Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 06/07-02                                                             Approved:  11/16/06

10/20/06, 9:00 a.m.

Room 028


Present: Susan Frey, Kathy Gaul, Steve Hardin, Betsy Hine, Juliet Kerico, Rolland McGiverin, Valentine Muyumba

Ex-Officio: Myrna McCallister, Alberta Comer, Marsha Miller, Michelle Boyd

Guests: Elizabeth Wright


I.                 Call to Order and Approval of Agenda


Chair R. McGiverin called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.


II.               Approval of Minutes (LFA 06/07-01, September 28, 2006)


B. Hine moved, and M. Miller seconded, approval of the minutes.  The minutes were approved unanimously. 


III.             Chair’s Announcements/Reports


R. McGiverin announced he would be recruiting persons to serve in the pool for members for the Strategic Planning Task Force.


IV.            Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


A.    LibQUAL


M. McCallister remarked there has not been a good turnout of students to take the LibQUAL library evaluation survey.  She wants to set up two laptop computers in the Commons and try to entice students into taking the survey.  She is recruiting faculty and staff to cover shifts there between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Monday, October 23, Tuesday, October 24, Monday, October 30 and Tuesday, October 31. 


B.    Electronic Resources Librarian


M. McCallister compiled a list of tasks for this person to do.  She tried to convert an empty support staff position, but Human Resources denied her request and told her to fill out another form and submit it to the Job Evaluation Team (JET) which looks at positions with IT components.  JET ruled not to accept the position.  She made a request for a faculty position.  This request was denied, but the need for the position continues.  She will therefore issue an invitation for someone on the library faculty to take this job full time.  The person would need to be able to work with Acquisitions, Systems, Reference/Instruction and other stakeholders involved with the library’s electronic resources.  If there are no volunteers, someone will be drafted.  Whoever fills the position, adjustments will be needed to fill the gap created by the transfer. 


C.    Searches


The Metadata Librarian Search Committee will be chaired by Cinda May, with members Karen Evans, Rolland McGiverin, Chris Mehrens and Carol Vanatti. 


The Head of Reference Search Committee is being chaired by Juliet Kerico, with members Betsy Hine, Anthony Kaiser, Barb Austin and Paula Huey. 


The Science/Technology Librarian will be chaired by Steve Hardin, with members Susan Frey, Elizabeth Wright and Wilma Turetzky. 


M. McCallister noted in her earlier discussions about the Head of Library Systems position that “OIT” had been affixed to the position.  She wanted to figure out what that meant, but hasn’t had the meeting yet.  She did receive an email from Bob English in Academic Affairs which said that Mark Green, special assistant to the Provost, had informed him that the Head of Library Systems position has not been approved; it may become an EAP position.  There will be no ad in the Chronicle of Higher Education until the matter has been resolved.  She’s meeting with M. Green and the Provost October 25.  Making the position EAP would be difficult; it would make it the only library department chair not a faculty position.  She wants to be able to depend on the library faculty to make phone calls to universities to ask about library systems people.  She said it shouldn’t take too much time.  B. Hine asked if the position could be made an assistant to the Dean as an EAP.  The Head of Library Systems used to be an Assistant Dean.  M. McCallister noted there were no faculty slots in OIT organization.  M. Miller noted that Scott Davis, when he was on the library faculty, used to say the technology should not run the service.  We as faculty need to state clearly that we do not want this position lost because people who don’t understand it don’t think it’s a faculty position.  M. McCallister said we want to make the argument that the person in this position has no one above them telling them what to do and how to do it.  The person needs a sense of how library systems operate – we don’t want a person who’ll fix Banner.  This is different from a technician’s position; this person would be a problem solver.  Someone who lacks a library background would not be in good position to solve library problems.  K. Gaul noted the person shouldn’t have to have the basics of the library field explained to them.  M. McCallister said she’s concerned about having a “peer who’s not a peer.”  She asked the faculty how they would feel about not filling it if the position is not approved as faculty.  E. Wright said she was not sure what that would accomplish other than registering our displeasure.  M. Miller noted it would also put extra pressure on the remaining people in Systems.  J. Kerico asked whether a faculty member who’s already here could be moved over the head systems.  V. Muyumba responded that we’d be doing ourselves out of a faculty position if we did that.  S. Frey wanted to know, if the position becomes EAP, whether we would get someone with an MLS, and whether they would report to us or to OIT?  An extended discussion about the situation followed. 


V.              Remarks of the Faculty Senators


M. Miller reported she has been appointed to the Task Force on the First Year Experience (“TAFFY”).  The report the Task Force has put out includes two major features: one, that some people are bandying about the concept of a “university college,” and two, there’s still a lot about Gen Ed.  It’ll be interesting, she said. 


She also said the Faculty Senate meeting on September 28th considered changes in faculty enrollment on campus.  It also featured an impassioned statement from Pete Carino about the need for better support of the Writing Center, which, while housed within the English Department, actually serves students from all over campus. 


The Executive Committee featured a presentation by the ISU Foundation. 


The Executive Committee this week came after the announcement of the resignation of the Dean of the College of Business.  The Provost said he’ll meet with the College of Business faculty. 


Next week, consultants will be on campus discussing the proposed College of Nursing/Health & Human Performance merger.  There will also be a two-day chair’s retreat. 


A proposal was received to rename all the annual faculty awards and change the rules so that there persons would have to be winners of awards at the college level to be eligible for awards at the university level, which also would include external review.  These proposals have gone to the University Faculty Affairs Committee.  Library faculty has been excluded; the language specifically mentions all colleges except the library.  She said UFAC needs to change that.    


