Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 06/07-07                                                             Approved:  3/15/07


Cordell Room


Present: Karen Evans, Kathy Gaul, Steve Hardin, Betsy Hine, Juliet Kerico, Rolland McGiverin

Ex-Officio: Myrna McCallister, Alberta Comer, Marsha Miller

Guests: Anthony Kaiser, Elizabeth Wright


I.                 Call to Order and Approval of Agenda


M. Miller moved, and B. Hine seconded, approval of the agenda.  The measure was approved 5-0-0. 


R. McGiverin moved discussion about the Humanities Librarian search to X. B., and discussion of the University College to X. C.    


II.               Approval of Minutes (LFA 06/07-06, January 18, 2007)


K. Evans moved, and M. Miller seconded, approval of the minutes.  The minutes were approved 5-0-0. 


III.             Chair’s Announcements/Reports


R. McGiverin noted he hadn’t had much response to his call for service on the Humanities Librarian search committee or for a replacement on the Head of Reference search committee in the last day and a half; he will extend the call.  Please email him if you wish to volunteer. 


IV.            Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


M. McCallister said it was time to begin the process to procure a new library management system.   Endeavor has been sold to the company that runs Ex Libris, and she doubts they’ll continue to support a competitor.  Voyager has lasted 10 years.  We’ve been lucky; but it’s time to bite the bullet.   R. McGiverin asked if there were any chance the state would specify a system.   He noted that at one time we were all NOTIS.  M. McCallister said the state doesn’t have a record on this.  She said she would ask for money and put it in the budget.  We’re a bit away from RFP.  Any looking - at ALA, for instance - should be more casual.  R. McGiverin said it cold be time to start thinking about what we need.  What works better with the other programs we’re running?  B. Hine said the project could perhaps be something for the strategic planning group to consider for now. 


V.              Remarks of the Faculty Senators


M. Miller said that during the Executive Committee meeting on January 30, they talked about the new faculty award structure recommendation that has been bounced from the Senate to Faculty Affairs Committee and back to the Senate again.  The Executive Committee recommended Harriet Hudson, who chairs FAC, work with the Provost’s office to create a new document.  There is a need to strengthen criteria and clarify procedures. 


Two letters are going to the governor, one from the Executive Committee, requesting that a retired faculty member be considered as a replacement for the retired trustee. 


There are continuing concerns about Philosophy and Physics as well as the HHP/Nursing merger which isn’t supposed to be a merger. 


On February 6, the Executive Committee noted the University has no web or marketing advisory committee; potential sites for students aren’t recruiting friendly; someone should do something about it.  The Executive Committee also reviewed academic integrity procedures.  After discussion about where it should be sent, Exec decided it has to be in the University Handbook.  One of the recommendations is that ISU develop a seminar on ethics; students in violation would have to participate in the seminar.  It would be sort of like going to driving school for offenders. 


The President has revived the enrollment task force. 


Today, the Senate will read into the record letters about the potential demise of philosophy; one is from the executive director of the American Philosophical Association.  There’s also a letter about physics from that discipline’s professional association.  There’s also a letter from ISU Professor Gregory Bierly on the place of the honors program in the University College, should the University College be approved. 


She concluded her report that noting that Academic Integrity is mostly concerned with plagiarism. 


VI.            Remarks from Library Support Staff


No report. 


VII.          15-Minute Open Discussion


M. Miller noted there was an article in the Tribune-Star yesterday about the Vigo County School Corporation getting ready to start a mentoring program.   Central administrators and others will be mentors, and VCSC is looking for perhaps 2000 community members to participate too.  The range from K-12 will be covered.   It’s not tutoring.  The idea is just to get people thinking that school is good for students, and they should therefore stay in school.  Interested persons should contact Ray Azar. 


E. Wright commented that on the library web page under “about us,” there’s a section on faculty manual; the links for the support staff manual go to an extremely outdated list of items.  The “Library Staff Manual” material also refers to New Employee Orientation.  M. McCallister said the updates had been part of Mike Jarrel’s job as webmaster.  One way to approach the issue is to wait until we get a new head of systems.  E. Wright said that with all our searches, this one seems especially egregious.  M. Miller suggested maybe just taking it off for now.  E. Wright suggested just putting in a link to the University Handbook.  B. Hine recommended having a support staff group work on revised support staff handbook; while the work continues, we can suppress the material on the site.  E. Wright said she would ask Paul Asay to take down the outdated links. 


