Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 09/10-03                                                                Approved:  4/26/10

Date 11/30/09 12:00 p.m.

LC 028


Present: Shelley Arvin, Cheryl Blevens, Jake Eubanks, Steve Hardin, Anthony Kaiser, Carol Lunce, Valentine Muyumba, George Stachokas,

Ex-Officio: Alberta Comer, Betsy Hine, Carol Lunce, Dennis Vetrovec



I.              Call to Order and Approval of Agenda

A.    S. Arvin called the meeting to order at 12:12 p.m. 


II.             Approval of Minutes (LFA 09/10-02, 9/15/09)

A.    B. Hine moved, and J. Eubanks seconded, approval of the minutes.  Minutes approved 5-0-0. 


III.            Chair’s Announcements/Reports


A.    Access to Library Manual and Policies on the web

1.     S. Arvin said the LFA Executive Committee discussed what was the official version of the Library Manual and Constitution; the Committee believes it should be available to all library employees.  Both are located on the library’s web pages. 


B.    Archiving of Library Manual and Policies

1.     S. Arvin said we want to guard against hackers; we need a backup copy of the Library Manual and policies.  A hard copy of each document should be printed and kept in the LFA office on the 2nd floor.  Remember the history of each document should be recorded on the document.  She asked for comments; there were none.  .B. Hine asked if there’s a link to the LFA documents from the faculty senate web page.  S. Arvin said she doesn’t know.  B. Hine said it could just be a matter of letting Patricia Kennedy know about it. 


IV.           Old Business




V.            New Business


A.    Access to LFA folder on L Drive

1.     S. Arvin said there had been some discussion about who has access to it.  Some former LFA members can still get into it.  It should be a matter of Systems keeping it up to date.  V. Muyumba said it was her understanding that Ginger takes care of it.  S. Arvin questioned who has access: ex-officios?  S. Hardin said ex-officios may need access.  S. Arvin said there have been times in the past when things have been distributed by putting them in the L: drive folder.  This would exclude ex-officios unless we include them.  C. Lunce said she didn’t care, but it seems if she and the other ex-officios are getting the minutes; what’s the difference?  They could have read-only rights to the directory.  A. Comer asked whether everyone but the LFA Secretary have read-only rights?  B. Hine said if the LAAC chair wants to post a document, should he/she go through the LFA Secretary to post it?  S. Arvin said we need to make clear whose responsibility it is.  D. Vancil said that considering that the Support Staff Representative may change, it makes sense to make it read-only.  S. Arvin noted LFAC and LAAC have separate folders; they were not being considered at this time.  She called for a motion that the LFA Chair and Secretary have read/write access; and that all other library employees would have read-only access.  V. Muyumba moved, and A. Kaiser seconded, the motion.  V. Muyumba commented that minutes are posted to the web site anyway.  S. Arvin said she still wanted a written statement. The motion passed 7-0-0.


B.    Mentoring for library faculty

1.     S. Arvin said the Library Executive Committee was drafting a charge which she will distribute to LFAC to re-implement mentoring for library faculty for promotion and tenure.  She suggested giving a yearly mentoring report to the Personnel Committee to encourage follow-through, and that LFAC look at successful mentoring programs in other places.  V. Muyumba asked if there hadn’t been another document started.  A. Comer said it was started but not implemented.  Some discussion followed of the history of mentoring in the library.  A. Kaiser said his first thought was that tenured librarians would volunteer or be volunteered to be mentors.  V. Muyumba said maybe LFAC should work with the Personnel Committee on this.  A. Comer said B. Hine should be included too.  A. Comer added that it’s outside of the LFA’s purview, but it  would be good if Support Staff did mentoring too.  The charge is for LFAC to draft a mentoring plan for tenure-track librarians.  J. Eubanks moved, and S. Hardin seconded, the motion.  The motion passed 7-0-0. 


C.    From LFAC:

1.     A. Kaiser said the Provost wanted the review of the P/T process to take into account experiential learning and community engagement.  The LFAC considered present documents.  Fortunately, they explicitly mention community engagement.  They also mention experiential learning, although not as explicitly.  The Committee felt it did cover any experiential learning we might do.  So the LFAC felt we had enough in current documents to satisfy the Provost for the moment.  The Committee wrote up document to pass along to Provost.  But during the spring semester, we should review the library/s P/T document and ensure everything’s clear.  It needs to be passed by the LFA so that the proper person can pass it along to Provost.  S. Arvin noted the next LFA meeting is 12/8.  G. Stachokas moved to accept the document as edited; J. Eubanks seconded.  The motion passed 7-0-0.


VI.           Remarks of the Dean of Library Services

A.    Foundation developments.   


VII.          Remarks from Library Support Staff

A.    D. Vetrovec reported the Support Staff Council is beginning to rewrite its bylaws to fold EAPs into the Council.  Members are working on a name change.  President Bradley has said he doesn’t like EAP not having representation on campus.  At the campus level, the Support Staff Council has been renamed the Staff Council.  Something similar may be done with the bylaws for the library organization. 


VIII.         15-Minute Open Discussion


IX.           Committee Reports – to be submitted by email. 


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee


B.    Library Faculty Affairs Committee


C.    Personnel Committee


D.    Search Committees


1.     G. Stachokas, as Chair of the Cataloger Search Committee reported the Committee has finished its work. 


E.    Senate/University Committees


1.     University Administrative Affairs Committee


Susan Frey, chair of UAAC, submitted the following report by email 11/30/09: 


“In October the committee

·         approved the academic calendar for 2011/2011,

·         Reviewed the job description for the new Dean of Extended Learning and sent comments and suggestions to the Provost and Senate Exec;,

·         Requested additional information from the administration regarding the Great Places to Work (Chronicle) survey results, which we now have and are reviewing, 

·         We also began an examination of administrative structure relating to student success (summer reading program through GE, Orientation through First Year Program, Student Academic Services Center through AVP, and Math & Writing centers through Chairperson & Deans).


In November we are currently working on

·         the Chronicle survey results  and.

·         Evaluating the potential usefulness of a separate faculty budget committee or subcommittee working in concert and business finances and academic affairs. We decided to hold off on our examination of administrative structure relating to student success until we have more information on how the campus strategic plan might realign these programs.”


X.            Remarks of the Faculty Senators

1.     C. Lunce reported that, as per the University Employee Health Benefits Advisory committee, the provider of staff benefits will be changed to Cigna as of January 1, 2010.  ISU employees will be getting new cards.  The switch should save the University 6%. 

2.     C. Lunce also noted she is liaison to the Arts Endowment Advisory Committee, which has a submission deadline coming up soon. 


XI.           Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned at 1:09 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,


Steve Hardin