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Legislation currently before Congress will be found at

Bills for the 103rd, 104th and 105th Congressional sessions are available full-text, as well as Major Legislation (by topic, by popular/short title, by bill number/type, and by date enacted into law. An online version of a popular government title, How Our Laws Are Made, is available at

[flag]. U.S. CODE ANNOTATED -- Ref. KF 62 1927 .W45 and U.S. CODE -- Documents U.S. Y 1.2/5:

Laws are first issued as individual documents, called slip laws [Documents U.S. AE 2.110:]. These individual slip laws are later bound chronologically into the Statutes at Large [Documents U.S. AE 2.111:], which include a very basic subject index for each volume. Public laws enacted during the 104th and 105th Congress will be found at In addition, public laws from 1973 - 1996 are available at All current laws are also arranged by subject into titles and republished in the U.S. Code .

U.S. Code volumes are issued every 6 years, with supplements issued between editions. The U.S. Code provides the public law and Statutes at Large citations to the laws. It is important to note that the U.S. Code is composed only of those laws currently in effect and that subsequent amendments to an original law will be incorporated into the U.S. Code.

The Code is arranged by 50 titles with an index of acts by popular names, as well as a general index; Cumulative supplements to the code are issued after each session of Congress.

For the Annotated volumes:

  • Look in back of last volume of index set for Popular Name Table. Citation will give Public Law Number, Statute and Title number references, etc.
  • Check pocket supplement in back of this volume for any amendments which update the act. [Some supplements are also published as separate paper issues.]
  • Arranged under 50 titles with an index.
  • Kept more current than the U.S. Code.


a. Updates U.S. Code by publishing the latest laws passed by Congress (in paperback pamphlets).

b. Can locate a copy of the law here with legislative history, using the Public Law number (e.g., 91-596). Most recent volumes in Reference; the rest are in the general stacks.

c. Each issue has a cumulative index that can be used as an index to the public slip laws.

d. Kept more current than the U.S. Statutes at Large.

[flag]. DIGEST OF PUBLIC GENERAL BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS -- Documents U.S. LC 14.6: [1951 to present]

Each bill is given a paragraph summarizing its provisions, and these are arranged by bill number. Paper supplements are issued throughout the year. Both subjects and sponsors are listed in this index. [see also MAJOR LEGISLATION OF THE CONGRESS-- Documents U.S. LC 14.18: [1970 to present]; CUMULATIVE INDEX OF CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE HEARINGS-- Documents U.S. X 1.3:H35

[flag]. CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS-- Ref. K .C669 and

a. Contains rules & regulations of U.S. government agencies; provides citations back to authorities such as Statutes at Large, U.S. Code, and the Federal Register.

b. Use Index volumes; look under subjects; e.g., "Occupational Safety and Health."

[flag]. FEDERAL REGISTER -- Documents U.S. AE 2.106 and

Updates Code of Federal Regulations giving latest rules and regulations; published Monday through Friday; indexes: monthly, semi-annual and annual.Current Awareness publications include:

Current Awareness publications include:

[blue bar]

. CQ WEEKLY REPORT -- Ref. JK 1 .C15, similar to Congressional Quarterly Almanac, but contains more recent materials which are somewhat more detailed; most recent volumes in Reference; the rest are in the general stacks.

the online site has a lot of current information:

some availability via ProQuest on the Library Home Page (ISU users only):

[flag]. CONGRESSIONAL DIGEST-- Current issues in Periodicals; bound issues at JK 1 .C65; contains excerpts from Congressional debates, but only covers the most major issues; gives pro and con. See also the Congressional Record online at -- Citation/abstracts are available via ProQuest on the Library Home Page (ISU users only):

[flag]. LEGI-SLATE News provides at least one complete story for each weekday of the current year

[flag]. NATIONAL JOURNAL -- Most recent at Reference JK 1 .N28; bound issuesfrom 1975 in general stacks; provides weekly news coverage of governmental actions; gives roll-call votes -- also available full-text via ProQuest Direct via the Library Home Page (ISU users only):


[Indiana General

Current session info (1997) is at

[Indiana]DAILY LEGISLATIVE REPORTING SERVICE -- at Information Desk (Reference) JK 5666 .I5 -- published by the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce, sections: action on bills (pink pages), bill analysis (blue), senate bill digest (white) and house bill digest (yellow); two volumes for each of the       1989 and 1990 sessions.

[Indiana]WEST'S ANNOTATED INDIANA CODE -- Reference KFI 3030 1976 .A43 -- Similar to the U.S. Code Annotated; divided into titles (e.g., Title 22, Article 8 is Occupational Health and Safety Laws); each volume updated by pocket parts (inside back cover); cumulative index volumes. The Indiana       Code can be found at

[Indiana]INDIANA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE -- Reference KFI 3035 1984 .A28 -- Indiana's equivalent of the Code of Federal Regulations; also divided into titles (e.g., Title 610 is Labor; Title 620 is Occupational Safety Standards Commission); cumulative index volumes. See also

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