Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 06/07-05                                                 Approved:  1/18/07


LC 229


Present: Betsy Hine, Steve Hardin, Susan Frey, Rolland McGiverin, Valentine Muyumba, Kathy Gaul

Ex-Officio: Marsha Miller, Alberta Comer, Myrna McCallister, Paula Huey,

Guests: Elizabeth Wright


I.                 Call to Order and Approval of Agenda


Chair R. McGiverin called the meeting to order at 9:03 a.m.  M. Miller moved, and S. Hardin seconded, approval of the agenda. 


II.               Approval of Minutes (LFA 06/07-03, November 16, 2006; LFA 06/07-04, November 28, 2006)


B. Hine moved, and V. Muyumba seconded, approval of both sets of minutes.  The motion passed 5-0-0.


III.             Chair’s Announcements/Reports


R. McGiverin said the Executive Committee has charged the Library Administrative Affairs Committee with drawing up an organizational chart of the library.  Also, the document approved last time was forwarded to the Dean; she responded with valuable comments; he will share with LEC for its reaction.  If it seems acceptable to LEC, he’ll forward it to LFA for consideration and approval. 


IV.            Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


M. McCallister discussed the possibility of installing a vending machine in the library for items such as pens and pencils.  The bookstore must approve it to ensure we don’t compete with them.  Ed Kinley must approve it too to make sure it doesn’t compete with the campus computer store.  It would be a nice service to offer. 


The Dean noted we’ve had the Turnitin program for two years on a trial basis at the instigation of OIT, who paid $7,000 a year for it.  The cost is now $10,000 per year.  It was decided to continue with Turnitin on a permanent basis.  OIT will pay $3500; other colleges will be assessed various amounts.  The Library will pay $3500 too.  She said she told them we don’t have that much money just lying around; she offered to pay $1000, but was informed we’d have to pay the $3500.  That money will have to come from unspent book funds.  They wanted it to come out of the operating budget, but we’re already pretty slim there. 


M. Miller offered to bring up the matter at the next Faculty Senate Executive meeting.  Some discussion ensued about Turnitin’s funding and use and whether it would be useful for LFA to send a message expressing concern about library’s being assessed for it. 


V.              Remarks of the Faculty Senators


M. Miller reported that at the meeting November 16th, contributions to the faculty scholarship were discussed.  There was also mention of the 360 review of President Benjamin.  It was announced that the Writing Center would receive funding.  There was also discussion of “Study Indiana” – a procurement program to get more international students to come to ISU.  On November 28th, the Executive Committee passed revisions on the GPA necessary to stay at ISU.  On December 6th, the Executive Committee heard that spring admissions were up 10% from this time last year.  Also at that meeting, M. Miller read Dean McCallister’s statement about Government Documents; it was put in the minutes verbatim.  During the discussion there was consensus that at the University level, CAAC, Administrative Affairs, and the Faculty Senate should approve the changes.  Library policies fall under CAAC’s purview.  M. Miller also reported that the paper course schedule will continue to be printed.  The 360 review has been completed.  We won’t know results of review.  New nine-month faculty employees will now get a September paycheck.  Also, grad assistants’ pay schedule will go from monthly to biweekly. 


VI.            Remarks from Library Support Staff


P. Huey reported for Deb Robinson that the holiday dinner was scheduled for today.  She invited everyone to come.  She added the Library Association is trying to make groups more cohesive. 


VII.          15-Minute Open Discussion


V. Muyumba  noted the library was mentioned in an ALA online newsletter in connection with the Bakerman award. 


VIII.        Committee Reports


a.      Library Administrative Affairs Committee


Chair E. Wright said LAAC is charged to review the emergency manual, which underwent revision over the past few years.  Systems was supposed to contribute something.  Paul Asay wants to know what is needed.  Since she’s coming in in the middle of the process, she doesn’t really know.  She asked what LAAC needs. B. Hine asked if OIT has an emergency manual.  E. Wright asked if we are talking about what Systems would do with equipment.  K. Gaul  noted something had been done awhile back.  Priorities were set in terms of what to bring up first after an emergency.  E. Wright said she’d check on that.  B. Hine said we need to find out what’s already been done to at least get LAAC started.  R. McGiverin suggested she look at the earlier documentation, ask if it’s complete, and see how to revise it. E. Wright asked where the previous emergency manual is.  B. Hine noted K. Gaul and Barb Austin worked on it. 


