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Educational Researchers need

the Educational Resources Information Center

This is the continuation of our ERIC Resources Guide, covering links to Clearinghouses and additional online ERIC resources. If you need an introduction to using ERIC and accessing ERIC databases, go to the basic ERIC Research Guide for basic ERIC information, accessing & using the ERIC database and finding ERIC Documents and Journal Articles. Other Access to ERIC
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Getting Help

Other ERIC Resources
links to major resources from each Clearinghouse.  Check here
for subject/area-specific resources galore!



Search ERIC Home Page -- a list of known, publicly-available web, gopher, telnet, and TN3270 sites for searching ERIC

ERIC Search Wizard:  allows you to access the Thesaurus of Eric Descriptors online, a very nice, interactive link. However, if you search ERIC on this site, you are only searching materials indexed by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation. So, use the Thesaurus, then go to the comprehensive sites to search all of ERIC.

National Library of Education/Services:

Browse Journal Titles via ERIC's Processing & Reference Facility list.


ERIC Digests: ERIC Digests are short reports on topics of current interest to educators. Produced by the 16 subject-specific ERIC Clearinghouses, Digests are designed to provide a timely, broad overview of a topic and provide references to more detailed information. The full text of ERIC Digests can be found in AskERIC's version of the ERIC Database by clicking on the OBTAIN button in the ERIC citation. Many Digests are also available on the Web site of the originating Clearinghouse. New Digests are often posted on these Web sites before appearing in the ERIC Database or on the Department of Education's site. Links to the Digest collections of individual Clearinghouses can be found at:

The U.S. Department of Education also maintains a web-based collection of full text Digests (updated quarterly) at the following URL: This site is ERIC's Document Reproduction Services. It is primarily designed to provide people without access to ERIC Documents and Journal articles a means to search and then order them directly from ERIC, for a fee [fees not relevant for ISU users]. The opening menu offers Express Search and Full Search. Express Search assumes you have already searched the ERIC database and simply requires you to enter an ERIC Accession Number. If you enter the number, you will retrieve a screen with the option of purchasing a paper, microfiche,or fax copy (price of each is indicated). Full Search allows field searching, combined with several date ranges. Search help consists of clicking on a ? at the end of each search field (info, definition & search example). You have to pick at least one field. Clicking on the Publication Type field opens up a list of choices (if you click on the ?, you'll get a list of the choices and code numbers). You can choose how your results will be sorted).

Expert Search Strategies are sample search strategies on hot topics developed by some of the country's best reference librarians. These strategies incorporate the librarian's experience and in depth knowledge of the ERIC database. By clicking on the link, you can load a strategy into the Search ERIC Wizard. You can then submit the search or modify it to meet your needs. You may want to change the Limited to: field or modify the search strategy to incorporate other vocabulary terms that suit your particular need more closely. Remember to push the Refresh button after your alterations.

ERIC/AE Full Text Internet Library : Here you will find links to some of the best full-text books, reports, journal articles, newsletter articles and papers on the Internet that address educational measurement, evaluation and learning theory.

AskEric link include:

  • ERIC Database Search - Quick Reference -- which includes a link to the list of ERIC Publication Types
  • How to Search the ERIC Database  -- which illustrates sample searches
  • How to Display Citations  Including How to print a full list of citations, including abstracts: Presently, it is not possible to print the full list of citations and abstracts with just one keystroke. You can use your browser’s print command to print the list of citations from the Search Result page (these normally include the ERIC number, title, author and date), but in order to print the abstract, you must first click on the link for the citation from the search results page. Then,with the citation and abstract on the screen, you can print the full citation and abstract. You can also cut/paste into a Word document or email message (depending on your access location). This page is for quick entry of search queries for the ERIC database mounted at ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation. This DOES NOT search the entire ERIC database. HOWEVER, once you enter your initial search, as you look at your results, you will see a link at the top of the page: Search ERIC. This link takes you to, which list other ERIC access points. How about an ERIC Slide Show?