S. Hardin noted that IU SLIS student Becky Cuffle will be shadowing him March 13th.


A. Kaiser spoke as the library representative on the Enrollment Task Force.  He’s still feeling his way in his new position.  It appears the amount of people who’ve sent applications to ISU this year is up a bit, but we don’t yet know who’s been accepted and then accepted us.   ISU is currently trying to “market them all the way to the classroom.”  They’re focusing on people who’ve sent in applications.  They’ve had issues with confusion and complaints about the whole process.  There was also discussion about poor marketing of the laptop initiative.  Some concern was expressed that students notice laptops are not being used in classroom as the program was marketed to them.  M. Miller said it sounds like some people on the task force are confused about the marketing.  The idea was to level the playing field.  We can’t fix the computers students bring from home, but we can fix these.  Everyone will have the same stuff.  Every professor uses laptops differently.  J. Kerico said marketing it as a necessary tool would be the logical thing to do.  Some discussion ensued about marketing confusion.  A. Kaiser said there’s an opportunity for the library to insert itself more into the marketing part.  An extended discussion followed on various related issues. 


VIII.        Committee Reports


A.    Strategic Planning


A. Comer said the committee was to have met yesterday, but the meeting was cancelled when the weather closed the University.  The meeting will be rescheduled. 


B.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee


E. Wright reported the LAAC met and approved a draft of the calendar.  The Committee has also been struggling with the Systems portion of the emergency manual.  B. Hine said charges in general need to be forwarded to the Senate Executive Committee by end of March because the last Senate meeting is at the end of April.  R. McGiverin said that normally, the volume of business dwindles after April.  Since we’re so short-staffed, we should continue meeting through summer to get some of this stuff done. 


C.    Library Faculty Affairs Committee


M. Miller said the Committee was getting in gear. 


D.    Personnel Committee


B. Hine said there’s no business right now until the annual reviews come up.  A. Comer said the Provost will accept only the electronic version of the FRPA.  But we need to print the report.  The Dean wants the printed report; she doesn’t know how the provost wants it. 


E.     Search Committees


1.     Head of Systems


A. Comer said three candidates are coming; information will be sent out shortly.    


2.     Sci/Tech Reference/Instruction Librarian


S. Hardin reported one candidate has already visited; one more is scheduled, and a third is coming.  One candidate withdrew, but we still have three good candidates. 


3.     Metadata Librarian


R. McGiverin said two candidates have visited; they’ve not heard any more. 


4.     Head of Reference


J. Kerico reported the position description is being rewritten; the position will be relisted. 


F.     Senate/University Committees


K. Gaul reported the Faculty Economic Benefits Committee met February 5th; the Committee had an informative meeting with Candy Barton. 


B. Hine said the Faculty Affairs Committee has been discussing academic integrity; the Committee is working on revising a document to send on advising, reorganization and the university college. 


IX.            Old Business


A.    Constitution II I. – Parliamentarian


R. McGiverin said the LFA approved the changes at the last meeting, but another change is proposed.  The phrase under II. I. 1. 3. should be changed to read “A copy of Robert’s Rules of Order, current edition.”  M. Miller moved, and J. Kerico seconded, approval of the change.  It passed 5-0-0. 


B.    Constitution III L. – Release time


This item was tabled last time.  M. Miller and S. Hardin moved to take it off the table.  The motion passed 5-0-0. 


S. Hardin moved making the recommended changes in the documents. J. K seconded.  The motion passed 3-0-2. 


C.    Constitution III A. – Appointment


M. Miller moved, and B. Hine seconded, approval of the revisions.  The motion passed 5-0-0. 


D.    Grievance Document


M. Miller moved approval, and B. Hine seconded.  R. McGiverin said LFA had approved the document and sent it to the Dean.  She had questions about it; he responded and resubmitted it; she had more questions.  There have been no changes in the spirit or tenor of the document, just nailing down terms and the people who get it.  There was some discussion on wording changes.  Changes were made and accepted, 5-0-0. 


E.     Emergency Manual


E. Wright said some help was needed with the Systems portion of the document.  As chair of Library Administrative Affairs Committee, she’s asked Systems about what we need.  Systems is having trouble coming up with their part of the document.  Discussion followed on the nature of the document and how it fits into full university OIT plans. 


X.              New Business


A.    Calendar from LAAC


B. Hine and M. Miller moved to approve the calendar.  The Sunday before Labor Day has been added as a day the library is open.  The motion passed



B.    University College


No report. 


C.    Humanities Librarian


J. Kerico said the position description for the humanities librarian will be similar to that used for the science/technology librarian, with modifications, of course, in the subject matter covered.  She forwarded a position description to the Dean, to be forwarded to R. McGiverin as chair of LFA.  This person will handle Theater, Art, Music and Languages, Literature and Linguistics.  R. McGiverin will schedule a special LFA meeting to deal with this position. 


XI.            Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned at 10:43 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Steve Hardin