E. Wright also reported that the LAAC has met once.  It reviewed its charges and made a plan to address them.  The next meeting is scheduled for December 15th. 


b.     Library Faculty Affairs Committee


M. Miller reported the LFAC has not yet met; there are scheduling problems. 


c.      Personnel Committee


S. Hardin reported the Committee will meet next week; it’s dealing with a tenure application, pre-tenure evaluations and a sabbatical leave request.


d.     Search Committees


1.     Head of Systems


V. Muyumba reported the search is going slowly.  They’re advertising with ALA Placement and with LITA.  She said she’ll be going to ALA Midwinter. 


2.     Head of Reference


B. Hine reported the committee has done some telephone interviews.  They have some good applicants they don’t want to lose. 


3.     Metadata Librarian


R. McGiverin reported the committee has nine applicants.  Two of them are outstanding.  The next meeting is at 11:00 this morning. 


4.     Sci//Tech Librarian


S. Hardin reported the committee is meeting this afternoon. 


e.      Senate/University Committees


B. Hine reported Faculty Affairs is working on the process for faculty awards.  The Committee isn’t in favor of changing the awards structure just for the sake of change.  We don’t want the names to be lost; we find external review to be cumbersome.  There’s a statement in the draft that library faculty should be considered equally for appropriate awards. 

K. Gaul reported the FEBC lacked a quorum at last month’s meeting.  This month’s meeting was delayed with a call for more FEBC input into faculty salaries. 


S. Frey reported the Administrative Affairs Committee is looking into the Task Force on the First Year (TAFFY) report.  Questions were raised whether there was adequate consideration of alternative structures. 


S. Hardin reported that M. Miller covered the activities of the Student Affairs Committee in her Senator’s report. 


IX.            Old Business


a.      Follow up discussion on Government Documents desk


R. McGiverin asked how the library was publicizing the move of the documents service desk to Reference.  Signage is up.  He also wanted to know whether the Faculty Senate was going to get back to us.  M. Miller suggested he call Steve Lamb and ask.  B. Hine said she was unclear about what was said on the Monday Messages: will K. Gaul continue as the Government Documents librarian?  M. McCallister said she wanted K. Gaul to continue until we get a new head of Reference, and then see what we want to do.  Until that time, K. Gaul will be the signatory, handling communication that comes in about government documents.  K. Gaul said she’d heard Sheila Gregg would be the communications contact.  M. McCallister responded that S. Gregg could prepare the communication and sign off on it, but she’ll be doing receiving and cataloging just as she has been.  She added she’d like S. Gregg to go to the spring INDIGO meeting; it would be a good experience for her. 


X.              New Business 


a.      Revising Constitution and By-Laws


M. Miller moved approval of the document, and V. Muyumba seconded.  During the discussion of this motion, many verbiage modifications were made which are not recorded here.  More substantive revisions:


1.     Note that Article III, Section 1, Group III permits Senators to be members of the Assembly.  This arrangement is common around campus, and becomes increasingly necessary as the size of our faculty shrinks. 

2.     M. Miller moved, and K. Gaul seconded, revising Article IV, Section 1, D, from: “All meetings of the Library Faculty Assembly are open to University Faculty and invited guests” to read: “All meetings of the Library Faculty Assembly are open except when the Assembly is dealing with personnel issues and/or goes into executive session.”  The motion passed 5-0-0. 

3.     M. Miller moved, and K. Gaul seconded, revising Article IV, Section 1, E from “Executive Committee Meetings are also open except when the Committee determines otherwise” to read: “Executive Committee Meetings are open except when the Committee is dealing with personnel issues and/or declares a meeting closed.”  The motion passed 5-0-0. 

4.     Article V, Section I, B contains the two instances of the phrase “college/school/library.”  There was some discussion about whether to drop the word “school,” but M. Miller moved, and S. Hardin seconded, retaining the word.  The motion passed 5-0-0. 

5.     M. Miller moved, and S. Frey seconded, modifying the By-Laws, I., D., 2., b., from “Meetings shall be open to the Library Faculty except when a Committee for particular reason declares a meeting closed, to read: “Meetings are open except when the Committee is dealing with personnel issues and/or goes into executive session.”  The motion passed 5-0-0. 


S. Hardin called for the vote on the revised document.  No second was needed.  The motion passed 5-0-0.  [Secretary’s note: a clean copy of the revised document has been prepared.] 


XI.            Adjournment


M. Miller moved, and K. Gaul seconded, adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:19 a.m. 



Respectfully submitted,


Steve Hardin