Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 06/07-06                                                 Approved: 


LC 028


Present: Betsy Hine, Steve Hardin, Karen Evans, Susan Frey, Rolland McGiverin, Valentine Muyumba, Kathy Gaul, Juliet Kerico. 

Ex-Officio:  Marsha Miller, Alberta Comer



I.                 Call to Order and Approval of Agenda


Chair R. McGiverin called the meeting to order at 9:04 a.m.


II.               Approval of Minutes (LFA 06/07-03, Dec. 7, 2006)


V. Muyumba’s name was misspelled in one instanced.  With that correction, K. Evans moved approval, with M. Miller seconding.  The minutes were approved



III.             Chair’s Announcements/Reports


R. McGiverin reported there have been a few exchanges with the Dean about the grievance document; she’s asked several questions and he’s tried to address them.  He will send it out after this meeting so it will, he hopes, be approved again.  He thinks her discussion has led to a stronger document, nailing down some vague expressions.  The LFA will have to vote on it again, and it will have to go back to the Dean for her final approval. 


IV.            Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


A. Comer, representing the Dean, had no remarks. 


V.              Remarks of the Faculty Senators


M. Miller reported that at the December 14th meeting, Mary Corenflos was thanked for her years of work.  Her replacement is Karen Buchholz.  M. Miller has a fact sheet on international programs and enrollments.  It’s a result of Jim Buffington’s (Chair of Student Affairs Committee) work discussing declines in the number of students in the program; Gaston Fernandez has worked up two documents on the matter.  See her if you want to see them.  At the January 9th Executive Committee meeting, President Benjamin noted ISU is hosting a China conference.  The next Board of Trustees meeting is January 26th.  She suggested everyone pay attention to that meeting.  Also at the January 9th meeting, Kevin Snider brought in data on enrollment.  See her if you want to see it.  She said apparently ISU has never had an enrollment recruitment plan other than “we need more students.”  Who’s out there recruiting?  Kevin found it’s a national average that admissions recruitment people last two years – they burn out.  So our main external face is people who’ve been here only two years.  How can they do the job?  She reported on efforts to recruit in ISU’s feeder counties, and targeting 12 counties, including Marion, Lake and Allen.  Consideration is also being given to different ways to approach advertising, including radio, television and newspaper.  M. Miller wondered what the role of the library is in the recruitment process.  There are also many issues dealing with the corrections program.  K. Snider said we have no real control over that program.  V. Muyumba noted that S. Mary-of-the-Woods has a booth in the mall; we don’t.  M. Miller also discussed a software package: “Talisma” - it’s not being used too much yet.  At the most recent Executive Committee meeting, senators had just received the Task force on the Health Professions memo, so it was not discussed.  It probably will be today.  Senators asked Ed Kinley to come and talk about the Laptop initiative.  More than 500 Lenovos have been purchased; they’ve gone mostly to faculty members.  They’ve been looking at the laptop scholarship process – there was a total student laptop population of 685 in the fall.  42% said the laptop scholarship affected their decision to attend ISU.  86.5% say they used the laptop frequently. See M. Miller for the actual survey.  It had only 10 questions, and was done in October.


R. McGiverin asked whether M. Miller had heard anything about a Senate replacement for Chris Mehrens.  M. Miller said she hadn’t. 


M. Miller said the Provost’s enrollment figures indicate we’re down 309 in the spring semester.  That’s comparable to last year.  International student enrollment was up 6.9%; grad student enrollment was up 1%; undergraduate students from Indiana were down 5.4%.  Total student credit hours were down 3.9% from fall.  There were 9,681 students (not FTE) for spring.  M. Miller also reported that Trustee Don Smith has resigned. 


VI.            Remarks from Library Support Staff


No report. 


