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Parson(s) Field

Parsons Field(s)

The first Parsons Field, located on So. 17th St., was purchased in 1903, and the second Parsons Field, located on No. Second St., partially met the needs for a number of years. It was purchased in 1909 after the sale of the first athletic field.(History of Indiana State Teachers College)

There has been considerable talk concerning th probable sale of Parsons Field to the City of Terre Haute for City park purposes. It seems that citizens in the vicinity of the park became possessed of the idea that Parsons Field would make an ideal site for a beautiful park, (which it undoubtedly would), and consequently they petitioned the City Council to buy it, because as they said it was an eyesore to the neighborhood on account of its high board fence. However, when it was discovered that the city could not secure it by condemnation proceedings, overtures were made to the Board of Trustees for its sale.

This procedure placed the transaction in an entirely new light. It was discovereed that Parsons Field, instead of being considered as merely a play-ground, was held to be an essential part of the equipment of the State Normal and that its sale was unlikely unless an equally desirable site could be bought for the same or less money.

Parsons Field consists of four acres and was bought in the rough, and has been improved with much expense by the school and the Athletic Association until it has become one of the finest athletic parks in the State. The probability of its sale, as reported by the local daily papers, without any apparent effort toward securing a new site, aroused the indignation of many Alumni and strudents, and for a time a petition to the authorities controlling the sale was considered. However, the fears were groundless, being based on the misleading statements of over-ardent news-gatherers. (Exerpt from the Normal Advance October 1908)

The New Parsons Field

The old rolling mill site, bounded on the north by the Big Four railroad, on the west by First street, on the south by Vandalia ralroad and on the east by Second street, is undergoing rapid transformation into our new Parsons Field. The rough grading has been completed and Professors Kelso, Higgins and Baxter of the Department of Mathmatics assisted by members of the trigonomety class spent Friday and Saturday, Octover 15-16, surveying the grounds, setting the grade stakes and preparing data for the contractors. The job of completing the grounds will be let at once and we may expect to see the field completed this fall. The field is of regulation size, within easy access of the Normal school grounds and when completed will give a new life to athletics at I.S.N. (Exerpt from the Normal Advance Octover 1909)