Library Faculty Assembly Minutes


LFA 05/06-08                                                                         Approved: May 4, 2006

March 30, 2006, 2:00 p.m.

Room 028


Present: Christopher Mehrens, Betsy Hine, Steve Hardin, Juliet Kerico, Maribeth


Ex-Officio: Myra McCallister, Albert Comer, Marsha Miller, Margaret Pearman

Visitors: Kathleen Gaul, Elizabeth Lorenzen

Absent: Susan Frey, Mike Jarrell, Anthony Kaiser  


Before the meeting started, Chair C. Mehrens noted a quorum was lacking.  The Assembly must approve the library calendar, forwarded by the Library Administrative Affairs Committee.  The calendar will be submitted for approval electronically. 


I.          Call to order and approval of agenda


C. Mehrens called the meeting to order at 2:06 p.m.  The agenda could not be approved due to a lack of a quorum. 


II.        Approval of minutes (23 February 2006)


Corrections: B. Hine should have been listed as a member instead of a visitor.  Steve Lamb was invited to speak to the LFA on March 20, not March 25.  The minutes cannot be approved without a quorum. 


III.       Chair’s report


C. Mehrens announced the Promotion and Tenure Oversight Committee (PTOC) document will be forwarded to Dean McCallister for her consideration. 


C. Mehrens also said he found the forms and charges: they’re in the charges folder.  He wants to set up site that has forms standardized all in one place. 


He also noted there was an incident today in the computer cluster.  Jo Hayden asked him to come over.  Someone had complained about another patron who was looking at pornography.  The complainant came to C. Mehrens and reiterated her complaint.  While we do have a policy for computer use in place, it would have been helpful to know exactly how to handle it.  M. Miller said we can’t do anything about it unless they try to force it on a minor.   J, Kerico said our policy is to ask the pornography viewer to move.  C. Mehrens noted the exact procedure is not spelled out.  The policy says the complainant needs to fill out a form.  M. Miller said we need to be sure that everyone in Reference/Instruction, Circulation and Administration know the policy and know how to deal with this situation. 

People get confused every time this comes up.  J. Kerico said we need to know that the policy says the complainant has to fill out a form, and the pornography viewer is asked to move to another computer.  She suggested we keep cards behind the Circ and Reference desks.  A. Comer said that staff and faculty can hand out cards.  She added it’s important to have the complainant fill out a form – that helps us if action must be taken.  M. Miller said there was a need for consistency when we handle these complaints.  Extended discussion followed.  M. McCallister said she will send out a Monday message reminder that we do have a policy and we do have a form. 


IV.       15-minute open discussion


M. Miller noted the Samsung color printer has been removed from staff computers as a printing option.  There is an Admin color printer.  Can staff get access to the Admin color printer?  M. McCallister responded that a color printer has been ordered for Ref/Instruction.  Carol Jinbo’s office has one too. 


M. Miller also noted that apparently all the microform machines on the second floor are broken.  Will they be fixed?  M. McCallister said they will be removed.  The first floor will be only place patrons can use microform.


M. Miller also brought up the Library’s mission, vision and values pages.  Next year we’ll undergo program prioritization review.  The material on the library’s mission, vision and values pages predates the current administration.  The pages need to be updated.  The update could be a charge for the Library Administrative Affairs Committee (LAAC).  The rest of library should be involved too, she said.   Preparatory work now will make it easier next year.  C. Mehrens agreed and will forward the charge to LAAC. 


M. Miller also stated the Dean’s review is in progress.  Reviewers will try to complete the process by the end of the semester.  Even though time is short, they want the review to be good.  They had their first meeting last week.  Very shortly, things will start appearing to which people can respond. 


B. Hine said she mentioned at Department heads that last week, when Voyager was upgraded, Circulation and Reference discovered records that didn’t convert properly.  It was a Unicode upgrade, and some odd characters are causing the titles not to appear in the display.  She’s now received report from Paul Asay, a log of things that didn’t convert.  Cataloging will try to batch it.  If they can’t, they’ll divvy it up and fix it.  There are some things that showed up before the upgrade that don’t show up now.  If you see something wrong, report it to Cataloging.  Also, because this is a Unicode upgrade, we need to be sure all the terminals have been upgraded to avoid odd-looking displays.  If anyone knows of a Russian record they can check, it would be good. 


V.        Remarks of the Dean of Library Services or her representative


M. McCallister said she will be sending out a script for use when confronting a particular problem patron.  Say “this conversation is not welcome.”  This patron bothered Chris again.  The Dean is hoping for some sort of disciplinary action. 


She also said the Law School Task Force has met three times.  No data has been given to the task force with which to develop a recommendation.  A law school dean has been hired as a consultant; a law firm is consulting too.   One committee member says his firm has been crunching numbers, but he hasn’t shared the information.  The task force is supposed to be finished May 19th.  People are surprised to learn that law librarians and law library deans have JDs.  She estimated starting a library could cost $3-million in its first year.  And that’s just the staff for the library – not the building or law school faculty.  B. Hine noted that some of the materials to which we subscribe will cost more if we have a law school.  The Dean said she also told task force members that cataloging law materials requires special expertise; the American Bar Association won’t accredit us if we use our current catalogers to do it. 


