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This file contains 148 entries. All entries are arranged by main entry, title, and date of publication.

Haas, Francis J., (Francis Joseph). Moral Factors in Economic Life. 3rd ed. Washington: National Council of Catholic Men, 1931. 32 pp. Pamphlet H112 .M6 1931p.

Hacker, Louis Morton. The United States: A Graphic History. New York: Modern Age Books, 1937. 243 pp. Pamphlet H118 .U5 1937p.

Hahn, Herman J. "He Stirreth up the People": The Social Implication's of the Teachings of Jesus. Buffalo, New York: Salem Evangelical Brotherhood, 1931. 217 pp. Pamphlet H148 .H4 1931p.

Haldane, J. B. S. (John Burdon Sanderson). Why Professional Workers Should Be Communists. London: Communist Party, 1945. 1 folded sheet (4 p.) Pamphlet H158 .W5 1945p.

Haldeman-Julius, E. (Emanuel). A Book of Persons and Personalities: Paragraphs and Essays. Big blue book; B-19. Girard, Kansas: Haldeman-Julius Co., 1926. 128 pp. Pamphlet H159 .B6 1926p.

---. The Bunk Box: A Collection of the Bits of Bunk That Infest American Life. Big blue book; no. B-23. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius Co., 1926. 128 pp. Pamphlet H159 .B8 1926p.

---. Confessions of a Debunker: A Rationalist Looks at Life. Big blue book; no. B-21. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius Co., 1926. 128 pp. Pamphlet H159 .C6 1926p.

---. Culture and Its Modern Aspects: A Series of Essays. Big blue book; no. B-15. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius, 1926. 128 pp. Pamphlet H159 .C8 1926p.

---. Free Speech and Free Thought in America. Big blue book; no. B-37. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1927. 128 pp. Pamphlet H159 .F7 1927p.

---. The Fun I Get Out of Life. Big blue book; no. B-8. Girard, Kan.: , Haldeman-Julius publications, <1927>. 128 pp. Pamphlet H159 .F8 1927p.

---. My First 25 Years: Instead of a Footnote, an Autobiography. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1949. 47 pp. Pamphlet H159 .M9 1949p.

---. My Second 25 Years: Instead of a Footnote, an Autobiography. Big blue book; B-814. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1949. 117 pp. Pamphlet H159 .M97 1949p.

---. The Pest, and Other One-Act Plays, Emanuel Julius. Girard, Kans. <19--?>. 32 pp. Pamphlet H159 .P4p 1900p. PDF

---. Sane and Sensible Views of Life. Big blue book; no. B-42. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1927. 128 pp. Pamphlet H159 .S3 1927p.

---. Snapshots of Modern Life. Big blue book; no. B-39. Girard, Kans.: Haldeman-Julius Publications, <1927>. 128 pp. Pamphlet H159 .S6 1927p.

Haldeman-Julius, Marcet. Clarence Darrow's Two Great Trials: Reports of the Scopes Anti-Evolution Case and the Dr. Sweet Negro Trial. Big blue book; no. B-29. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius, 1927. 74 pp. Pamphlet H159.2 .C5 1927p.

---. A Popular History of the United States. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius Co., 1937. 113 pp. Pamphlet H159.2 .P6 1937p.

Hall, Edwin. Ahab and Naboth, or, The United States and Mexico: A Discourse, Delivered in the First Church of Christ in Guilford, on the Annual Thanksgiving of 1844. New Haven: A.H. Maltby, 1847. 16 pp. Pamphlet H175 .A3 1847p. PDF

Hamilton, George. The House of the Masses Trial: Socialist Vs. Communist. Detroit: Masses Publishing House, 1921. 33 pp. Pamphlet H218 .H6 1921p. PDF

Hammill, John. A Soldier's Solution. The Striking Letter of a Missourian Who Has Served in the Philipines, and Who Urges that We Should Let the Natives Govern the Islands. New York: Anti-Imperialist League of New York, <1901> 4 pp. Pamphlet H224 .S6 1901p. PDF

Hampton, Peter. The Industrial Relations Bill: A Declaration of War. London: (182 Pentonville Rd, N1), International Marxist Group, <1971>. Pamphlet H232 .I5 1971p.

Hands Off Aaron Dixon, Captain, Seattle Black Panther Party. Seattle: Aaron Dixon Defense Fund, 1968. 15pp. Pamphlet H236 .H3 1968p.

