Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 06/07-01                                                             Approved:  10/20/06


Room 028


Present: Rolland McGiverin, Betsy Hine, Steve Hardin, Valentine Muyumba Kathy Gaul, Juliet Kerico, Anthony Kaiser (alternate)

Ex-Officio: Myrna McCallister, Alberta Comer, Marsha Miller

Guests: Amy Edwards


I.                Call to Order and Approval of Agenda


Chair R. McGiverin called the meeting to order at 9:07 a.m. 


B. Hine moved, and M. Miller seconded, approval of the agenda.  The agenda was approved. 


II.              Approval of Minutes (LFA 05/06-12, July 20. 2006)


S. Hardin moved approval, M. McCallister seconded.  The minutes were approved. 


III.            Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


M. McCallister reports she is asking for salary line replaces for Sally Baker, Michael Jarrell, Maribeth Slebodnik, Amy Jackson and David Kaunelis. 


a.     Faculty Retreat


The Dean noted the library used to have them.   She’d like to make this not primarily a professional development event, something where the faculty and Dean would get together and discuss issues affecting the library, talk about direction, and have a little food and fun.  She noted that where she used to work there was a summer and winter retreat.  The summer retreat was usually more of a fun event.  The winter retreat was held in the library, which was closed for a day.  It was a relaxed gathering, not so focused on problems or issues.  She’d like our retreat to be a blend.  It would be for faculty members only.  An informal poll of LFA members present showed support for the Dean’s retreat idea.  The Dean would like every faculty member to present at least one idea for the retreat, via email. 


b.     Strategic Planning


M. McCallister noted the library’s previous strategic plan has expired.   She wants to set up a committee to discuss the strategic planning process – planning out two to three years.  She’d like to ask the Support staff reps to consider the one or two support staffers who would represent them.  She’d like the LFA to suggest five names of faculty members from which she can select three.  She’d like someone from outside the library person to lead it – maybe someone from ISU’s Human Resources area. 


c.      Orientation for Library Faculty


The Dean said she wants a more organized way of orienting new faculty.  She asked Amy Edwards, the library’s newest faculty member, if she’d keep a diary of what’s been done for her, and what she wishes had been done.  The Dean said this probably wouldn’t be a great deal of work.  She suggested referring the matter to the Library Faculty Affairs Committee (LFAC) as a charge.  The LFAC can work with A. Edwards on this.  M. Miller wondered if we could just revise the old faculty orientation documents.  Perhaps we would have to rewrite.  B. Hine brought up orientation for support staff.  The Dean responded that she’ll ask the support staff members to work on their own procedures.  M. Miller moved, and B. Hine seconded, charging LFAC with this project.  The motion passed. 


d.     Fall Faculty Meeting


The Dean announced there’s a quarterly staff meeting scheduled for October 10th at 10:00 a.m.  After some discussion, it was agreed to schedule the fall faculty meeting for the conclusion of the staff meeting – about 11:00 a.m.    


IV.            Chair’s Announcements/Reports


R. McGiverin encouraged people to use the electronic ballot promptly.  He didn’t get a vote until yesterday morning for LFAC and Library Administrative Affairs Committee (LAAC).  The members are as follows: 




o   Karen Evans

o   Susan Frey

o   Rolland McGiverin

o   Marsha Miller

o   Valentine Muyumba




o   Steve Hardin

o   Anthony Kaiser

o   Juliet Kerico

o   Christopher Mehrens


V.              15-Minute Open Discussion


Due to an error by the LFA Secretary, the Faculty Senator’s comments were left off the agenda this time.  Therefore, M. Miller presented her comments here.  She encouraged everyone to read the Faculty Senate minutes.  At the August 29th meeting, the Senate talked about the laptop initiative.  A discussion ensued about rights and responsibilities for those involved.  There was also a discussion about an evaluation of distance learning; the discussion devolved into a further discussion when it was noted that there’s a lack of evaluation for on-campus instruction.  At the September 12th meeting, there was discussion on changes in the rules for faculty members enrolling in classes at ISU.   There was also discussion about what to do with the people formerly called adjunct faculty, now called “special purpose” and “part time” faculty.  The administration plans to move employees completely to online pay stubs, probably by December.  There was also discussion on enrollment figures and the relation between head count and FTE.  M. Miller said the Indiana government doesn’t count heads that aren’t from Indiana.  There was also talk of the disbursement of the one-time payment for employees.   At the September 19th meeting, Office of Information Technology (OIT) Director Ed Kinley passed out the OIT strategic goals.  He announced campus will get 9 +1 Sympodiums; the +1 is going to library to permit students to practice.  Library personnel have not been notified about this.  There was also discussion about the parking situation after October 20th, when Lot 3 near Hulman Center is closed for construction of a parking garage and transportation center.  400 spaces will be lost.  For the next few years, it is estimated that there will be some 700 persons looking for spaces they used to have.   A white paper is pending on a reorganization of Arts and Sciences.  The Senate Executive Committee recommended M. Miller and Deb Barnhart to participate in first year experience planning.  M. Miller also recommended discarding paper copies of the University Handbook.  The web site is better.  But it’s out of date.  Things went through the Senate and Trustees but didn’t get added.  Melony Sacopulos’ office is working on getting it up to date. 


M. McCallister started a discussion about opening the library at noon on Sundays. There was discussion of patron needs and the problems of accommodating them.  A. Comer noted the pending LibQual survey asks about hours.  She recommended waiting until after the survey is completed in November so we can see what respondents want; we can also make the point we’re expanding our hours in response to the survey.  There seems to be more activity on Sunday afternoons than there used to be.  We could be open 24/7 if we could limit operations to the first floor.  But there are safety issues.  The first floor bathrooms would need to become ADA compliant.  B. Hine suggested charging LAAC to investigate opening earlier on Sunday.  There was discussion about holy days and various religions and increasing diversity.  J. Kerico recommended getting information on how many questions Reference gets on Sundays. 


B. Hine noted she is serving on the University Faculty Affairs Committee this year.  S. Hardin is secretary of the Student Affairs Committee. B. Hine said we should request faculty to inform us of their university committee activity. 


VI.            Remarks from Library Support Staff




VII.          Old Business


a.      PTOC document


We still need to finish it. 


b.     Constitution


Verbiage changes are needed.  They’re unfinished from last year. 


c.      Grievance Language


Our document needs to comply with the University Handbook. 


d.     Emergency Guidelines


The revisions were never finished last year. 


VIII.        New Business


a.      Status of Old Charges


We need to get a handle on what charges weren’t completed last year.  Email has been sent out asking for charges. 


b.     Method of Recording Committee Minutes


Our library constitution spells out (Section II.D.) the minutes policy.  The secretary of every LFA committee and subcommittee must provide minutes to the LFA secretary.  The information should be included in the annual report. 


c.      Discussion of New Charges


J. Kerico said R. McGiverin asked us to email LFA things we’d like the Assembly to consider.  B. Hine also encouraged every committee to look at its responsibilities and see what it’s supposed to handle.  The constitution needs updating. 


IX.            Adjournment


The meeting adjourned 10:09 a.m. 


Respectfully submitted,


Steve Hardin