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Library of Congress Subject Headings for Medical Economics and Medical Ethics Related Issues

Use the following headings for subject searches in LUIS and in online databases that do not have their own subject heading lists.

NOTE: This is not necessarily a complete list of all of the subject terms that may apply to topics related to the moral issues of health care availability among the elderly.  Think up as many terms as you can and check them out in the Subject Headings list.

REMEMBER:  The SUBHEADINGS (in bold and preceded by hyphens after the main heading) are themselves subject headings.  In LUIS, use the KEYWORD search screen and input the main heading in the first text box followed by any appropriate subject sub- headings in the remaining boxes.  Select SUBJECT SEARCH for each entry.  

These are some of the terms that you might come up with in a search on this topic:

Aged    Geriatrics    Gerontology     Health Services Accessibility    Medical Care    Cost of Medical Care    Medical Economics    Medical Ethics

Aged(May Subd Geog)
        [HQ1060-HQ1064 (Sociology)]
      [HV1450-HV1494 (Public welfare)]
        Here and with local subdividion are entered works on the conditions of the aged in general and in particular places.  Works on the discipline of gerontology are entered under Gerontology.
        UF       Aging persons
                    Elderly persons
                    Senior Citizens
        BT        Adulthood
        RT       Old age
        NT        abused aged

- Medical care (May subd Geog)
            UF   Medical care for the aged
            BT    Charities
                        Medical Geriatrics
                        Old age assistance
          NT      Community health services for the aged
                  Preventive health services for the aged
Law and legislation  (May Subd Geog)
          BT      Medical laws and legislation

Geriatrics   (May Subd Geog)
        BT            Medicine
        RT            Gerontology
        SA            headings beginning  with the word Geriatric
        NT           Aged-Diseases
                        Aged-Health and Hygiene
                        Aged-Medical care
                        Aged-Wounds and injuries
                        Aged women-Surgery
                        Geriatric anesthesia
                        Geriatric neurology
                        Veterinary geriatrics
- Diagnosis
- Formulae, receipts, prescriptions
        BT     Geriatric pharmacology
- Law and Legislation
        BT     Medical laws and legislation
- Psychological aspects
        BT    Medicine and psychology
- Psychosomatic aspects   
        UF    Aged-Diseases-Psychosomatic aspects
                 Psychosomatic diseases in old age
        BT    Medicine, psychosomatic

Gerontology    (May Subd Geog)
        Here and with local subdivision are entered works on the discipline of gerontology.  Works on the conditions of the aged in general and in particular places are entered under Aged.
        BT    Social Sciences
        RT    Geriatrics
        NT   Aging
- Bibliographical methods
        Here are entered works on the analysis of biographical materials such as life histories, diaries, oral histories, films, correspondence, or other personal documents in gerontology.
        UF    Biographical methods in gerontology
        BT    Biography
- Congresses
- Periodicals
        Here are entered periodicals on the subject of the aged and their problems.  Periodicals issued for the aged on the problems of the aged are entered under Aged-Periodicals
        UF    Gerontology-Yearbooks
                    [former heading]
- Simulation games
        UF    Games in gerontology
        BT    Simulation methods
- Yearbooks
        USE   Gerontology-Periodicals
Gerontology and the humanities  (May Subd Geog)
        UF    Humanities and gerontology
        BT    Humanities
Gerontology literature
        UF    Literature, Gerontology
        RT    Gerontology-Bibliography

Health services accessibility   (May Subd Geog)
  UF     Access to health care
                 Accessibility of health services
                 Availability of health services
                 Medical care-Access
       BT     Medical care

Medical care  (May Subd Geog)
       UF     Delivery of health care
               Delivery of medical care
               Health care
               Health care delivery
               Health services
               Medical and health care industry
               Medical services
               Personal health services

USE     Health services accessibility

Medical care, Cost of  (May Subd Geog)
    UF   Cost of medical care
            Health care costs
            Medical care - Costs
            Medical service, Cost of
            Medicine - Cost of medical care
    BT    Medical Economics
    NT    Dental care, Cost of
            Hospitals - Rates
            Medical care - Cost control
            Medical fees
            Nursing homes - Rates
- Law and legislation  (May Subd Geog)
             BT Medical laws and legislation

Medical economics   (May Subd Geog)
        Here are entered comprehensive works on the economic aspects of medical service from the point of view  of both the practioner and the public.  Works on special aspects of medical economics are entered under specific headings, e.g. Medical care, Cost of
      UF     Economics, Medical
                Health - Economic aspects
                Health economics
                Hygiene - Economic aspects
                Medical care - Economic aspects
                Medicine - Economic aspects
      NT      Dental economics
                Group medical practice
                Health care rationing
                Medical care, Cost of
                Medically underserved areas
                Prescription pricing
- Religious aspects
    --Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]
    --Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

Medical ethics  (May Subd Geog)
        UF       Biomedical ethics
                Ethics, Medical
                Medical care - Moral and ethical aspects
                Medicine - Moral and ethical aspects
      BT      Bioethics
                Professional ethics
      RT     Nursing ethics
                Social medicine
      NT     Advertising - Medicine
               Confidential communications - Physicians
               Courts of honor

- Case studies
       UF    Medical ethics - Cases

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