committee will be meeting tomorrow.


            b. Library Faculty Affairs

M. Slebodnik reported that the committee has had one meeting so far, and are awaiting their charges.


            c. Personnel Committee

M. Miller has nothing to report at this time.


            d. Reports from librarians serving on Faculty Senate & University Committees

M. Slebodnik reported that she was an alternate, but is now a member of the University Research Committee.


K. Gaul said the Faculty Economic Benefits Committee has met twice so far. 

Gaul said that the committee listened to a presentation by Candy Barton on switching from Sagamore to Anthem to increase wellness coverage from $200 to $600 per anum. The committee discussed the possibility of rate changes and increasing tuition reduction for children of ISU employees.  A. Comer added that we have M. Boyd to thank for this last item as she brought this issue to the committee’s attention.


C. Mehrens announced that the UAEC will be reviewing past practices and developing measures for greater accountability for grant recipients’. 


            e. Report from Gen Ed Council representative

J. Kerico reported that the council is taking seriously the Provost’s comments (at the last President’s Address) that the Gen Ed requirements are complicated.  They will be reviewing Gen Ed with this in mind.


IX.       Old Business


C. Mehrens said that he has been reviewing charges/actions taken/not taken from 2004-2005 in our minutes/governance documents.  He plans to work with others to revise past policies and procedures.




X.        New Business


a. Calendar Procedure


C. Mehrens suggested that we revisit the calendar procedures.  M. Miller said that the original draft has come from the Administration office eventually to LFA for approval.  E. Wright said that the calendar deadlines are important because they must be put into Voyager.  Mehrens will check with Joan Evans regarding deadlines for creation of the calendar.


b. Digital Measures and the FRPA

As per the Dean’s instructions, we still need to use the FRPA this year.  C. Mehrens asked for discussion on how Digital Measures should be handled in our written procedures. M. Miller said that the Promotion and Tenure Oversight Committee took out the term “FRPA” and exchanged it for more generic wording and advises us to resist putting the term “Digital Measures” into the procedures.


c. Proposed revision of the TPAPR

C. Mehrens announced that the Dean is asking us to review this document. M. Miller offered a brief history of revision to this document.  C. Mehrens said that he will approach the Personnel Committee for assistance on this.



XI.       Adjournment


S. Hardin moved, and M. Slebodnik seconded, adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 1:49 p m.




Respectfully submitted,

Susan Frey, Secretary