Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly


LFA 09/10-05                                                                Approved:  5/27/10


LC 028


Present: Shelley Arvin, Cheryl Blevens, Jake Eubanks, Steve Hardin, Kate McMillan, Valentine Muyumba, George Stachokas, Lucy Wang, (via Skype)

Ex-Officio: Alberta Comer, Betsy Hine, Ginger Garvey, Susan Frey

Guests: Marsha Miller


I.              Call to Order and Approval of Agenda


Chair S. Arvin called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. 


II.             Approval of Minutes (LFA 09/10-03 (11/30/09), LFA 09/10-04 (2/23/10)


G. Stachokas moved, and J. Eubanks seconded, approval of the minutes for 11/30/09.  The motion passed 8-0-0.  V. Muyumba moved, and B. Hine seconded, approval of the 2/23/10 minutes.  The motion passed 8-0-0. 


III.            Chair’s Announcements/Reports


S. Arvin reminded those present that next month is May; committee reports are due from the following committees:  Library Faculty Affairs, Library Administrative Affairs, Grievance and Personnel.  The May LFA meeting is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. 5/27. 


IV.           Remarks of the Dean of Library Services


A.    A. Comer said she had asked a committee to develop an evaluation for the Dean; she believes it has been developed, but hasn’t seen anything.  She wants feedback from everyone, especially before the July retirements – people can be very honest.  She’d like to be evaluated every year.  The evaluations are only for internal use.  So there’s no need to pass the evaluation form up the line for approval.  S. Arvin or someone she designates can collect the data and turn it in to the Dean.  S. Arvin agreed with that arrangement.  The Dean wants the evaluations to be anonymous – if names are supplied, strip them out.  S. Arvin said she can create a Qualtrics survey and offer a paper alternative.


B.    We sort of know about layoffs, but not all details are clear.  She’s hoping things will change.  But we’ll still have a lot of change; people will be moving between departments and learning new things.  How do we discuss this?  At what level should it be discussed?  She doesn’t want it to be reduced to people fighting over finite resources.  We’ve never been in a position before where 1/3 of staff is affected.  B. Hine opined it could fall to LAAC.  The “grim reality” is that we won’t have enough people to do everything.  We need to discuss what we can get by with.  A. Comer asked if the matter should be taken to LAAC.  We should look at the organizational chart.  We talk about what this means; what we may have to do without.  Then she takes these scenarios and meets with Department Heads for feedback.  So she will go to LAAC first, then DAC, then each dept head individually, then in person.  She will meet with LAAC at its meeting on the 12th


V.            Remarks from Library Support Staff


A.    No report. 


VI.           15-Minute Open Discussion


A.    None. 


VII.          Old Business


A.    None.


VIII.         New Business


A.    Student worker dress code


1.     S. Arvin said the code went through LAAC and was approved by DAC; it was brought to LFA as an FYI for questions, etc. 


2.     The code hasn’t been placed on the L: drive yet. 


3.     A. Comer suggested, and S. Arvin concurred, the creation of a tracking form to make sure items progress through the system. 


B.    Fines and fees policy


1.     S. Arvin said that because this policy represents a change in charges to students and patrons, it must eventually be approved by the Board of Trustees.  First, though, it must be approved by LFA and then by the Faculty Senate. 


2.     G. Garvey asked why the amounts for browsing media and bound periodicals were dropped.  C. Blevens said the reduced costs are more in line with actual costs.


3.     A. Comer pointed out language at the top of the policy which will let us accommodate new media formats as they are developed, without having to go back to the Trustees. 


4.     A. Comer also wants to run it past the Provost to make him aware. 


5.     M. Miller asked whether the archives fees are new.  A. Comer said she (Comer) should make sure the current archives fees are shown. 


6.     M. Miller noted that when faculty members have overdue items and we’ve assessed fines, they’re totally forgiven.  She thinks the time has come for that to stop.  Faculty should have to “pony up” like anyone else.  A. Comer said there are two things to consider: 1) the comptrollers’ office does not like us not charging faculty.  2) all that money will cause bad feelings, and we don’t get to keep any of it.  We get to keep lost book funds, but not fines.  M. Miller said that needs to change too.  C. Blevens said staff members are forgiven too.  A. Comer said she could ask the Provost; if he says yes, we can charge everyone.  If he says no, we say we don’t want to collect any fees.  We have to chase everything down, and with the cuts we don’t have time to do it.  She recommended tabling this issue until after she meets with the Provost.  G. Garvey moved to table the fines and fees policy seconded by B. Hine.  The motion passed 8-0-0.  The policy was tabled until the next meeting in May. 



IX.           Committee Reports


A.    Library Administrative Affairs Committee


1.     No report.


B.    Library Faculty Affairs Committee


1.     No report.  S. Arvin noted that by May 1st, the LFA has to send a letter to the Provost talking about promotion/tenure review vis-à-vis community engagement.


C.    Personnel Committee


1.     No report.


D.    Search Committees


1.     No committees. 


E.    Senate/University Committees


1.     S. Frey reported that President Bradley approached the Academic Affairs Committee with a new plan to flatten the hierarchy in Student Affairs; fewer people are doing more work.  The AAC approved it.  Now the plan goes to the Trustees. 


2.     V. Muyumba reported that the Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee (CAAC) passed a motion that the Department of Music becomes the School of Music.  CAAC also approved the realignment of Family and Consumer Science


3.     S. Frey reported that Foundational Studies has almost finished reviewing course proposals. 


4.     S. Arvin reported that to get ready for the NCA visit in November, the Assessment Council is trying to get other departments on campus up to speed on assessment.  The Council is trying to train everyone. The University has purchased a database called TaskStream to store the information.  The goal is to have all departments have defined objectives or goals to measure at that point.  They should be collecting data and measuring at least one of those goals and entering it into TaskStream; when NCA comes, they’ll be using TaskStream as a convenient way to see what’s going on.  Of the accreditation done in the past few years, 70% of campuses are monitored and get a follow-up visit because of assessment.  When the NCA visit comes, it’s not unusual for the team to walk around campus and talk to faculty about assessment to find out how far a school is actually going with it.  The NCA will be November 15th, 16th, and 17th.  Those are the same days as the ILF meeting.  But no leaves will be approved for those dates. 


X.            Remarks of the Faculty Senators


A.    No remarks. 




XI.           Adjournment


A.    B. Hine moved adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 1:58 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,


Steve Hardin