Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 07/08-02                                                             Approved:  10/09/07

9/10/07 & 9/14/07

Room 028


Present: Shelley Arvin, Kathy Gaul, Steve Hardin, Betsy Hine, Elizabeth Lorenzen, Rolland McGiverin, Valentine Muyumba, Tim Gritten

Absent: Susan Frey                                       

Ex-Officio: Myrna McCallister, Alberta Comer

Guests: Emily Symonds, Carol Jinbo, Anthony Kaiser, Juliet Kerico, Joan Evans, Michelle Boyd, Ryan Weir, Deb Robinson, Darla Crist, Paula Huey, Liz Wright


I.                 Call to Order and Approval of Agenda


II.              Approval of Minutes (LFA 08/17/07) Steve Hardin moved to approve; 2nd by Kathy Gaul.  Approved unanimously.


III.             Chair’s Announcements/Reports Announce officers


IV.            Old Business

A.    Travel document Betsy Hine moved to approve [as amended]; 2nd by Marsha Miller. Discussion:

#7 A Travel Request Form needs to be submitted regardless of funds available.

#3 Attendance, participation, serving on committees, contribution to the profession, etc. needs to be mentioned. 

What happens if a person doesn’t use all their money?  Should it be reflected in the guidelines?  Is it implied in #2?  Should there be an extra allotment to those still on the promotion track? 

Amendment (BH/RM): insert  “,add or contribute to the profession as a whole.” 

#2 Is this the actual travel request?  

Amendment (SR/KG): Drop proposals and change to intentions and stop sentence w/ Sept.1. Moved to add this amendment to the first amendment (MM/KG). Appended motion approved unanimously.


Status of old charges: Constitution (read by Dean but not approved) ; adding provision for electronic voting; provision for fast tracking some business; Web page ad hoc committee; fines policy; PTOC document; revision of new faculty orientation program; digital measures procedures; usual charges.

V.              New Business

A.    Information Literacy Standards (Anthony): Propose that the library adopt the ACRL standards. Reference Department agrees.  Charged to LAAC.

B.    Circulation position: Liz Wright’s last day is Wednesday, Sept. 12. At best it would be 4-6 months before it can be filled if it is approved to be filled.  Instead of discussing the position as attached to the agenda, there was discussion on an interim.  After much discussion it was determined that the appointment of an interim does not need to be discussed in LFA but the position description for the permanent position should be looked at by LAAC and sent to the search committee should the position be approved for filling by the Provost. The Dean will ask for volunteers for the interim. Volunteer (Steve Hardin) was received by MMc. Pos.Desc charged to LAAC (BH/EAL). App unan. MMc read the following statement regarding the interim.


At the Sept. 10 LFA meeting, which I had asked Rolland to set up, we discussed the need for a tenured librarian to assume the immediate role of acting head of circulation and it was decided that I was to send out a call for a volunteer from among this group of librarians. A tenured librarian was needed so as to meet the charge that I did not sufficiently consider rank and experience in making such assignments.

On Sept. 11, I received an e-mail from Steve Hardin saying that despite the fact that he felt unqualified for this work, he would volunteer.  That is the good news and the bad news.

Good news, because I feel that Steve is a talented and versatile librarian and have not known him to have an assignment or duty that he did not do well and with good will.  I respect his talents as a librarian and as a person.

But this is also bad news.  One of the major aspects to deal with in circulation is the fairly heavy load of supervisory responsibility for support staff and students.  It has the largest span of support staff supervision in the library.  Steve’s past regular work has not included supervision, except on a temporary basis.  However past and current duties of Kathy Gaul, Betsy Hine, Elizabeth Lorenzen, Rolland McGiverin, Marsha Miller, Tina Muyumba, and David Vancil have included ongoing supervisory roles.  Steve has the least experience among the tenured librarians in the hiring, training, and supervising that are part of this temporary job.

Another consideration is the fact that Steve is currently serving as assistant head of reference, a title and duty he enjoys, and one that he would have to give up to take on circulation.  It is a time of transition for Anthony as department head and a time of transition for the department as new faculty join us.  Anthony, and the reference department itself, will feel a loss in not having Steve’s assistance as his back-up.  Anthony, as Steve’s supervisor, does not approve of Steve taking on the circulation role.  In a perfect world, we would want the supervisor’s  support for such a change of duties.

