Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly



LFA 08/09-05            

Date:  4/20/2009

Time: 1 p.m.

Place:  Room 028



I.                   Call to Order and Approval of Agenda


II.                Approval of Minutes for 03/23/09


A.    March minutes will be approved at next meeting.


III.             Guest Presentation


A.    ISU Diversity Council


IV.             Chair’s Announcements/Reports


V.                Old Business


VI.             Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


A.    24-hour/5-day work week

1.      Students interested in being open 24 hours. Dean said could manage perhaps 5-day a week. Interviewed 100 students who would be willing to pay a fee to have library open 24 hours.

2.      Noon Sun-7:00 PM Fri from mid-August to May. (With semesters)

3.      Provost interested. Try for coming year. Admin Affairs would pay for coming year. Hire someone for 9 months trial. $24,000 + benefits for support staff. Hire off-duty police; two student workers; 80 hours of vacation. Extra pay to cover when sick leave.

4.      HR may change the job description.

5.      Admittance by ID (ISU, Rose Hulman, SMWC)

6.      Will it affect maintenance? Shampooing carpet. Vacuuming.


VII.          New Business


A.    24-hour/5-day work week – vote of support


VIII.       Remarks from Library Support Staff


IX.             15-Minute Open Discussion


A.    Grad Studies


X.                Committee Reports


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee

1.      Calendar, LFA needs to vote on the Calendar

2.      Send out for electronic approval

3.      Send to Dean

4.      Then Dean send to Barb to post on Web page

B.     Library Faculty Affairs Committee

1.      Progress on 360 review

C.     Personnel Committee

D.    Search Committees

1.      Search Committee for Archives

2.      Search Committee for ILL

3.      Search Committee for Reference/Instruction

1.      Susan is chair

4.      PR search committee

1.      Receiving applications

5.      Associate Dean approval – gone to Provost

6.      Head of Cataloging job description will be reviewed

7.      Ask for representatives for Head of Cataloging

E.     Senate/University Committees

1.      Parking Committee

1.      If pay premium price, want to be guaranteed a spot in prime lots


XI.             Remarks of the Faculty Senators

A.    Admin Affairs has been studying staffing patterns. AA delivered report. SF can supply report to anyone who wishes. Start a dialogue with ISU management. Decrease in faculty & EAP position. Read narrative and ask SF questions.

B.     Senate voted to encourage review of administrative areas. Program prioritization dovetail.

C.     Spouses & partners of full-time employees get tuition reimbursement

D.    Candidates can extend tenure period for two years if extenuating circumstances- added qualifying items

E.     Cancelled next week Senate meeting

XII.          Adjournment