Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly



LFA 08/09-01                                    

Date:  9/22/08

Time: 2:00

Place: Room 028


Present: Elizabeth Lorenzen, Shelley Arvin, Jake Eubanks, Cheryl Blevens, Carol Lunce, Rolland McGiverin, George Stachokas




Ex-Officio: Alberta Comer, Betsy Hine, Ginger Garvey, Marsha Miller




I.                   Call to Order and Approval of Agenda

A.     Betsy Hine moved, Marsha seconded, approved as set by Exec


II.                Approval of Minutes from June 23, 2008

    A.   Suggestions for changes to enumeration; otherwise minutes approved as read.  Lorenzen moved; McGiverin seconded, approved.


III.             Chair’s Announcements/Reports

A.    Provost meeting with LFA Exec. Tomorrow at 3.

B.     Non-committee reports—please send summaries in advance to group please, but not required.

C.     Second-year documents due on Monday.  Don’t forget new internal form for goals and objectives.



IV.             Old Business

A.    None.


V.                New Business


A.    Committee Charges—New and Carry-Over


1.       Copy of charges was distributed. Questions were solicited.  Betsy commented on Emergency Response Plan—for review only by LAAC, does not need to be voted on. A. Comer thought D. Robinson should review also.  Ginger had suggested mentioning the Halon system in the machine room.  Copies in Admin. Office and in Circulation.

2.      Reminder—Agendas and minutes-take them please and distribute them regularly.  Regular meetings must be set.  Website to be reviewed by LFA Exec and and updated by Tim Gritten.  PDFs or HTML? Now HTML.

3.      A. Comer wanted to change 09-08—leave as a charge but will not be possible this year. Research to see what other libraries are doing.  Change 09-03 from Produce to Review. 

4.      Hine moved to accept as revised; Marsha seconded.  Vote 8-0-0.



VI.             Remarks of the Dean of Library Services

A.     Karen Evans—Gov Docs and Honors

B.     LibQual done again Ginger, Shelley, Cheryl have volunteered to participate.

C.     Travel Budget is $22,700.  Support Staff $2,000.  $4,000 for special seminars.  Untenured $900; Tenured $700. 

D.    Amount for Indy is $90.  Change to $60?  OK. 

E.     Search Committee Members for the K. Gaul’s position (Humanities) needed from faculty and support staff pools. 1 support staff, 3 faculty; 2 nominations for ss, 5 for fac needed.  Need more diverse search committees. 

F.      A. Comer is serving on the Enrollment and Enrichment Task Force; Search committee to replace Ken Janz in OIT; International Advisory Council; President’s Council.

G.    Upcoming programs; Banned Books Week; Voting Satellite Station.

H.    Extravaganza—is getting too “extravagant”.  University and corporate sponsorship?  Study Abroad, Sodexo, …Do we need a mission statement?  Restrict participation…..


VII.          Remarks from Library Support Staff

A.     No Remarks.


VIII.       15-Minute Open Discussion

A.     Shelley wanted to check on meeting time availability to make sure that future times were ok.  Third Mondays at 2.

B.     Betsy reiterated that “All Day Event”  has to be made Busy to block out your calendar…..doesn’t always show on Groupwise.


IX.             Committee Reports


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee

1.       Discussed position descriptions—Humanities, Archives

2.      Organizational—Jake Chair, George Sec, Vice Chair Carol Lunce

B.     Library Faculty Affairs Committee

                 2.  Organizational Meeting –Rolland Chair, Cheryl B. secretary

C.     Personnel Committee

1.               Organizational—Marsha Chair, Karen Sec.

D.    Grievance—Steve Chair, Karen Sec.

E.     Search Committees

1.       Last two candidates this week for Digital Repository Librarian will be visiting

F.      Senate/University Committees

1.      Marsha Miller University Web Committee report—Web presence meetings run by John Beacon in Communications and Marketing—any comments please filter through Marsha.


2.      Marsha –on Search Committee for--Affirmative Action Officer interviews coming soon—open forums will be available.


3.      Shelley and Marsha are on URC—deadline for proposals this fall is October 6.



X.                Remarks of the Faculty Senators

1.      No Senate meeting in September. Will commenced in October and are open.  Don’t forget to check Academic Notes.


XI.             Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 3:03.