Hansen, Beatrice. Political Biography of Walter Reuther: The Record of an Opportunist. 1st ed. New York: Merit Publisher, 1969. 23 pp. Pamphlet H249 .P6 1969p.

Hansen, Joseph. Father Coughlin: Fascist Demagogue. 2d ed. New York: Pioneer Publishers, <1939>. 30 pp. Pamphlet H250 .F3 1939p.

Hanson, N. H., (Nils H.). The Onward Sweep of the Machine Process. Chicago: I.W.W. Publishing Bureau, <1917>. 32 pp. Pamphlet H251 .O5 1917p. PDF

Hapgood, Norman. The Columbia Conserve Company and the Committee of Four. S.l.: s.n., 1934. 111 pp. Pamphlet H253 .C6 1934p.

Hapgood, William Powers. The Columbia Conserve Company, Indianapolis, Indiana: An Experiment in Workers' Management and Ownership. Indianapolis. 1934. 187 pp. Pamphlet H253.2 .C6 1934p.

Harding, T. Swann, (Thomas Swann). The Social and Economic Lies of Our Civilization: Our Blind Trust in Dead Theories. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1931. 32 pp. Pamphlet H263 .S6 1931p.

Hargrave, Andrew. Scotland: The Third Choice. Fabian tract; 392. London: Fabian Society, 1969. 23 pp. Pamphlet H279 .S3 1969p.

Harrington, Michael. American Power in the Twentieth Century. New York: League for Industrial Democracy, 1967. 52 pp. Pamphlet H311.2 .A4 1967p.

---. The Politics of Poverty. New York: League for Industrial Democracy, 1965. 24 pp. Pamphlet H311.2 .P6 1965p.

---. The Social-Industrial Complex.. New York: League for Industrial Democracy, <1968?> 13 pp. Pamphlet H311.2 .S6 1968p.

---. Why We Need Socialism in America. <New York?>: Dissent, 1970. 64 pp. Pamphlet H311.2 .W5 1970p.

Harris, Ellis B. Follow Brave Debs to the End. Chicago: Harris & Gannes, <1919?> 5 pp. Pamphlet H313 .F6 1919p. PDF

Harris, Seymour Edwin. National Health Insurance and Alternative Plans for Financing Health. New York: League for Industrial Democracy, 1953. 38 pp. Pamphlet H316 .N3 1953p.

Harrison, Henry. The Sacco-Vanzetti Anthology of Verse. New York: H. Harrison, 1927. 32 pp. Pamphlet H319 .S2 1927p.

Harrison, Lloyd. Towards Regional Co-Operatives. Fabian research series; no. 260. London: Fabian Society, 1967. 18 pp. Pamphlet H321 .T6 1967p.

Harvey, Audrey. Social Services for All? Part Three. Fabian tract; 384. London: Fabian Society, 1968. 90 pp. Pamphlet H341 .S6 1968p.

Hass, Eric. The Americanism of Socialism. New York, N.Y.: New York Labor News Co., 1954. 45 <3> pp. Pamphlet H353 .A4 1954p.

---. The Americanism of Socialism. Brooklyn, N.Y.: New York Labor News, 1967. 45 pp. Pamphlet H353 .A4 1967p.

---. Capitalism, Breeder of Race Prejudice. Brooklyn: New York Labor News, 1971. 46 pp. Pamphlet H353 .C3 1971p.

---. Dave Beck, Labor Merchant: The Case History of a Labor Leader. New York, N.Y.: New York Labor News Co., 1955. 30 pp. Pamphlet H353 .D3 1955p.

---. Fascism is Still a Menace. New York, N.Y.: New York Labor News Co., 1948. 61, <3> pp. Pamphlet H353 .F3 1948p.

---. Industrial Democracy. Arm & Hammer pamphlets; no. 16. New York: Socialist Labor Party, 1934. 31 pp. Pamphlet H353 .I5 1934p.

---. John L. Lewis Exposed. New York, N. Y.: New York Labor News Co., 1937. 69 pp. Pamphlet H353 .J6 1937p.

---. Militarism, Labor's Foe! New York, N.Y.: New York Labor News Co., 1955. 16 pp. Pamphlet H353 .M5 1955p.

---. The Reactionary Right. Brooklyn, N.Y.: New York Labor News, 1966. <4>, 5-78, <1> pp. Pamphlet H353 .R4 1966p.

---. Socialism Answers Anti-Semitism. New York, N.Y.: New York Labor News, 1944. 48 pp. Pamphlet H353 .S65 1944p.

