Cunningham Memorial Library

Library Faculty Assembly Special Meeting


LFA 09/10-06                                                                Approved:  5/27/10


LC 028


Present: Shelley Arvin, Cheryl Blevens, Jake Eubanks, Steve Hardin, George Stachokas, Valentine Muyumba, Lucy Wang (via Skype)

Ex-Officio: Alberta Comer, Betsy Hine, Ginger Garvey



I.              Call to Order and Approval of Agenda




II.             New Business


A.    Teaching responsibilities for librarians


[Secretary’s note: part of the discussion involved a course repeatedly referred to as CIMT 656, “Reference Sources and Services for Library Media.”  However, a check of the course catalog states that course is CIMT 631, with 656 being “School and Public Library Administration.”  The secretary is unsure which is correct; these minutes assign the number of 631 to the discussion.] 


A. Comer said she got an email from Sue Kiger, who chairs of CIMT.  There are three classes they want us to teach; two this fall, one in the spring.  In the fall, they want librarians to teach CIMT 647, “Accessing Information with Technology.  They also want us to teach CIMT 631, “Reference Sources and Services for Library Media.”  They want us to teach 631 again in the spring.  They’re both online courses.  They’re “fully developed,” with Blackboard sites already set up. Support is available via CIRT.  CIRT can’t provide content support, but can provide support for delivery.  She also said Scott Davis would be able to share information on content.  647 usually has 8-10 students; 631 has 12-20 students.  There are three sections in total. 


Alberta’s question: Instruction would come out of Reference.  Could a library have release time to teach the class?  One class takes up about 25% of a faculty member’s time.  It probably means no reference duty, no Meebo, no special projects.  Can those hours be covered by someone outside the department?  S. Arvin asked that if two librarians were to teach, would that fulfill CIMT’s requirements?  A. Comer said more than two classes per semester are not doable.  J. Eubanks said every librarian taken off the desk represents 90 hours to cover per semester during the week.  S. Hardin tried to mention some statistics on instruction hours generated by Barb Austin; B. Hine said she and A. Comer were already aware of them.  V. Muyumba said it’s not unheard of for librarians to teach a class.  S. Arvin said she doesn’t have strong objections to teaching a class, but she is concerned about getting her other work done. 


AC: what if we agree to teach these three classes for two years; not because we need these to be considered faculty, but because we know the University is in dire straits.  And if there’s more, then we will negotiate a salary increase or some other compensation.  J. Eubanks pointed out he’s already doing more teaching than many teaching faculty. 


A. Comer said she wanted the LFA to come to some sort of agreement on this, and then meet with all library faculty to discuss it further.    V. Muyumba said the two year limit will permit us to do some evaluation later.  A. Comer said she can cover the missing Reference/Instruction work by moving people around.  Maybe we should say we’ll do it one year and then assess to see how it affected us, and then, if we both feel it’s successful, we can agree to do another year and renegotiate. 


J. Eubanks said he already does a lot of prep for the classes he teaches.  V. Muyumba said part of the library’s service will suffer. 


A. Comer said we could also say we don’t want to teach two classes in one semester.  There are a lot of ways we can do it without saying no to everything.  B. Hine said a lot depends on how much needs to be worked up for the syllabus. 


A. Comer asked S. Hardin to draft a letter with the negative impacts; J. Eubanks could reiterate the numbers he’s been using in the discussion; S. Arvin can work on it too.  The faculty can all meet next week. 


B. Hine said she has surveyed our peer institution groups about how many of their librarians have faculty status and teach outside the library, and whether they’re getting paid for it; she’s heard from more than 50%.  A. Comer asked S. Arvin to mention in the letter that we’ll do it for a year, and if it’s working out to our mutual benefit, we can do it another year, and negotiate more. 


There’ll be an all-faculty meeting on this issue next week. 


III.            Adjournment


C. Blevens moved to adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,


Steve Hardin