Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 07/08-05                                                             Approved:  Feb. 27, 2008


Room 028


Present: Shelley Arvin, Kathy Gaul, Steve Hardin, Betsy Hine, Elizabeth Lorenzen, Rolland McGiverin, Valentine Muyumba

Absent: Susan Frey, Tim Gritten

Ex-Officio: Alberta Comer, Ginger Garvey, Marsha Miller

Guests: Joan Evans, Michelle Boyd


I.                 Call to Order at 2:45 and Approval of Agenda: Approved unanimously.


II.               Approval of Minutes of Nov. 12, 2007 (LFA) Approved unanimously.


III.             Chair’s Announcements/Reports: Faculty met prior to this meeting and the chair will take their recommendation to the Provost as well as the recommendation from the Support Staff; the Dean had approved the Patron Code of Conduct last year; Committees need to be meeting and doing business.


IV.            Old Business: None


V.              New Business: Alberta reported that our circulation policy does not conform to the requirements of the Controller’s office and the state auditor.  They have met with the Controller’s office and feel that correction of this should be delayed until we hire a circulation head.  In the meantime an interim policy was distributed for consideration until that person is in place.  Then the policies will be reviewed and revised with the recommendation of LAAC, LFA, Senate and the Trustees.  The interim policy that was distributed, with a few adjustments, will be posted on our web page as Interim Circulation Policies. It was moved to accept the interim policy (SH/MM). Motion was approved unanimously.  It was moved to block a patron when a fine gets to $300 as opposed to the current $1000 (SH/MM). Motion was approved unanimously.  When the final policy is completed it will go through the proper LFA channels.


Remarks of the Dean of Library Services:  (1) Paul Asay goes every year to Haiti on a medical mission.  They want to start a library there and Alberta asked if there are some ways that we could help with this.  She has found a person who will match, dollar for dollar up to $500, whatever money we can raise. Paul could do a presentation on the program and give us more information; (2) we are doing things at Westminster a little differently and programming there has been reduced this spring so that reference can review what might be done next fall;  (3) Tina Muyumba is now on the Board of VCPL; (4) a group met with the motor sports program recently about materials for the program; it was suggested that the money either come out of Technology funds or we wait until the end of the year money if there is any; (5) the Dean met with John Beacon ,VP for Enrollment Management, about laptops for commuter students (non-traditional students?) and  putting a commuter lounge in the library; (6) quiet study lounge and the two group study rooms beside that as well as 308 will be taken by the NCA team; (7) Brad Balch has asked about librarians teaching in some education classes; (8) Shelley Arvin is the distance education contact person; (9) a mentor needs to be assigned to the new education librarian, Carol Lunce, who starts Friday, February 1; (10) The collection development policy has gone to reference/instruction for input and approval. The general document, which is static, will be separate from the area policy statements which may change quite often  ; (11) Shelley Arvin will be the library contact for the new OIT newsletter and she will be soliciting articles;  (12) research leave reports are kept on file – should they be put online with conference reports?  Consensus of the group was no; (13) Technology Committee met yesterday – technology requests over $1000 will be taken to the Technology Committee; (14) Building Committee met and picked out some fabrics and furniture for the new conference room.    


VI.            Remarks from Library Support Staff:  NR


VII.          15-Minute Open Discussion: Betsy Hine reported that she is working on a FAC charge regarding senate elections.  Also, she goes off FAC this year so someone from the library faculty needs to volunteer when the volunteer forms come out this spring. It would be useful to announce when Alberta is going to be away and who is in charge; We need to look at the emergency call list and adjust as necessary.


VIII.        Committee Reports


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee: NR

B.    Library Faculty Affairs Committee: Steve Hardin reported that they are working on their charges

C.    Personnel Committee: Finished 1st and 2nd  year pre-tenure reviews and will be reviewing 3rd-5th year reviews tomorrow; they also made recommendation on 1 tenure & promotion document.

D.    Search Committees: Electronic Resources: Elizabeth Lorenzen reported that they have interviewed 1 person and are checking references on 2 more; Circ Head: Marsha Miller reported that they are checking references on a short list and hope to start setting up interviews soon.  Education Librarian: Carol Lunce begins Feb. 1.

E.     Senate/University Committees: FEBC: Kathy Gaul reported; FAC: See Betsy’s remarks above; Student Affairs: Steve Hardin reported; University Research: Shelley Arvin reported that they are receiving applicants; Parking Committee: Shelley Arvin reported ; CAAC: Rolland McGiverin reported that General Education is changing to a new format with fewer courses/approval process. He heard that the University is talking again about new IDs so the library needs to make sure they’ve taken the library ID number into account. 

IX.            Remarks of the Faculty Senators: Marsha Miller reported; Athletic Training changing from 1 to 2 yrs; Criminal Background Checks for new faculty hires  document was approved; Leadership Committee is doing a tenure self study; VP for Marketing is taking over 1st Year Programs; Will Downs talked about PIQ, never finished, position descriptions dated 1994 & up; Jan 16 Retreat; Benjamin’s Farewell April 17; Voluntary System of Accreditation; Academic Affairs looking at calendar changes to consider a winter intercession; Early January they discussed prior learning assessment by portfolio, returning students credit for working life, how give credit; Criminal Background Checks= (for faculty, fulltime/part time/grad assistants) passed out to be sent to Trustees for the February Board meeting.  They discussed how to fit homeschooled graduates to scholarships; there are not enough high schoolers taking SATs; many Illinois colleges; ISU doesn’t charge 20 Illinois counties out-of-state fees;
Honors Program will be in Rhoads Hall where the Honors Students will live together. Recommend that Library work with Honors Program. 135 students were dismissed after fall semester. Most were from Vigo and Marion County. Most were 3.0 GPA or higher in high school. Retention is not good. Percentages very low. Only ~50% juniors of starting freshmen.

X.              Kathy Gaul=RA said it took 7 minutes to find out the fire hoses didn’t work in Blumburg Hall during the fire there on Sunday.

XI.            Adjournment

Marsha moved to adjourn. Meeting was adjourned at 4:30


Respectfully submitted,


Betsy N. Hine, Secretary

(with assistance from Shelley Arvin)