Eugene V. Debs Letters:
Abstracts for "J"

Jackson, C. D.: Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper on National Committee for a Free Europe letterhead, 10/?/51. Writes that he is happy to send Marguerite Debs Cooper a copy of "Unconquered," a pamphlet about Czechoslovakian patriot, Milada Harakova. Says that Milada Harakova was, even in the face of the Nazis and the Russian Communists, a "true defender of democracy." Asks that if Marguerite Debs Cooper has any questions about the organization he represents that she feel free to contact him.

Jaffe, Lena I.: Letter to EVD on Friends of Russian Freedom letterhead, 2/20/18. Writes that on 3/23/18, the Socialist Party, the Socialist Literary Society, the JEWISH DAILY FORWARD, and the Friends of Russian Freedom will be celebrating the 1st anniversary of the fall of the Russian monarchy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tells EVD that as part of the celebration the organizing committee for the event is putting together a souvenir volume including a history of the Russian Revolution and several short contributions by noted American radicals. Asks that EVD contribute a short article on what he sees as the soul of the Russian Revolution.
Letter to EVD on Friends of Russian Freedom letterhead, 3/27/18. Tells EVD that the celebration for the Russian Revolution was called off because the large halls were closed to them and a lot of people are upset about the present conditions in Russia. Writes that the Friends of Russian Freedom will still raise about $2,500 by camouflaging a recital in order to hold the event. Says that what EVD has written about the Russian Revolution has inspired them all.

Jamison, E. R.: Letter to EVD on International Association of Railway Terminal Employees letterhead, 5/2/18. Says that he writing to ask EVD what he thinks about their organization. Tells EVD that the International Association of Railway Terminal Employees is for any "sound mind, male or female, employed on a railway," including immigrants and the "colored man." Mentions that the International Association of Railway Terminal Employees strives to be democratic from top to bottom. Informs EVD that the organization was founded in the wake of a freight-handlers and switchmen strike in Kansas City, Missouri. Expresses the hope that the organization will help to prevent strikes in the future.

Jansen, Charles: Telegram to EVD, 3/30/18. Asks that EVD be in Boston, Massachusetts on 5/1/18 "at any price."

Jeffryes, Clyde C.: Telegram to TD, 10/19/26. Tells TD that he is sending him his "wholehearted sympathy."
Letter to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Jenkins, D.: Letter to EVD, 1/16/15. Writes that he appreciated what EVD had to say about "Birth of a Nation" in the last issue of the POST. States that the film has been "fought by colored men and women all over the country." Mentions that they have succeeded in having it temporarily blocked in New York City, New York, Boston, Massachusetts, and Chicago, Illinois. Tells EVD that the governors of Ohio and Kansas have declared that "Birth of a Nation" will not be shown in these states as long as they are governors. Tells EVD that the article may just help to keep "Birth of a Nation" out of Terre Haute, Indiana.

Jerman, W. G.: Letter to W. G. Lee, 4/21/20. Writes that EVD and A. A. Roe were right to warn the membership of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen against W. G. Lee's policies nine years ago. Says that Lee is wrong to try to stamp out socialism in the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen.
Letter to TD, 4/22/20. Writes that he sided with EVD and A. A. Roe at the 1911 Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen convention in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Says that a recent railroad strike has proved that EVD was right to take the stance he did. Tells TD that the rank and file are ready for another organization like the American Railway Union. Mentions that he is convinced that the old brotherhoods will crumble and a new structure will take their place.
Letter to Warren Harding, Harry Daugherty, and Milton W. Shreve, 7/30/21. Writes that a great many people were imprisoned during the war for refusing to surrender their constitutional rights and asks that they be released. Says that EVD and the rest of the political prisoners should be released.

JEWISH DAILY FORWARD: Telegram to EVD, 2/28/25. Asks that EVD send a statement regarding the death of Justus Ebert.

JEWISH SOCIALIST VERBAND: Telegram to EVD, 1/1/26. Writes that the comrades attending the 4th annual Jewish Socialist Verband convention send their greetings to EVD. Says that they all appreciate EVD's "lifelong devotion to the socialist cause."

Johannes, Harry, Jr.: Letter to TD, 10/21/26. Sends condolences on EVD's death.

Jo Hannsen, Margaret: Letter to TD, 12/9/15. Writes that she was able to find EVD. Says that she was able to have dinner with him, Steven Marion Reynolds, Fay Lewis, and a couple of Ryan Walker's sisters.

Johnson, Harold: Letter to EVD, 5/12/?. Writes that he heard EVD speak several years ago in Nelson, British Columbia. Says that he spoke about a woman living in luxury while thousands of children starved on the streets of New York City, New York. Tells EVD that he was a porter on the Canadian Pacific Railroad when he was organizing the American Railway Union. States that he will never forget how EVD defended the porters when someone said that the "Negro" would not be welcome in the American Railway Union. Mentions that he will never forget how EVD urged the American Railway Union to take "Negroes" into the union. Writes that instead of voting Republican in the last election, he voted for EVD. Mentions that he was born to a mother who was a slave and a father who was a Russian Jew.
Note from EVD to TD, n.d. Tells TD that this letter is from a man who heard him speak twenty years ago in Nelson, British Columbia. Says that he is a "Negro" who appears to be in an asylum.

