Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 07/08-04                                                             Approved:  30 January 2008


Room 028


Present: Shelley Arvin, Kathy Gaul, Steve Hardin, Betsy Hine, Elizabeth Lorenzen, Rolland McGiverin, Valentine Muyumba, Tim Gritten

Absent: Susan Frey     

Ex-Officio: Alberta Comer, Ginger Garvey, Marsha Miller

Guests: Emily Symonds, Bev Grubb, Carol Jinbo, Michelle Boyd, Anthony Kaiser


I.                 Call to Order and Approval of Agenda: Meeting was called to order at 3:15 by Chair McGiverin. The agenda was approved unanimously.


II.               Approval of Minutes (LFA 08-03). It was moved to approve these minutes (SR/SA). They were approved unanimously as distributed.


III.             Chair’s Announcements/Reports


·       The proposal to replace the TPAPR with the Goals & Objectives that was approved by LFA last spring has been signed by Acting Dean Comer. 

·       We do not need to send our approved agenda to the Senate Office but we just need to post them on our webpage and give the Senate office a link to that. 


IV.            Old Business :

·       Webpage for LFA.  RMcG distributed a draft outline of what the LFA webpage might look like.  He and Tim will work on putting a prototype up for us to look at

·       Distributed a template for Goals & Objectives document to replace the TPAPR: Moved to accept the template (SH/BH).  Discussion followed.  What was approved last spring was just a suggestion of a process rather than a document.  Why this template?  It is just a very skeletal form to have some kind of format that could be used.  Is there a need for the signature sheet?  Friendly amendment to make the template a “sample template.”  Motion passed as amended (5-0-1)


V.              New Business


Information Literacy Document:  Anthony Kaiser reported for LAAC.  Committee voted to accept the ACRL standards.  Memo to that affect was passed around.  The report from the LAAC will be distributed to the LFA for a vote next meeting.  Senator will consider what needs to happen with the document after the vote as to what the Senate does with it. 


VI.            Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


·       Library hours: Starting next semester we will have a trial schedule Sun-Thurs staying open ‘til 2 a.m. starting in January. Fri-Sat hours will remain the same.

·       There will be two new oversight committees, both to be chaired by Alberta. (1) Building: Betsy Hine, Dara Middleton, Deb Robinson, Emily Symonds, Jake Eubanks, Marsha Miller, Stan Adamson, new Head of Circulation when hired ;  (2) Technology: Anthony Kaiser, Barb Austin, Cinda May, Cheryl Bealmear, Elizabeth Lorenzen, Holli Moseman, Paul Asay. Tim Gritten, Valentine Muyumba, new Electronic Resources Librarian when hired.

·       Who speaks for the library:  Anyone can speak but unless one is making an official statement they should say that they are not speaking for the library. 

·       Donor’s plaque:  Names would be put on the plaque for a significant contribution of material (such as the Mayer gift) and/or money.  Significance to be determined on a case by case basis.  There will be another place to mention donors on the library’s webpage.  Alberta and Rolland will talk about this further. 

·       Q: Is it possible to re-constitute the Friends group?  Alberta will be talking to Steve Brown in the Foundation and she may bring that up then.


VII.          Remarks from Library Support Staff:  NR


VIII.        15-Minute Open Discussion: Presidential Forums are being held; Changes in Admin Office arrangement: Dean’s office and Conference Room will switch places, Michelle and Beverly will move, copier will be moved; ILF is coming up and several are attending and/or presenting; ASIS meeting in Indy coming up; AAUP forum coming up.


IX.            Committee Reports


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee: Emily Symonds reported on the Institutional Repository recommendation which was approved by LAAC.  Document was distributed.

B.    Library Faculty Affairs Committee: Shelley Arvin reported that they are considering their charges.

C.    Personnel Committee: NR

D.    Search Committees. Education Librarian:  Another candidate is coming the Monday after Thanksgiving and a third one is being considered ;  Electronic Resources Librarian: Committee is reviewing candidates.  Head of Circulation: There are 10 applications so far and committee will meet this coming Friday.

E.     Senate/University Committees:  Kathy Gaul for FEBC:  They are working on changing long term coverage and changing length of time from 20 to 15 years for coverage; Anthony Kaiser for CAAC:  ; Shelly Arvin for University Research: They are considering 8 applications; Tim Gritten for Arts Endowment: They have 3 applications; Steve Hardin reported from Student Affairs.

X.              Remarks of the Faculty Senators: Marsha Miller reported: Faculty are encouraged to attend December commencement and Presidential Search Forums; Faculty Handbook changes may be coming up; Passed the Master’s in Computer Science; University is moving to an online interactive catalog; SGA and grade distribution database (freedom of information issue);  Looking at the University calendar and its flexibility.

XI.            Meeting adjourned (VKM/ES) at 4:45.



Respectfully submitted,

Betsy Hine, secretary