Additionally, Steve had been slated to take on the duty of the library beginning a podcasting service.  He has the interest and skill to do this, which is not resident in any other member of the reference department.  It would be too bad for all of us to miss out on mounting a library service that is becoming routine in other libraries similar to ours.


C.    One-time payment to 12-month faculty.  Moved (SRH/VKM). It was approved  unanimously to charge Exec. Comm. to send a proposal to the Senate. 

D.    Presidential Search Committee:  So far there is not a rep from the library faculty.  Announcement to be made.

E.     Approval of appointed committees. Moved to approve LAAC (KG/VKM). Approved unanimously. Moved to approve LFAC (SRH/KG). Approved unanimously.  Ginger Garvey will be the support staff rep to LAAC and Ryan Weir to LFA. Moved to approve LFA Web Ad Hoc Committee ( BH/KG). Approved unanimously.

VI.            Remarks of the Dean of Library Services: For next meeting she will bring some information on the sculpture that she proposes to add to library art collection.  Also Harriett McNeil is donating a sculpture which will go against the new red wall.  She would also like to have a reception when we unveil that donated sculpture and perhaps name an area for Harriett.  Foundation needs to be involved in any naming activity.  We have a new VP for enrollment, etc. and he is asking that tours for prospective students be expanded and perhaps include a librarian.


VII.          Remarks from Library Support Staff:  Newly elected support staff reps are Ryan Weir (ex officio to LFA) and Ginger Garvey (ex officio to LAAC). Additional support staff rep is Paula Huey.


VIII.       15-Minute Open Discussion: Alberta: The issue is scholarly communication that is posted as a webpage (see IU Scholarworks webpage) publication.  Could we consider this for ISU faculty?  Moved/seconded to charge LFAC with this issue (Hine/Hardin). Alberta and Tim will meet with LFAC on this. Motion was approved unanimously.


Steve Hardin thanked Dara Middleton, Carol Jinbo, Darla Crist, Deb Robinson for working on the Not Easy Being Green program.


IX.            Committee Reports


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee: NR

B.    Library Faculty Affairs Committee: NR

C.    Personnel Committee: Dates for tenure/promotion/ etc. are on the Provost’s webpage.

D.    Search Committees: Education search is going on and they’re at the point of doing initial telephone interviews.

E.     Senate/University Committees: KG


X.              Remarks of the Faculty Senators: NR [See below for Marsha’s notes submitted after the meeting.]


as of 9/10/07, 2 fac senate exec and 1 fac senate meeting:


8/22 exec: discussed LONG list of items from last year's Faculty Economic Benefits Committee that included recommendations regarding sustainability of health benefits, primarly a list of recommendations for more information/communication from VP Floyd and Candy Barton - that list was approved to be passed on to those individuals -- see me if interested -- affects all campus employees, not just faculty


there will be a national search for a new Director of International Affairs


at Senate, I introduced the new Academic Integrity website, currently housed at


9/4: senate exec received a demo of a product called ACALOG, which is an online product designed to turn your university undergraduate/graduate catalogs into interactive entities. currently, ISU's online catalogs are in PDF format. this product will be investigated in the coming months; new VP for Enrollment Mgt, etc. John Beacon, is a proponent of this and played a role in its early development @ previous institution


Librarians on Faculty Senate & Campus Committees -- I think this list is fairly accurate:

Administrative Affairs: Susan Frey

Arts Endowment: David Vancil [I am the exec liaison]

Curriculum & Academic Affairs: Anthony Kaiser

Faculty Affairs: Betsy Hine

FEBC: Kathy Gaul

Student Affairs: Steve Hardin


Athletics: not sure

Commencement: Valentine Muyumba?

Financial Aid: Rolland McGiverin

Parking: Rolland McGiverin, Shelly Arvin

Student Life: Karen Evans


A long list of initial/continuing charges for each of the Senate committees has been generated. I'll let you know where that list will be available online.


XI.            Adjournment: Sept. 10 meeting was adjourned  at 11 but the discussion needed to continue at 10 on Thursday [this was changed to 11:15 on Friday, Sept. 14.]. Sept. 14 meeting was adjourned at 12:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Betsy N. Hine, Secretary