VI.            Remarks from Library Support Staff




VII.          15-Minute Open Discussion


There was some discussion about the program reduction proposal story in today’s Tribune-Star.  M. Miller said there as been a call for streamlining the procedure to get rid of courses.  The next North Central accreditation is in 2010.  The self-study will be started in 2008. 


B. Hine asked wither the LFA needs to notify people about the number of tables in 028.  There has been a shortage lately.  A reminder needs to be sent to Bev Grubb a day or two before the meeting. 


B. Hine also noted that yesterday three persons went to the 14th & Chestnut Community Center to start sorting books.  Chris Nkongola is coordinating the schedule for volunteers who want to help.  Participants need to fill out a blanket leave request. 


VIII.        Committee Reports


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee


J. Kerico reported the LAAC has not organized yet. 


B.    Library Faculty Affairs Committee


M. Miller announced LFAC had its organizational meeting on October 10.  She was elected chair; S. Frey is the recorder.  Continuing business from last year is to do something with the TPAPR form.  No meetings have been scheduled until after the book sale. 


C.    Personnel Committee


K. Gaul reported the Committee had its organizational meeting.  David Vancil is the chair; V. Muyumba is the secretary.  


D.    Search Committees Reports




E.     Senate/University Committees


1.     University Academic Affairs Committee


S. Frey reported the Committee was asked to look at the job description for the new VP for Enrollment Management.  The position is supposed to speak to the problems we’re having with organizing our registration process.  Students have had to reregister because office loses things.  The committee also wants the person to have a track record on student retention.  The committee also asked that the search comm. Include at least one person from outside the university who has experience with the kind of job we’re trying to fill. 


2.     University Faculty Affairs Committee


B. Hine reported the committee met yesterday.  Its first charge was to name award selection committees.  The new charge M. Miller mentioned earlier about the revisions to the awards committee will be taken up later.  B. Hine said she noticed the lack of mention of the library.  The idea of the revisions is to gain more national recognition. 


3.     Faculty Economic Benefits Committee


K. Gaul reported the committee met on the 16th.  It discussed the allocation of $1.35-million that President Benjamin announced in the fall faculty meeting.  The committee agreed to recommend distributing a portion of that money to those earning less than $30-thousand per year, which includes support staffers and EAP employees.  The remaining money would go tin instruction needs such as the Writing Center and adjuncts. 


4.     Student Affairs Committee


S. Hardin and J. Kerico reported the committee met last Friday and discussed eliminating the printed class schedule.  Also discussed were charges about grade inflation and students’ perceived lack of challenge in their classes.  In addition, the committee is considering changes in criteria for continued enrollment by students below a certain grade point average. 


IX.            Old Business


A.    Status of Committee Charges


1.     LAAC


R. McGiverin said the first charge will be to review the automatic charges in the faculty manual.  In addition, he proposed the LAAC develop a faculty government web page, including the faculty manual, policies and procedures, leave documents, travel documents, calendar and other items.  It would facilitate our work.  He also proposed charging the LAAC with developing a new public computer usage policy, and with revising the fine policy.  B. Hine seconded.  K. Gaul recommended the faculty governance web pages should also include committee memberships.  The motion passed unanimously. 


2.     LFAC


Again, R. McGiverin said the first charge is to review the automatic charges in the faculty manual.  He also proposed charging the LFAC with finding and finalizing the PTOC document, finalizing the evaluation documents, working on the new faculty orientation program on conjunction with what the Dean is doing with orientation.  M. McCallister noted Amy Edwards will help with this project.  B. Hine seconded approval of these charges.  The motion passed unanimously. 

X.              New Business


A.    Additional member for LAAC


J. Kerico nominated E. Wright to serve on LAAC.  She said it was important that we have the head of circulation on that committee.  B. Hine seconded the nomination.  The motion passed unanimously. 


B.    Parliamentarian’s ruling on LFA and committee quorums


Parliamentarian J. Kerico has done some investigating; we can set our own criteria for what constitutes a quorum.  Standard practice has been 2/3 of the membership.  For this body, that works out to 5.28.  Should we round up or down?  She rules that we can round down.  So five will constitute a quorum for LFA.  No vote was required because this is a ruling from the Parliamentarian. 


C.    Charging LFA to review grievance procedures (in the LFA directory)


R. McGiverin said that LFAC sent to LFA last year the revisions to the handbook.  They’re in the LFA subdirectory.  The first document for review will be the grievance document.  He will send out a message requesting everyone to review it.  Red type indicates language recommended for removal; green type is language recommended to be added; yellow type is language with questions.  B. Hine said the idea is to bring it into compliance with university specifications.  R. McGiverin said the LFA will look at other documents in the future.  For the next meeting, review the grievance document; we will vote on it at the next meeting. 


D.    Form for charges


R. McGiverin said the Library Executive Committee is proposing a new form to track charges.  B. Hine moved that we accept the form; M. Miller seconded.  R. McGiverin noted there’s been difficulty keeping track of charges; they’ve dropped through the cracks, and there’s been confusion about who’s supposed to send what to where when.  We hope this document will help us keep track of the charges.  B. Hine said the main addition is the indication of direction of where things are going.  The motion passed 6-0-1. 


XI.            Adjournment


M. Miller moved adjournment, seconded by K. Gaul.  The meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m. 


Respectfully submitted,


Steve Hardin