VII.          15-Minute Open Discussion


B. Hine asked if M. Miller had an agenda for the Board of Trustees meeting.  M. Miller replied she didn’t have an agenda, but reminded everyone that the president’s 360 review was recently completed.  If there would be a significant outcome, it would be at this or at the February meeting.  But even if something doesn’t happen at the Jan meeting, it doesn’t mean there won’t be ramifications.  R. McGiverin asked about the proposed merger of Nursing and Health and Human  Performance.  M. Miller said the issue would be taken up in February.  There is no trustees meeting in March.  Some discussion ensued about the Nursing/HHP merger proposal. 


B. Hine wondered if the LFA should say anything regarding the president’s 360 evaluation.  We never got a meeting with the Provost.  M. Miller said it was her understanding that the Provost was going to address the library, but that hasn’t occurred.  She said the Provost said that if there were to be a follow-up, it would be the Dean’s prerogative. 


VIII.        Committee Reports


a.      Library Administrative Affairs Committee


J. Kerico, R. McGiverin and S. Hardin all reported the LAAC met last month; the Committee is scheduled to meet next week.  There was discussion on the changes to the documents service desk and the government documents librarian in response to a request from the Faculty Senate. 


b.     Library Faculty Affairs Committee


M. Miller reported LFAC had not met since the last LFA meeting.  R. McGiverin said LFAC needs to update the Promotion and Tenure Oversight (PTO) document. 


c.      Personnel Committee


B. Hine reported the Committee reviewed pre-tenure evaluations and  made a recommendation on one promotion/tenure document.  Next up are annual review/salary recommendations. 


d.     Search Committees


1.     Head of Systems


V. Muyumba said two candidates withdrew.  The Dean gave us permission to recruit from University of Illinois and Indiana University.  The Committee also listed the position with the ALA job list.  She’s reviewed 11 applicants and sent them email.  She’s heard from 5; 2 declined.  She is scheduled to meet with three of them at Midwinter.  A. Comer said we have no remaining candidates who are qualified.  A discussion of the search ensued. 


2.     Head of Reference


J. Kerico reported one of the Committee’s top candidates accepted another position.  Another impressive candidate is coming on January 29th. 


3.     Metadata Librarian


K. Evans said one candidate was visiting today; the Committee has called references for another person and requested another.  Two other candidates have withdrawn. 


4.     Sci//Tech Librarian


S. Hardin reported the Committee has five good finalists; the Committee is trying to narrow down the field to three to invite for interviews. 


e.      Senate/University Committees


K. Gaul said the Faculty Economic Benefits Committee has had one organizational meeting and was given several new charges, including whether promotional increments and base salaries should be raised.  The Committee was also charged to have several faculty members become more familiar with the budgeting process. 


B. Hine said the University Faculty Affairs Committee has been meeting regularly.  The Committee heard from Bob Guell about the first year experience initiative (TAFFY).  They have a document proposing better advising for first-year students.  The concept of a university college was also discussed.


S. Hardin reported the Student Affairs Committee is also discussing TAFFY and the university college. 


S. Frey said the University Administrative Affairs Committee is discussion TAFFY and the university college as well. 


IX.            Old Business


a.      Grievance Document


R. McGiverin said he thinks it’s important to have a document equivalent to the CAPS manual.  We have a good first draft.  The CAPS manual is for courses and program approval that go through academic process.  We need something similar for our reallocations such as Government Documents.  We don’t have one for the library.  He’s working on refining the draft. 


b.     Constitution revisions


R. McGiverin said he’d sent the last round of revisions to the Dean and hasn’t heard back yet. 


X.              New Business 

a.      Constitution revisions for II. I, II L., II M., III A., III L.,


M. Miller moved, and B. Hine seconded, approval of the revisions.  A summary of the revisions:


II M - dropped.  The revisions passed 7-0-0. 


II L – major change is changing from terminology from the Promotion, Tenure and Leaves Committee to the Personnel Committee.  The revisions passed 7-0-0. 


II I. - Parliamentarian.  The revisions were approved 7-0-0.


III L. - Release time.  Tabled. 


III A. - Appointment.  Tabled. 


XI.            Adjournment


V. Muyumba moved, and K. Evans seconded, adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Steve Hardin