Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 07/08-06                                                             Approved:  March 27, 2008

February 27, 2008

2:00 p.m., Room 230


Present: Steve Hardin, Tina Muyumba, Shelley Arvin, Susan Frey, Betsy Hine, Elizabeth Lorenzen, Rolland McGiverin

Ex-Officio: Alberta Comer, Ginger Garvey, Marsha Miller

Guests: Cinda May, Anthony Kaiser, Carol Lunce , Ryan Weir


I.                 Call to Order and Approval of Agenda 2:05 approved


II.               Approval of Minutes  of Jan. 30, 2008 approved unanimously.


III.             Chair’s Announcements/Reports:  Committees need to get some work done; recommended tenure approval of Alberta Comer (still has to go to the BOT);


IV.            Old Business:


V.              New Business


VI.            Remarks of the Dean of Library Services: Alberta Comer reported that approval has been given to fill Emily Symonds position and she would like LFA to recommend 5 names from which she will select 3, same for Support Staff; Position description needs to go to LAAC (Cinda May spoke to the changes in the description and she urged that this description go through the process very quickly so that we can have someone in place by July 1 if at all possible); she met with Judy Tribble and John Robson (SMWC & RHIT) recently and they asked for a policy for use of the ISU library – she gave them a draft but not official policy as the policy needs to go to LAAC and LFA for final approval – draft was distributed; Regular meetings will be held (1/semester) in the future; Also discussed was the fine problem, i.e., collecting money from non-ISU patrons; this will be looked into in the new circulation policy; Technology Committee met and they are going to look into Evergreen (sort of free) LMS and a group will be attending a preliminary meeting in Zionsville to look at it;  Alberta Comer and Anthony Kaiser met with John Beacon and his assistant regarding Commuter Lounge (off campus student/ adult students) possibility in the library (to be discussed) – they will fund and hire a person to assist such students; Electronic Resources unit has been reporting to the Dean –she thinks that the unit more naturally fits into the Acquisitions Dept. – This is to be discussed in LAAC and a recommendation will go to LFA, probably for an electronic vote; Alberta  appreciates the work of Acquisitions in working with Ryan and Angel since Juliet left; Alberta will be giving the library budget presentation in March and she would like to give the presentation to the library before she gives it to the University Administration.  Some upcoming events in the library: Deb Russell from Walgreens speaking on disabilities Mar 18; Indiana Black Librarians Network here in April; IALA meeting April 16 here (hope that we can tie this in with National Library Week and the Authors and Artists Reception); Digital Preservation Summit hosted with OIT/CIRT in May in Dede; Strategic Plan Committee met today and talked about the new library mission statement and values statements.


VII.          Remarks from Library Support Staff:  NR


VIII.        15-Minute Open Discussion:  Welcome to Carol Lunce, new Education Librarian; Are there any plans to re-constitute the Library Friends group?  


IX.            Committee Reports


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee: They have not met

B.    Library Faculty Affairs Committee: They have not met

C.    Personnel Committee: Completed pre-tenure evaluations; 1 tenure app.

D.    Search Committees: ER: Have interviewed 2 people and committee will meet tomorrow to do the final recommendations; Circ: 1 interview was postponed; 1 coming on Fri and 1 coming Mar 6;

E.     Senate/University Committees: FAC; AAC reviewing EAP/Faculty position ratio; waiting to look at budget; CAAC: last couple of meetings have been cancelled; Honors Committee: working on how to identify Honors Faculty; Parking: nothing new except Shelley is now secretary; EAL has been appointed to the Grad Dean Search Committee.


X.              Remarks of the Faculty Senators: Marsha Miller: pay close attention to “voluntary system of accountability issues”, aka standardize our own reporting of accountability or Ed Commission, etc., will do it for us; sabbatical requests (38 and 11 are from C of B!); new faculty stipend confusion; promotion and tenure letters have gone out; low attendance of retirees attending the retirement tea; Ed Kinley met with them on the 19th and Marsha Miller has handouts from that presentation; faculty senate met just prior to last week’s Board of Trustees meeting and there was some controversy regarding the final version of the mission and values statement; NCA reps are on campus this week; there is a health insurance review group that has been formed; presidential search committee has narrowed the group to 7 for airport interviews.


XI.            Adjournment at 3:20


Respectfully submitted

Betsy Hine, secretary