Johnson, Emil: SEE Berglund, August.

Johnson, Jennie F. W.: Letter to EVD, 10/25/20. Writes that she was singing in a quartet called the Schuman Ladies at the time she first met EVD at a Chautauqua meeting in South Dakota in 1902. Mentions that she was not a socialist then but that she is now. Says that she was involved in the women's suffrage movement until the struggle was won. Tells EVD that this year she will vote the straight socialist ticket. Mentions that she appreciated EVD's message in the NEW APPEAL to all of the new women voters. States that she resents the fact that EVD is in prison. Tells EVD that she works at the Abraham Lincoln Center, an organization founded by Jenkin Lloyd Jones. Mentions that she is a member of the Women's Trade Union League and that she is a pacifist. Includes a brochure describing her musical talents.

Johnson, Lawrence: Letter to EVD, 12/22/20. Tells EVD that he admires his courage. Says that because socialist candidates do so poorly at election time that socialism will never come about in America. Mentions that it will take more than socialism to make the people come alive. Writes that if things do not change soon he is convinced that there will be a revolution.

Johnson, Ossian: SEE Berglund, August.

Johnson, Swan M.: Manuscript titled "In Memorium," n.d. Describes the life of Swan Johnson and his socialist spirit.

Johnson, W. E.: Letter to TD, 10/20/26. Writes that he is sorry that EVD is ill. Expresses the hope that he will soon recover. Mentions that when EVD is well again he would like to visit him.

Johnston, A.: Letter to EVD, 6/27/20. Writes that he is against hypocrisy and injustice in any form. Says that he believes that the government is doing more than the "Reds" to wreck this country. Mentions that the government has turned its back on America's founding fathers. Tells EVD that in the upcoming election he will get the biggest vote he has ever had. Includes a poem titled "A Picture on My Wall," to EVD.

Johnston, William H.: Letter to EVD on International Association of Machinists letterhead, 4/29/20. Writes that he is going to discuss EVD's case with Woodrow Wilson as soon as he has the opportunity. Says that he and Charles Russell thought it was best to get together a group of four or five labor leaders to see Woodrow Wilson about EVD's case. Mentions that he recently received a letter from Guy P. Powers. Asks that EVD write him to tell him how he is getting along.

Joinen, Una Augusta: Letter to EVD, 11/5/21. Says that she could not resist writing EVD on his birthday. Writes that she could ask for nothing greater than for EVD's release. Tells EVD that she is learning to write for newspapers through the Newspaper Training Association of New York City, New York. Mentions that she reads EVD's daily message in the NEW YORK CALL. States that she will never forget when EVD visited her home in 1916.

Jones, Charles: Photocopy of letter to EVD on Prohibition National Committee letterhead, 5/24/12. Says that he is disappointed that his Prohibition platform was not accepted by the Socialist Party for consideration. Asks that EVD state his position regarding Prohibition. Mentions that it is only through Prohibition that a socialist program can be realized. Tells EVD that during the 1900 American Federation of Labor convention Samuel Gompers, John Lennon, John Mitchell, and Thomas Lewis all came about against the malevolent effects of alcohol on the working classes. Mentions that the workers of Sweden and their support of Prohibition should be an example for American workers to follow. Says that civic virtue and alcohol do not mix.
Photocopy of letter from EVD, 6/1/12. Writes that he does not agree with Charles Jones' position regarding Prohibition. Says that while he does support the suppression of liquor traffic, he does not think it will come about through Prohibition. Tells Jones that the liquor industry will not be destroyed until after capitalism is overthrown. Informs Jones that the only way to get at the root of the evil of alcohol is by abolishing the profit system.

Jones, "Mother" Mary Harris: Letter to EVD, 7/5/13. Tells EVD that she is sorry she missed him while he was in West Virginia. Writes that she is sorry to hear about what is going on at the APPEAL TO REASON. Says that she is writing to tell EVD that the world needs more people like him. Explains that she read about how EVD took a woman of the streets home with him to keep her out of the red light district. Mentions that she is on her way to Washington D. C. to tell the people in Congress about the horrors in West Virginia.
Letter to TD, 8/18/20. Says that she will be in Terre Haute, Indiana in a few days and plans on visiting TD to talk with him about some things. Writes that she is worries about EVD in prison. Tells TD that she cannot believe that a man who would not "harm a kitten" is in prison.

Jordan, Homer G.: Letter to EVD, 10/14/20. Writes that he read an article in the WASHINGTON POST which has made him think that EVD is not as much a "man of venomous hatred" as he previously thought. Tells EVD that he was in the aviation corps during the war and that he thought that the war was a justifiable one to fight. Asks that EVD tell him how he would react if American cities were attacked in an air raid.
Note from EVD to TD, ?/?/20. Tells TD that he cannot imagine America would be attacked unless something was done to provoke it. Mentions that the only war he would be support would be the war to overthrow the exploiting classes of all nations. Says that he does not want working people to fight wars for their profiteering and plundering "masters."

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