Library Faculty Assembly Minutes





LFA 10/05-10†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Approved:June 22, 2006

May 25, 2006

Room 028




Present: Susan Frey, Steve Hardin, Mike Jarrell, Anthony Kaiser, Juliet Kerico, Chris Mehrens, Marsha Miller, Maribeth Slebodnik, Elizabeth Wright

Ex-Officio: Myrna McCallister, Alberta Comer

Guests: Michelle Boyd, Betsy Hine, Elizabeth Lorenzen, Deb Robinson



I.††† ††Call to order and approval of agenda

C. Mehrens called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm. M. Miller moved and S. Hardin seconded approval of the agenda.The agenda was approved.


II.†††Approval of minutes LFA 10/05-9 (May 4, 2006)

M. McCallister read a statement to clarify section VIII of the 05/-6/09 minutes [attached]. M. Miller moved and M. Slebodnik seconded approval of the minutes. The minutes were approved.††


III.††† Recognition Awards

†††††††† Tabled.


IV.††† Chairís announcements/reports

C. Mehrens ask if anyone knew anything about the posted purchasing survey regarding printing and publishing needs.M. Jarrell said he had no information on this.M. McCallister said that media Services will begin charging for posters in the fall.M. Slebodnik inquired about the status of the noise policy.C. Mehrens said that itís been forwarded to LAAC and they will be reviewing it for the LFA.C. Mehrens reminded all that LFA elections will be held at the end of summer.


V.†† ††15-minute open discussion

B. Hine said that we need to run LFA elections no later than August 15.D. Robinson asked if the LFA needed to be consulted on moving furniture and bookshelves, etc.C. Mehrens said that the FLA didnít need to be consulted on those matters.



VI.†††† Remarks of the Dean of Library Services

M. McCallister announced that CIRT will be creating a 3D interior library tour for us.A. Kaiser explained that the library will be graphically represented in a walk through with avatar asking users for information.Dean McCallister announced that we wonít have power for a day because of repairs to the air conditioning.We donít have a date for that yet. The Dean also announced that Dave Barton from ivy tech was here Monday to work with us on recruitment, and that C. may is spearheading the application for a grant from the History Channel to teach local schools about the Terre Haute sections of the National Road.


VII.†† Report of the Faculty Senator

††††††††† None.


VIII.Remarks from Library Support Staff

††††††††† None.


IX. Committee Reports


A. Library Administrative Affairs

E. Lorenzen said that the draft of objectionable materials was completed.C. Mehrens announced that distribution of the draft and a vote will be conducted electronically.E. Lorenzen announced that the committee will review the current noise policy and library mission statements.


B. ††Library Faculty Affairs Committee

M. Slebodnik reported that the committee is still working on an evaluation document to replace the TPAPR.


C. Personnel Committee

M. Miller reported that the committee will be working on the reviews for four personnel.


D. Reports from librarians serving on Faculty Senate & University Committees

J. Kerico went as proxy for A. Comer to the CIRT.Kerico reported that the Ken Janz distributed a draft document outlining CIRT priorities.Assisting faculty with accessing student learning is a top priority.Training and distance education is a secondary responsibility.


E. Report from Gen Ed Council representative

J. Kerico reported that Amy Craddock is the new coordinator of Gen Ed.C. Mehrens reminded all that we will need to elect a new Gen Ed representative this summer. M. Jarrell reported from ITAC that GroupWise will be update in July and that Systems will assist us with setting up the fingerprint readers if we choose to use them. C. Mehrens announced that the Arts Endowment is finishing up business.


X.††† Old Business

B. Hine if there was any news on the law school initiative.No one had any information.


XI.††† New Business

There was discussion regarding positing library policies and procedure to the web, especially those directly pertaining to public service.Also discussed was creating written procedure for the creation and maintenance of these documents. C. Mehrens charged the LAAC with reviewing this.


XII.†† Adjournment

M. Slebodnik moved and J. Kerico seconded adjournment.The meeting was

adjourned at 3:10 pm.





Respectfully submitted,


Susan Frey

LFA Secretary


Attachment: Dean. McCallister statement

Read by Dean McCallister at LFA 10/05-10, May 25, 2006 meeting.



Not a correction, so much as an addition.In section VII (library support staff rep.), Marsha Miller said that historically, the dean has had quarterly meetings with support staff.Although Iím sure it was not the intention of this remark, it could be interpreted from it that the dean is uncaring about support staff and ignoring them.Iím sure you know that this is not the case and that I am an eager advocate for support staff members.When I had the last meeting with support staff reps (who were then Deb Taylor, Cheryl Bealmer, and Chris Nkongola), we agreed that meetings need not be held on any specific schedule, but that rather they would be called by support staff reps whenever they wished to discuss something.This could be quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily ― providing much more timely access than a set quarterly meeting would.If there was nothing to discuss, then there would not be a meeting.If there was an issue, we could meet quickly and frequently to discuss it.


I agreed to this and the support staff reps agreed to it.


So that the minutes donít allow an erroneous view of the situation, I request that the following be added:


Currently, meetings of the dean and the support staff reps are held at the initiation of the support staff and can occur at any time that there is an issue to discuss.