Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 09/10-02                                                                Approved:  11/30/09


LC 028


Present: Shelley Arvin (Chair), Cheryl Blevens, Jake Eubanks, Susan Frey, Tim Gritten, Steve Hardin (Secretary), Anthony Kaiser (Vice Chair), Rolland McGiverin, Valentine Muyumba, George Stachokas (Parliamentarian), Lucy Wang

Ex-Officio: Alberta Comer, Ginger Garvey, Betsy Hine

Guests: Travis Bonnett


I.              Call to Order and Approval of Agenda


S. Arvin called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.  V. Muyumba moved, and S. Frey seconded, approval of agenda. Motion passed 11-0-0. 


II.             Approval of Minutes (LFA 09/10-01, 8/25/09)


G. Garvey moved, and A. Kaiser seconded, approval of the minutes.  The motion passed 11-0-0. 


III.            Chair’s Announcements/Reports


S. Arvin noted members of the Library Administrative Affairs Committee (LAAC) and the Library Faculty Affairs Committee (LFAC) need to be confirmed.   She said she had spoken with the proposed members of each committee.  She proposed that R. McGiverin, S. Frey, A. Kaiser and V. Muyumba serve on the LFAC.  C. Blevens moved to confirm those members; B. Hine seconded.  The motion carried 11-0-0.  Next, S. Arvin proposed that J. Eubanks, Marsha Miller and L. Wang serve on the LAAC as faculty members,  with G. Garvey as the support staff representative.  B. Hine moved and V. Muyumba seconded confirmation of those members; the motion passed 11-0-0. 


S. Arvin also brought up the charges for the committees.  The Library Executive Committee (LEC) met last week, and she emailed the charges ahead of time.  Discussion:


1.     Charge 10-11: A. Comer noted she received a letter from the Provost; she believes the library should do whatever the five academic colleges do; we should assume we’re included with them.  


2.     Charge 10-05: T. Gritten asked if the Collection Communications Committee (CC) will be involved with it.  A. Comer responded that it’s part of a bigger library discussion; it will come from CCC to LAAC. 


3.     Charge 10-07 will also come from CCC to LAAC.  C. Blevens and University Archivist Eric Holt will have input. 


4.     V. Muyumba moved, and A. Kaiser seconded, approval of the charges as written.  The motion passes 11-0-0. 


5.     S. Arvin said the charges will be transferred to a routing form and sent to each chair once she knows who the chair is.  The routing form is on the L: drive if anyone wants to look at it. 



IV.           Old Business




V.            New Business


S. Arvin said she has asked the Parliamentarian to review the roles of LAAC and to give her a ruling to ensure the LFA is not violating the Library or University constitutions as well as Roberts Rules of Order. 


VI.           Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


1.     A, Comer said she had just returned from the President’s Council meeting.  The council has a Master Plan it’s putting together for campus, which includes eight points.  Just for the essentials, right now, we already have $101-million in projects.  When the Towers are torn down, we’ll still have $51-million to be done.  The president says that means we’ll be sharing space. The president wants Normal Hall to be more functional and used in a more valuable way, she said.  There will be lots of discussion on this plan, which is part of the strategic plan.  She expects there will be more discussion in the president’s remarks in a few weeks. 


2.     S. Frey noted selected ISU faculty members were sent a survey form from the Chronicle of Higher Education on “great places to work.”  She asked if the president had said anything about that survey?  The results should be in.  A. Comer said she’d not heard anything.  B. Hine said she hadn’t heard anything either. 


3.     A. Comer said she had never received any results on what we did two years ago for evaluating support staff positions.  The matter is still under discussion. 


4.     T. Gritten said the Center for Instruction, Research and Technology (CIRT) is now responsible for new faculty orientation.  The idea is to combat high faculty turnover.  S. Frey noted there’s a web page that has a bar graph with preliminary results, but the axes aren’t labeled. 


VII.          Remarks from Library Support Staff


G. Garvey said support staff members have their next meeting on Thursday.


VIII.         15-Minute Open Discussion


B. Hine reminded everyone of the University Club open house this Friday, 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. 


S. Hardin reminded everyone about the fundraiser for a statue of Max Ehrmann on Friday, September 25th.


C. Blevens said the library is taking part in program called LibQual Lite.  The survey will run from September 28 through October 18.  Help from other people in the library will probably be needed to get it done. 


C. Blevens also said that as of this morning, only 16 people haven’t picked up their Extravaganza prizes.  There have been lots of positive comments about the Extravaganza.. 


IX.           Committee Reports


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee


J. Eubanks commented on the Memorandum of Understanding about turning over some library space to a “one-stop shopping” area for people needing University services.  He emphasized we will need office space for those displaced, as well as ADA-compliant restrooms. 


B.    Library Faculty Affairs Committee


No report.


C.    Personnel Committee


No report.


D.    Search Committees


Search Committees are looking for three support staffers.  A search committee has also been formed for the Cataloging Head. 


E.    Senate/University Committees


S. Frey is chairing the University Administrative Affairs Committee.  She said the UAAC wants to propose the creation of a separate faculty budget committee.  Right now the UAAC handles it as one of many charges; members feel a separate committee could be advantageous.  The proposal will have to go to the ISU Faculty Senate and will result in a change in the University Handbook among other things.  The UAAC probably won’t consider it until November.  The UAAC has also been asked to examine the administrative structure of distance ed, especially in connection with correctional education, which currently falls under distance ed.  The structure is a bit jumbled; sometimes people don’t know whom to call about particular issues.  The UAAC will also concentrate on the administrative structure relating to student success.  The Committee has eight specific charges from the Senate Executive Committee

X.            Remarks of the Faculty Senators


A.    S. Frey stated the Faculty Senate has had its first meeting of the new academic year.  There will be a type of global announcement for students; it’s up and running now.  Also, if anyone’s interested, she has a copy of the revised mission and vision statement.  The next meeting is this Thursday. 


XI.           Adjournment


B. Hine moved, and A. Kaiser seconded, adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:46 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,


Steve Hardin