Library Faculty Assembly Minutes





LFA 10/05-5                                                               Approved:  February 23, 2006                        

January 26, 2006

Room 028



Present: Susan Frey, Steve Hardin, Juliet Kerico, Anthony Kaiser, Christopher Mehrens, Marsha Miller, Elizabeth Wright

Ex-Officio: Myrna McCallister, Alberta Comer

Guests: Kathy Gaul, Michelle Boyd




I.       Call to order and approval of agenda

Chair C. Mehrens called the meeting to order at 2:04 pm. M. Miller moved and     S. Hardin seconded approval of the agenda.  The agenda was approved.


II.     Approval of minutes LFA 10/05-4 (November 30, 2005)

S. Hardin moved and M. Miller seconded approval of the minutes from the November 30, 2005 LFA meeting.  The minutes were approved.


II.     Chair’s announcements/reports

C. Mehrens reported that his main focus for today was addressing the PTOC documents.


IV.   15-minute open discussion



V.     Remarks of the Dean of Library Services



VI.   Report of the Faculty Senator

M. Miller reported that at the December 15th meeting Bob Schafer’s years of service to the university was recognized; ISU salary increases are not keeping up with the rise on the cost of living. Miller noted that in the Executive Committee minutes of the 13, it was noted that the Blackboard crashed during finals week.  Also at this meeting there was discussion regarding the quality of the university website and the need for a website advisory committee.   Program prioritization was discussed at length.  It was noted that chairs will have responsibility for raising revenue.  The search for the Dean of the College of Education is underway.



VII.  Remarks from Library Support Staff



VIII. Committee Reports


A.  Library Administrative Affairs

J. Kerico reported that the committee is planning on reviewing the calendar and the report of objectionable behavior incident next week.  E. Wright and J. Kerico will be looking at other institutions similar to ours and seeing how they handle hiring freezes and staffing issues.


B.   Library Faculty Affairs Committee 

A. Kaiser reported that the committee is currently reviewing what annual review documents are used by other departments on campus for us to use as comparison in reviewing our TPAPR.


C.  Personnel Committee

M. Miller reported that the committee finished with the review of 3 first-year tenure reviews and 2 sabbatical requests. Miller asked how Digital Measures is progressing and is concerned how DM will affect the review of PTOC documents. M. McCallister said we need to do the DM and FRAP to play it safe for now.  M. McCallister will contact the Provost and ask whether he wants to see the FRPA or DM or both?


D.  Reports from librarians serving on Faculty Senate & University Committees

K. Gaul stated that the dependant child care policy that the FEBC reviewed has gone onto the senate for approval. At the next meeting the FEBC plans to review the $1 million past compensation plan/procedure and the New University “buy out” plan. A. Comer announced that she is now on the CIRT but hasn’t been to a meeting yet.  Comer also announced that she is on the Honors Advisory Committee and asked those present to send her any idea they might have on how the library might contribute in the honors program.  C. Mehrens announced that the UAEC approved the funding of all six proposals that had been sent to them.  Because the committee received grants that were appropriate for other committees to reviews, the UAEC also plans to propose the creation of a universal grant form that can be routed to the appropriate committee in order to streamline the process.  The committee will have to seek cooperation from other committees and granting bodies to see if this is feasible. C. Mehrens announced that he is now on the Dreiser Committee and Convocations Committee.  S. Hardin announced that although he and A. Kaiser are on Traffic Appeals, this committee hasn’t called a meeting yet.



E.  Report from Gen Ed Council representative

J. Kerico reported that Amy Craddock will set in to serve as the Gen Ed coordinator until the end of the term.  Karen Schmid informed the council that the course inventory will be streamlined.  Schmid implied that, with the cutting of courses, many of the classes now taught by adjunct may have to be taught by the full time faculty.  Schmid also pointed out that the state legislature wants all universities to devise a standards list of courses that are guaranteed for transfer.  J. Kerico has the list if anyone wishes to see it.



IX.    Old Business

PTOC – C. Mehrens asked those present to review the highlighted areas in the July 21, 2005 draft of CRITERIA AND PROCEDURES FOR APPOINTMENT TO THE LIBRARY FACULTY.  In Section III.A.15, paragraph 2, first sentence, M. Miller moved and A. Kaiser seconded to change the word form to the word process.  The change was made.  J. Kerico expressed concern that the LFA is reviewing a document without first evaluating whether or not we wish to continue to include goals in our TPAPR.  Kerico suggested that we investigate other academic departments on campus to see how they construct their PTOC documents.  A. Kaiser noted that the LFAC is looking into this issue.  Kerico asked that we table discussion of the current PTOC document until we hear back from LFAC.  M. Miller noted that this discussion was out-of-order and that the LFA needed to review the current document and pass it onto the next level (Dean.) Miller noted that the LFA can still review further PTOC changes, but that the LFAC should be the body to generate such issues.  J. Kerico moved and A. Kaiser seconded approval of the proposed wording of Section.A.19. paragraph one.  The paragraph was approved.  CRITERIA AND PROCEDURES FOR APPOINTMENT TO THE LIBRARY FACULTY can now be forwarded to the Dean.



X.     New Business

C. Mehrens announced that the LFA needs to vote for a replacement for S. Baker on the Campus PTOC (due to her retirement) and that V. Muyumba and R. McGiverin put their names up.  M. Miller asked that we first check to see if V. Muyumba is eligible to serve on PTOC since she is currently serving on Personnel Committee.  C. Mehrens will check into this.  It was decided that we will vote later by email.



XI.    Adjournment

E. Wright moved and J. Kerico seconded adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Susan Frey