---. Socialism Answers Anti-Semitism. New York, N.Y.: New York Labor News Co., 1946. 48 pp. Pamphlet H353 .S65 1946p.

---. Socialist Industrial Unionism: The Workers' Power. Brooklyn, N.Y.: New York Labor News, 1974. 55 pp. Pamphlet H353 .S653 1974p.

---. The Socialist Labor Party and the Internationals. New York: New York Labor News Co., 1949. 187 <4> pp. Pamphlet H353 .S654 1949p.

---. What Workers Should Know About Automation .. and What Employers Don't Tell Them. New York, N.Y.: New York Labor News Co., 1962. 62 pp. Pamphlet H353 .W4 1962p.

Hassler, Alfred. They Build Brotherhood. <Trevose, Pa.: s.n., 1966?> 1 folded sheet (2 pp). Pamphlet H355 .T5 1956p.

Hauser, Philip Morris. World Population Problems by Philip M. Hauser. Headline series, no. 174. New York: Foreign Policy Association, 1965. 46 pp. Pamphlet H376 .W6 1965p.

Hawthorne, Julian. The Secret of Solomon. <New York?> c1909. <22> pp. Pamphlet H399 .S4 1909p. PDF

Hayden, Tom. Revolution in Mississippi: Special Report. New York: Students for a Democratic Society, 1962. 28 pp. Pamphlet H415 .R4 1962p.

Haywood, Big Bill. Industrial Socialism. Chicago: C. H. Kerr & Company, <c 1911>. 64 pp. Pamphlet H427 .I5 1911p. PDF

---. Industrial Socialism. 7th ed. Chicago: C. H. Kerr, <1919?> 55 pp. Pamphlet H427 .I53 1919p. PDF

---. Testimony of William D. Haywood before the Industrial Relations Commission. Chicago, Ill.: I.W.W. Publishing Bureau, <1915>. 70 pp. Pamphlet H427 .T4 1915p. PDF

---. Evidence and Cross Examination of William D. Haywood in the Case of the U.S.A. Vs. Wm. D. Haywood, et al. Chicago: General Defense Committee, <1918>. 312 pp. Pamphlet H427 .E9 1918p. PDF

Heath, Frederic Faries, ed. Social Democracy Red Book: A Brief History of Socialism in America. Terre Haute: Debs Publishing Co., 1900. 133 pp. Pamphlet H438 .S6 1900p. PDF

Heilbroner, Robert L. The Story of the Economists and How Their Ideas Helped Make Our Modern World: An Exciting Introduction to the Key Economists and to the Crucial Economic Problems We Have Faced. New York: Birk and Co., 1954. 23 pp. Pamphlet H466 .S7 1954p.

Help Debs Appeal. <Chicago, Ill.: Oliver C. Wilson, 1918?> 1 folded sheet (4 pp.) Pamphlet H483 .H4 1918p. PDF

Henderson, Fred. The A B C of Socialism. Milwaukee: Educational Dept., Socialist Party, <1934?> 15 pp. Pamphlet H496 .A23 1934p.

---. The A B C of Socialism. Reading, Pa.: Socialist Party, <1934>. 16 pp. Pamphlet H496 .A2 1934p.

---. The Case for Socialism. Chicago: The Socialist party, National headquarters, 1934. 146 pp. Pamphlet H496 .C3 1934p.

---. Socialism and Confiscation. London: Independent Labour Party, <1924>. 16 pp. Pamphlet H496 .S6 1924p.

Henry George School of Social Science. New York: The School, <194-?>. 23 pp. Pamphlet H522 .H4 1940p.

Henry, William H. The House of Debs: Perspective of the Proposed House of Debs. Indianapolis, IN: Allied printing, <19??> <4> pp. Pamphlet H525 .H6 1900p. PDF

Herling, John. The Terzani Case: An Account of a Labor Battle Against a Fascist Frame-up. New York City: League for Industrial Democracy, <1934>. 11, <1> pp. Pamphlet H549 .T4 1934p.

Herring, Hubert Clinton. Spain: Battleground of Democracy. New York: Pilgrim Press, 1937. 31 pp. Pamphlet H567 .S6 1937p.

Herron, George Davis. From Revolution to Revolution: An Address in Memory of the Paris Commune of 1871. Chicago, Ill.: Charles H. Kerr & Company, <190-?>. 31 pp. Pamphlet H568 .F7 1900p. PDF

---. What of the Proposed Congress. Firenze: Tipografia Domenicana, 1915. 15 pp. