Eugene V. Debs Letters:
Abstracts for "A"

Abbate, Frank: Telegram to AMERICAN APPEAL, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Abbott, J. E., et al.: Form letter to Abbott, George Adams, Daniel C. Adams, H. L. Arnold, Charles Bonsall, J. Q. Boring, W. P. Borland, Mary D. Bright, Phil S. Brown, P. J. Dills, Dan P. Farrell, James W. Fawcett, Kate Crane-Gartz, Robert Hunter, Anna Hoffman Jones, Helen Keller, George Koop, Sam T. Kramer, Nicholas Klein, W. H. Leslie, Sam Levin, Ben McLain, P. W. Monahan, Chris Sauers, Ida Ruth Stewart, Channing Sweet, J. N. Shook, A. M. Todd, A. T. Van Tassell, S. A. Van Buskirk, Phil Wagner, Henry Smith, Fay Lewis, and Morris Berman from EVD, 2/?/25. Says that he is writing to ask for donations to pay off the Socialist Party's $5,000 debt. Remarks that he has made it his responsibility to make sure that this debt gets paid. Mentions that "clearing off the debt means clearing the decks for action." Says that Morris Hillquit has made the first donation with $100.

Abbott, Leonard D.: Note to TD on Current Literature Publishing Company stationery, 7/26/10. Says that he deeply appreciated the expose on Theodore Roosevelt TD sent.
Letter to TD on Free Speech League letterhead, 11/19/15. Writes that he received EVD's article about Margaret Sanger that appeared in the NATIONAL RIP-SAW. Tells TD that Margaret Sanger's pamphlet "Family Limitation" is now out of print. Says that he would feel odd sending TD a copy of the pamphlet because the Free Speech League is "fighting for the right to distribute literature of the type of 'Family Limitation,' but it is not in the business of actually distributing or furnishing the pamphlet." Remarks that Margaret Sanger has distributed thousands of copies of the pamphlet at her own expense. Mentions that Margaret Sanger is thinking of establishing a birth control center in New York City, New York. Writes that the Free Speech League has collected over $900 for Margaret Sanger's defense. Tells TD that Margaret Sanger's daughter Peggy has died. Says that the federal authorities are handling Margaret Sanger "very gently." Tells TD that Harold Content, the Assistant United States Attorney, has a warrant for Margaret Sanger's arrest but that he has not used it. Remarks that Samuel Untermyer is working on Margaret Sanger's defense without pay.
Telegram to EVD, 10/30/19. Writes that there are 300 people assembled in honor of Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman. Expresses the hope that EVD is soon released from prison. Includes a note from EVD to TD asking that he acknowledge Abbot's telegram.
Note to EVD on CURRENT OPINION stationery, 10/26/20. Writes that he has been reading about EVD in the newspapers. Assures EVD that he will vote for him in 1920 election.
Letter to EVD on Hotel Essex, Boston, Massachusetts stationery, 7/16/26. Tells EVD that he met Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti in their prison cells. States that he is working on an article about their case. Explains that Bartolomeo Vanzetti sends a message saying that he salutes EVD.
Note to TD, 10/25/26. Writes that he had a conversation with Bartolomeo Vanzetti about EVD.
Note to TD, 11/10/26. Mentions that he has read the article TD sent about EVD that appeared in the TERRE HAUTE POST. Says that he has read articles about EVD for as long as he can remember. Remarks that he has also heard him speak countless times.
Photocopy of postcard to TD, 5/24/36. Writes that he is sending greetings to TD from "John Brown's country." Says that he thinks of EVD's eulogies of John Brown as he visits.

Abercrombie, J. H.: Letter to EVD, 4/12/21. Assures EVD that he deserves his praise for "being so true to the cause." Says that his suffering is not in vain. Expresses the hope that EVD will soon be released from prison.
Note to TD from EVD, n.d. Tells TD that he should drop a line to Abercrombie, a man who "speaks with the candor and sweetness of a child," to express his appreciation for Abercrombie's letter.

Abernathy, A. V.: Letter to EVD, 6/1/20. Writes that he would like an article from EVD for a booklet he is working on about EVD's Canton, Ohio speech and subsequent trial.
Note to TD from EVD, n.d. Asks that TD write to Abernathy and explain that prison rules prevent him from writing the article he requests.

Adams, D. C.: Letter to TD on Adams and Sons Farmers and Stockmen stationery, 8/19/21. Expresses the hope that EVD will soon be released from prison.

Adams, Mrs. D. C.: Letter to Gertrude Debs and Marguerite Debs Cooper, 4/22/45. Writes that she is sorry that she did not make it to TD's funeral. Tells Gertrude Debs and Marguerite Debs Cooper that they should visit her and her family.

Adams, Elwood: Letter to EVD, 10/27/26. Writes that he is sorry for all of the injustices EVD has experienced in this country.

Adkins, Elmer: Letter to TD, 11/4/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Adkinson, O. H.: Letter to EVD, 6/18/13. Says that he regrets that EVD's report on the West Virginia coal strike has created a "storm of protest." Writes that he will be the last to believe that EVD was prompted by anything but the purest motives. Tells EVD that Governor Henry Hatfield should be acquitted for acts he did not commit.
Letter from EVD, 6/21/13. Says that he expected to have opposition to his report. Tells Adkinson that he and the other investigators did their best to report the facts "regardless of praise of censure." Writes that he has always made it a point to tell the truth. Assures Adkinson that his "conscience is clear." Mentions that the socialist press has suppressed his report. Tells Adkinson that he appreciated the "fair and kindly spirit" with which Adkinson wrote his letter.
Letter to TD, 3/30/28. Letter to TD, 3/30/28. Says that he would like to have a copy of the photograph of EVD published in the NEW YORK CALL where EVD was about to board a train to go to prison. Writes that conditions are deplorable in the West Virginia mines. Remarks that suffering is intense as mine failures become an everyday occurrence. Tells TD that C. E. "Ned" Smith, the federal marshal who took EVD to Moundsville Prison in West Virginia is now a pauper. Writes that despite his poverty, C. E. Smith continues to serve as a "newspaper lickspittle for former King Coal." Mentions that C. E. Smith wrote an article about having a picture of EVD on his wall.

Adler: Telegram to Socialist Party Headquarters, n.d. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the world's workers.

Adler, Louise: Letter to EVD, 12/22/20. Says that she appreciates, as a ten year old girl, EVD's message to the children. Remarks that it made a "good impression" on her.

Akins, W. M.: Letter to EVD, 6/13/20. Tells EVD that he wants to serve the remainder of EVD's sentence.

Albarracin C. Jacinto: Letter to EVD in Spanish from a Colombian socialist at the Pan-American Congress in Mexico, 9/4/21. Writes that EVD is known among Colombian socialists. Expresses the hope that EVD is soon released from prison. Assures EVD that he will never leave the struggle.

Alderton, Marion S.: Letter to EVD, 12/15/21. Expresses the regret that EVD is in prison during the holidays. Writes that she sees hope in the younger generation of women now unleashed from the "old habit of thought." Includes a poem titled "Uranus."

Aldrich, A. J.: Letter to EVD on Clerk's Office form for Oceana County, Michigan, 3/?/20 [date assigned]. Writes that he would like to know if EVD's name is spelled correctly on the mock ballot for April's Presidential primary election.

Alick, Ella and Augusta: Letter to EVD, 2/9/22. Tells EVD that he stands for "free and liberty." Mentions that they are immigrants whose "pappa" is teaching them to be citizens just like EVD.

Aliff, Mac: Letter to EVD, 12/4/20. Tells EVD that he will vote for him when he gets older.
Note from EVD to TD, n.d. Remarks that Aliff is a dear little comrade.

Allbright, Ednah N.: Telegram to TD, 10/19/26. Informs TD that he should use "zoalite electric heat" on EVD's kidneys because it saved her life last April.

Allen, Edmund T.: Letter to EVD, 3/?/21. Writes that he appreciated EVD's statement regarding the war.

Allen, Ruth: Letter to TD on University of Texas letterhead, 6/13/40. Says that she would like information on EVD's activities in the American Southwest. Explains that the University of Texas has had copies of the BROTHERHOOD OF LOCOMOTIVE FIREMEN MAGAZINE donated by Fred Barr but that the university has not been able to procure copies of the APPEAL TO REASON.

Allen, Victor: Letter to EVD, 4/13/21. Mentions that his father is a subscriber to the APPEAL TO REASON and that he is a twelve-year old boy who was named after EVD. Asks that EVD answer the following questions: "Do you have good beds in the pen?" and "How long was you gone when you visited President Harding?"

Altman, John SEE Bradley, Charles

Altshull, Sarah: Letter to EVD, 6/5/21. Says that she is relieved that EVD will soon be released from prison. Writes that she sings songs about him in her socialist Sunday school.
Letter to EVD, 6/27/21. Tells EVD that she could not read the little note he sent her.
Note from EVD to TD, n.d. Says that he would not have been able to read the note either.

Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America: Telegram to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the Trade Board Vest Makers Unions.
Telegram to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the New York Joint Board.
Telegram to TD, 10/22/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of the Shirt and Boys Waist Workers Union.
Telegram to TD, 10/26/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death on behalf of Local 63, New York City, New York.

Amerdick, Louise: Letter to EVD on The Temple of the People Letterhead, 6/23/21. Says that EVD is doing good work while he is in prison.

"An American for America:" Letter to EVD, postmarked 9/25/25. Says that EVD is a liar, thief, and murderer not fit for American citizenship. Tells EVD that he needs to beware.
Note from TD to EVD, on postmarked envelope 9/25/25. Remarks that this American "patriot" did not even have the courage to sign his name.

Anderson, Alick: Letter to TD, 4/23/31. Asks that TD send a family tree of the Debs family. Says that a man in Los Angeles, California claims to be EVD's nephew.
Letter from TD to Anderson, 4/27/31. Writes that EVD had no nephews.

Anderson, Arvid SEE Berglund, August

Anderson, Florence Belle: Poem titled "The Message of the Rose," n.d.

Anderson, Rev. L. J.: Letter to EVD, n.d. Says that he is appreciative of EVD's work. Expresses the hope that EVD is not suffering while in prison.

Anderson, Olin B.: Poem titled "Debs Revolutionist-An Acrostic," n.d.

Andreae, Aug.: Letter to EVD, 12/22/19. Expresses the regret that EVD is in jail during the holidays.

Andreae, Herta: Letter to EVD, 12/22/19. Says that she is a 9 years old girl who wants EVD to know that she is thinking of him. Expresses the hope that Santa Claus will not forget him.

Andreae, Margaret: Letter to EVD, 12/23/19. Remarks that she is 12 years old and that she admires him greatly. Writes that she wishes that EVD could spend Christmas with her family.

Andrews, George: Letter to EVD, 12/22/20. Says that he would like to wish EVD a Merry Christmas. Remarks that he is enclosing a photograph of a girl named after EVD.
Letter to EVD, 10/30/21. Explains that he is having an album made of EVD's namesakes to be presented to him sometime in the future.
Letter to EVD, 10/30/21. Requests that EVD send him a message for all of EVD's namesakes throughout United States. Includes an untitled poem.

Andrews, Mary Madden: Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 7/20/77. Writes that she used to wait on EVD at a restaurant she once worked at. Explains that she always appreciated EVD and his generosity.

Andrews, Reddin: Poem titled "Debs," 9/22/20.
Letter to TD, 9/24/20. Says that he wants his poem "Debs" published in the APPEAL TO REASON.

Anson, Maude H.: Telegram to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Anstiad, W. Warren: Photocopy of letter to J. R. Shannon, 10/26/39. Says that it was a pleasure to meet Shannon and the other comrades last Saturday afternoon. Writes that he became a socialist when he was a conductor. Tells Shannon that a motorman gave him a copy of Robert Blatchford's MERRIE ENGLAND to read. Remarks that MERRIE ENGLAND "made it plain to me the cause and remedy for the ills of the world." Writes that he has never faltered in his belief.

Antick, Marie: Letter to EVD, 1/30/21. Expresses the hope that EVD has a happy New Year. Tells EVD that she is 10 years old.

APPLETON'S CYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, managing editor [name illegible]: Letter to EVD, 11/13/17. Asks that EVD send him background information for a Cyclopedia article about him.

Araujo, Antonio de: Letter to EVD, 12/2/19. Writes that he is sending EVD greetings from Mexico. Remarks that EVD had an influence on the Mexican Revolution and the overthrow of Porfirio Diaz.

Arkin, Virginia: Letter to EVD, 12/24/20. Writes that her father speaks of EVD often. Says that she cannot understand why he is being punished. Mentions that she is 16 years old. Says that she is writing Woodrow Wilson and praying for EVD's release.

Arnheim, Victor H.: Letter to EVD on NEW YORK CALL letterhead, 12/16/15. Tells EVD that the Pullman Strike resulted in a marriage. Asks that EVD pay this couple a visit the next time he is in New York City, New York.

Arnold, Edward: Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 5/24/48. States that he appreciated Cooper's compliments regarding his radio broadcast, MR. PRESIDENT. Expresses the hope that she receives a copy of the script as requested.
Letter from Marguerite Debs Cooper, 6/5/48. Mentions that she did indeed receive the script. Tells Edward that she appreciated his letter.
Script, MR. PRESIDENT, 3/7/48. Episode number 36 on Warren Harding.

Arnold, F. W.: Letter to TD, 1/2/1895. Writes that he wants to thank TD for being the cashier for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. Includes an endorsed receipt.
Letter to TD, 10/7/1895. Tells TD about the Robinson Monument Fund and a transfer of funds between accounts. Includes a receipt to EVD dated 9/23/1895.
Account Ledger for American Railway Union, 12/1/1898. Shows expenditures of the American Railway Union from 7/1896 to 5/1899.

Ashtabula Local, Socialist Party SEE Hewitt, E. J.

Askew, Guy B.: Letter to EVD, 12/14/20. Expresses the hope that socialism will be successful in the United States. Says that he would gladly take EVD's place in prison.

Augusto, Allie: Letter to EVD, 10/23/20. Asks that EVD raise money for a prisoner's wife and children.
Photocopy of note from EVD to TD, 10/23/20. Says that he is distressed about the heart-rending circumstances surrounding this prisoner as well as others he has encountered while at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia.
Letter to EVD, signed by Augusto, William B. McMahon, M. F. Delhom, Hilbert Lee Tusing, Fred Bon, Marshal Moon, Fred Martin, F. M. Tiokes, Julius Brooks, Joseph Wildon, G. Fernandez, Jare Cartagne, Ancel Martinez, Harry McDonald, John Milton Clark, Lucius Louis, James F. Parrotts, [name illegible], Frank Stilliturro, Berry Kilgour, Frank Ryan, George Franklin, and George Slausky, 3/17/21. Writes that they would like to thank EVD for his kindness and generosity while at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ault, E. B.: Copy of letter from EVD, 1/15/19. Writes that he appreciated the invitation to attend the Tom Mooney National Labor Congress. Tells Ault that he will not be able to attend the conference because he is in the custody of the federal court and is not permitted to go to Chicago, Illinois. Says that although there is free speech in Russia it does not exist in the United States since the "world has been made safe for democracy." Remarks that the conservative element of the convention has the "unqualified support of the capitalist press," which means he is for the "radicals." Argues that the time for resolutions has long passed and that there needs to be some kind of action. Says that the convention must demand Tom Mooney's unconditional release, "giving due notice that if that fails a general strike will follow."

"Aunt Laura:" Letter to EVD, 12/19/20. Says that she is writing to send her greetings and love to EVD. Assures EVD that she appreciates what EVD is doing for the "oppressed of the Earth today."

Avirette, John: Letter to EVD, 10/15/20. Writes that he is now with Dr. Burshnell who is trying to cure him. Says that North Carolina is beautiful. Says that EVD, "who suffers for the since of the World," is always in his thoughts. Asks that EVD be of good cheer. Tells EVD that Jack Cosgrove of the NEW YORK WORLD has sent him an article written by a man named Woods as proof of his promise to help get EVD released. Says that even in prison EVD is freer than the "bond-slaves of Mammon." Writes that Woodrow Wilson has fallen because he betrayed the liberal hope of humanity. Says that although he used to be scientific minded now he is spiritual minded. Mentions that he received a telepathic message when he was in California, "Peter had denied his Lord . . . From now on the work will be done by John." Remarks that he often feels like killing those who have betrayed his nation. Says that he is working on trying to pity them rather hate. Assures EVD that the dawn of a new day is coming. Writes that he has converted his housemates to socialism. Remarks that too many socialists are "ranters." Asks that EVD pray for him. Includes a poem titled "Prayer."
Letter to TD, 11/14/20. Says that the NEW YORK WORLD is planning to launch a campaign to free EVD. Mentions that he wants to get campaign advice from George Creel. Writes that EVD's imprisonment makes him an "Economic Christ." Tells EVD that the old system is rotting to the core. Says that if the socialists turn to violence the revolution will fail. Remarks that as soon as the socialists are fit they will take over. Mentions that he would kill any Lenin or Trotsky type who tried to use violence. Writes that he thinks of EVD all the time. Remarks that Atlanta, Georgia is the present "Golgotha."
Letter to Avirette from Jack Cosgrove, 11/18/20. Writes that an upcoming NEW YORK WORLD editorial interview with a man named Scott will discuss the direction from which progress must come. Remarks that it is a direction that the Industrial Workers of the World has left and that Samuel Gompers has picked up. Tells Avirette that he agrees that society must become more democratic. Says that if only the Jews reformed himself they might be able to help towards the betterment of humanity.
Letter to TD, 11/20/20. Says that Jack Cosgrove, Ben Thayer, and Herbert Hoover are fine men. Assures TD that he will "work on Hoover" to get EVD release from prison. Writes that although the working man is just as big a "hog" as the capitalist, he suffers so much that he is for him. Asks that TD be brave. Remarks that he loves EVD because of the passion in his heart.
Letter to EVD, 12/7/20. Tells EVD that Woods is busy on EVD's case. Says that Woods and Jack Cosgrove agree that it is wrong to keep EVD in jail. Includes verses from his poem titled "Man."
Letter to TD, 2/4/21. Tells TD that he "can't last much longer." Writes that he feels as though the end is near.
Poem titled "Lines to Abraham Lincoln," 2/?/21.
Letter to EVD, 3/29/21. Mentions that during a recent visit with Ed Easton he "harped on the criminal idiocy of Wilsonism." Explains that he sees socialism as more a religious movement rather than one marked by the "economic determinism of Marx." Writes that he believes that social cooperation is the answer, not class warfare.
Letter to EVD, 4/14/21. Writes that the purpose of socialism is to "convert the Frankenstein, into the Angel of Light." Mentions that he used to be a mine doctor. Includes a hand-written untitled poem.
Letter to EVD, 7/29/21. States that he loves EVD.
Letter to EVD, 9/6/21. Says that he sees the war as part of a plan to create a new social order. Tells EVD that he wants him to meet Dr. Bushnell.
Letter to TD, 9/17/21. Tells EVD that the "enemy" ran him out of the sanitarium. Says that the present generation is "weak-kneed and spineless." Remarks that if it was not for his love of EVD he would have quit long ago.
Letter to EVD, 9/17/21. Says that like Frank Harris he is disgusted with the present generation. Says that they are "poor spineless, distracted, soulless treaders of treadmills."
Letter to TD, 7/21/26. Writes that socialists have forgotten about the "Great Socialist," Jesus Christ. Remarks that Karl Marx is like "the monkey who grabbed too much through the hole; and trapped himself." Tells TD that because socialists are trying to force socialism instead of letting it evolve the socialists are "wrecked." Mentions that he recently received $25,000 from investments in mines. Remarks that he would be willing to help EVD if he needs it.
Letter to EVD, n.d. Says that he was formerly a "Good Democrat" but now he knows better. Writes that his conversion to socialism has cost him dearly but that he is willing to pay the price. Tells TD that he is sorry for those who cannot see the eternal rightness of socialism. Says that the extreme leftists in the socialist movement are a "deterrent to the faster spread of true socialism."
Letter to TD, n.d. Says that he is a "squalling fighter." Writes that he understands how slow the process is of lifting up the mind of the wage slave because he is "easily duped and misled." Writes that the working class is unfit to rule itself. Mentions that he is a very sick man. Remarks that the Jesuits have taken on the socialists. Says that he does not want to see the socialists succeed through revolution. Tells EVD that the upper class and lower class must work together to institute socialism.
Poem titled "Helen," n.d.
Poem titled "Love," n.d.
Poem titled "The Query," n.d.

Axtell, Mary H.: Letter to TD on paper with State of Nebraska, House of Representatives letterhead on back, 10/31/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death. Includes a two page tribute in the form of a narrative poem titled "A Story of Rose Bush."

Aylsworth, Bertha: Telegram to EVD, 4/10/20. Says that the students at the University of California at Berkeley support EVD's candidacy for President.

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