US Department of Education's Cross-Site Index: conduct a search across the web sites of all ERIC components below, go to:


ERIC Clearinghouses

( sample special projects, selected resources from each clearinghouse are included)

AskERIC | Adult, Career, and Vocational Education | Assessment and Evaluation | Community Colleges | Counseling and Student Services | Disabilities and Gifted Education | Educational Management | Elementary and Early Childhood Education | National Parent Information Network | Higher Education | Information and Technology | Languages and Linguistics | Reading, English, and Communication | Rural Education and Small Schools | Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education | Social Studies/Social Science Education | Teaching and Teacher Education | Urban Education | Child Care | Clinical Schools | Consumer Education | Educational Opportunity | Entrepreneurship Education | ESL Literacy Education | Service Learning | Test Collection | U.S.-Japan Studies | National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities

AskERIC  -- Includes collections of lesson plans, ERIC searches, ERIC Digests, AskERIC Infoguides, a collection of topical websites, and much more. Includes

Adult, Career, and Vocational Education -- Covers all levels and settings of adult and continuing, career, and vocational/technical education. Journals on the Web: A Mini-Guide
ERIC/ACVE Major Publications
Related Sites
Assessment and Evaluation -- Seeks to provide balanced information concerning educational assessment and resources to encourage responsible test use.
  • Assessment Library
  • Practical Assessment, Research And Evaluation (PARE) on-line journal
  • Test Locator (joint project of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation, the Library and Reference Services Division of the Educational Testing Service, the Buros Institute of Mental Measurements at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, the Region III Comprehensive Center at GW University, and Pro-Ed test publishers.
  • How To Series a set of on-line, full-text books and booklets addressing practical evaluation, research, measurement, and statistical issues
  • K12ASSESS-L Listserv - K12ASSESS-L provides educators with a fast, convenient, and topical electronic discussion forum focusing on issues related to educational assessment in grades K-12. Here you can subscribe, unsubscribe and read the archives.
  • Frequently Asked Questions point educators and others to Internet, ERIC, and traditional print resources dealing with specific topics of interest, including Educational & Professional Assessment; Intelligence and Learning Theory; Research Methodology
Community Colleges -- Covers development, administration, and evaluation of 2-year public and private community and junior colleges, technical institutes, and 2-year branch university campuses. Counseling and Student Services -- Addresses preparation, practice, and supervision of counselors at all educational levels and in all settings and theoretical development of counseling and student services.
  • The International Career Development Library (ICDL) a free, online collection of full-text resources for counselors, educators, workforce development personnel, and others providing career development services
  • CyberCounseling
  • Virtual Libraries
  • Useful Links
  • Publications
Disabilities and Gifted Education -- Covers all aspects of the education and development of the disabled and gifted, including identification, assessment, intervention, and enrichment, both in special settings and within the mainstream. Educational Management -- Covers all aspects of the governance, leadership, administration, and structure of public and private educational organizations at the elementary and secondary levels, including the provision of physical facilities for their operation. Elementary and Early Childhood Education -- Covers the physical, cognitive, social, educational, and cultural development of children from birth through early adolescence. National Parent Information Network -- Provides information and communications support to parents and parent support organizations. Higher Education -- Addresses college and university problems, programs, students, curricular and instructional programs, and institutional research. Links to:
  • The Education Resource Institute (TERI)
  • College is Possible
  • National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities
  • Information and Technology -- Covers educational technology and library and information science at all levels. Languages and Linguistics -- Covers languages and language sciences, including all aspects of second language instruction and learning in all commonly and uncommonly taught languages. Reading, English, and Communication -- Covers all aspects of reading, English, and communication (verbal and nonverbal), preschool through college. Rural Education and Small Schools -- Covers economic, cultural, and social conditions related to educational programs and practices for rural residents; American Indians/Alaska Natives, Mexican Americans, and migrants; educational practices and programs in all small schools; and outdoor education. Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education -- Covers all aspects and levels of science, mathematics, and environmental education. Social Studies/Social Science Education -- Monitors issues about the teaching and learning of history, geography, civics, economics, and other subjects in social studies/social sciences. Teaching and Teacher Education -- Covers teacher recruitment, selection, licensing, certification, training, preservice and inservice preparation, evaluation, retention, and retirement. Also covers all aspects of health, physical education, recreation, and dance. Urban Education -- Covers programs and practices in urban area schools; education of African-American and Hispanic youth; theory and practice of educational equity; and urban and minority experiences, social institutions, and services.
    Adjunct ERIC Clearinghouses

    Child Care -- Complements, enhances, and promotes childcare linkages and serves as a mechanism for supporting quality, comprehensive services for children and families. It is sponsored by the National Child Care Information Center (NCCIC).