The Dean passed out a list of Law School Task Force members, reproduced as an appendix at the end of this document. 


VI.       Report of the Faculty Senator


M. Miller sent the report out under separate cover to all faculty. 


VII.      Remarks from Library Support Staff Representative


No remarks. 


VIII.     Committee Reports


a.         Library Administrative Affairs


E. Lorenzen reported the committee completed the library calendar.  Several committee members have been gathering information on academic institutions that have hiring freezes; how do they manage with hiring freezes and extreme budget cuts?  Committee members will talk about what they know about our library’s situation and how other institutions have been dealing with similar things.  A report will be brought to LFA by the end of the semester.  The Committee will also work on the library mission statement.


b.         Library Faculty Affairs


M. Slebodnik reported the Committee is working on streamlining the Tenure, Promotion and Annual Performance Review (TPAPR) form.  Rolland McGiverin has been looking at documents from other schools.  The Committee would welcome suggestions for streamlining.  The Committee is still down one tenured member.  We need to recruit one more person for the Committee.  C. Mehrens said he would ask again.  The Committee also has a list of suggested revisions to the library constitution.  Committee members will send it to C. Mehrens. 


c.         Personnel Committee


No report. 


d.         Reports from librarians serving on Faculty Senate & University



K. Gaul reported the Faculty Economic Benefits Committee (FEBC) had one meeting early in month; there was another meeting later with only three persons in attendance.  A University retirement buyout plan was discussed with Candy Barton from Staff Benefits.  She will do a sort by years of service and age of faculty for the next meeting April 3rd.  There are also issues with long-term disability.  Last year’s efforts seemed to disappear when they went to the University Senate.  There were some concerns about taxation of payments. 


A. Comer reported the Center for Instruction Research and Technology (CIRT) brainstormed about what faculty need from CIRT.  Half of the people they serve are tenure-track faculty; they also serve TAs and grad students, but undergrads.  Course design and delivery are very important.  There have been suggestions that CIRT have self-learning modules.  It’s very important to learn new things and not have to come to campus to do it.  Faculty members want to do it at home.  It’s helpful to have help with research, publication and teaching.  Some have asked that CIRT attend faculty meetings with road shows that explain things.  Some have also suggested a need to make mentoring seem attractive, that faculty candidates would have to meet with CIRT – they think it would be a real draw.  Is it more important to teach mechanics or theory?  The committee wants the mechanics more than the theory.  Faculty repeatedly say, “Tell me how to do it.”  J. Kerico asked whether CIRT wants a librarian at their location.  A. Comer responded that she didn’t know.  M. McCallister said that at the Provost Advisory Council, there was a presentation about the campus plan.  An addition is planned to the library.  They were originally thinking of book storage; now it would be a location for CIRT.  So she thinks there’s a good possibility they’ll ask for more resources.  A. Comer noted they were very interested in modules.  They called it “scaffolding,” where you fill in the outline.  J. Kerico asked whether we would get a response if we hosted a series of sessions on Blackboard nuts and bolts.  We could create a three-session workshop.  M. Miller suggested it should focus on integrating library resources into Blackboard. 


B. Hine reported that the University Faculty Affairs Committee is trying to finish their charges such as handbook changes to the section on faculty taking classes at ISU, along with other matters.  The Handbook says you can’t do that; they’re reinforcing the language. 


e.         Report from Gen Ed Council representative


J. Kerico reported the Gen Ed Council is discussing program prioritization; the Council forwarded a list of courses it wants not to be Gen Ed courses.  Her term on the Council is ending; the spot will be available.  She added the Gen Ed Council will probably be very different next year.  The new Gen Ed coordinator will be only a 9-month appointment.  The office won’t be open in the summer.  


IX.       Old Business




X.        New Business




XI.            Adjournment


The meeting adjourned at 3:03 p.m. 



Respectfully submitted,


Steve Hardin

Acting Secretary

Appendix: Law School Task Force Members


   Name                           Title                                             Phone                   Email

Brown, Linda

Judge, Marion County Superior Court



Chait, Herschel

Chairperson, Organizational Department, College of Business


Dallman, Bruce

Associate Dean and Director, Ph.D. in Technology Management Program


Decker, Lisa

Associate Professor, Department of Criminology


Green, Mark

Special Assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Budgets, Personnel & Research


Jacso, Jeff

Assistant to the VP and Controller


Kinley, Ed

Associate Vice President for Information Technology


Kuhlman, Jolynn (co-chair)

Interim Dean, School of Graduate Studies


Lind, Jeffry

Local Attorney, Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin


Maule, Linda (co-chair)

Associate Professor of Political Science & Director of Legal Studies


McCallister, Myrna

Dean, Library Services


McLean, Dan

Chairperson & Professor, Recreation & Sport Management


Mulkey, Tim

Associate Professor, Life Sciences


Nation, Fred

Local Businessman



Phelps, Chavez

Graduate Student

Runion, Kevin

Associate Vice President, Facilities Management


Scharton, Grant

Chief of Staff, Student Government Association


Shure, Stephen

Assistant Professor, Aerospace Technology


Tiggs, Nichole

Undergraduate Student

Whitaker, Todd

Professor, Educational Leadership, Administration, & Foundations