    Clinical Schools -- Provides information on clinical schools, professional development schools, partner schools, professional practice schools, and similar institutions. Consumer Education (National Institute for Consumer Education) -- Addresses consumer and personal finance education for life-long application. Educational Opportunity (Council for Opportunity in Education) -- Strives to increase access to high-quality resources for individuals, parents, and organizations interested in ways and means to enable low-income, first generation, and disabled students to attend college. TRIO is Educational Opportunity for Low-Income and Disabled Americans Entrepreneurship Education -- Collects, indexes, abstracts, and disseminates information about entrepreneurship education and makes those resources available to the education community. From the opening page, browse the database via Pre-set Categories (e.g., K-12 Institutions, Journal Articles, Newspaper & Magazine Articles, Internet) ESL Literacy Education -- Addresses all aspects of literacy education for adults and out-of-school youth with limited English proficiency. Service Learning -- Provides information about service-learning programs, including organizations, people, calendar events, and literature/multimedia materials.  From the opening page, find the NSLAN Field Guide in eight sections for quick and easy download. All files are in PDF format. Also, from the opening page, use the drop-down menu for Links. Test Collection -- Prepares descriptions of commercially available and non-commercially available tests, checklists, instruments, questionnaires, and other assessment and evaluation tools. The Test Locator is a joint project of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation, the Library and Reference Services Division of the Educational Testing Service, the Buros Institute of Mental Measurements at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, the Region III Comprehensive Center at GW University, and Pro-Ed test publishers. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) Test Collection database contains descriptions of over 10,000 tests and research instruments. This version of the database contains descriptions of tests in the ETS Tests in Microfiche Collection, tests available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service, tests described in journal articles or book chapters, and descriptions that were created or verified after 1989 of commercially available tests. Tests listed in the collection are NOT available from ERIC/AE. The stated address is the last known address.

    U.S.-Japan Studies -- All aspects of teaching and learning about Japanese society and culture.

    Affiliate Clearinghouse

    National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities -- Acquires, manages, and disseminates information relating to educational facilities, including the design, construction, equipping, furnishing, maintenance, renovation, rehabilitation, mechanical operation, and demolition of elementary and secondary facilities.


    ERIC Support Components

    ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS) -- ERIC Document Reproduction Service -- This site allows you to order (and pay!) for delivery of ERIC documents. It produces and sells microfiche and paper copies of documents abstracted by ERIC. Also, offers back collections of ERIC documents, annual subscriptions, cumulative indexes, and other ERIC-related products. Please examine this site closely before using it. Do not use if you have other access to ERIC Documents via your regular library access. Includes the ability to FTP Level 1 ERIC Documents after 1993 (ED348466 and higher).

    ERIC Processing and Reference Facility -- Central editorial and computer processing agency that coordinates document processing and database-building activities for ERIC; performs acquisition, lexicographic, and reference functions; and maintains systemwide quality control standards.



    The main page:

    ERIC Slide Show:

    AskERIC's Q&A Service Utilizing the diverse resources and expertise of the national ERIC System, AskERIC staff will respond to your question within 2 business days with ERIC database citations and Digests, Internet resources, and referrals to other sources of information. AskERIC responds to EVERY question with personalized resources relevant to YOUR needs. See this page for a brief list of Hot Topics and visit the Hot Topics Archives at

    Assistance from ISU: Assistance in using ERIC or any other library resource is always available at the Information Desk (1st floor, Main Library) or through the Ask a Librarian links on the Library Homepage.

    Always ask for help at the Information Desk or contact us for assistance in using these or any other library resources.

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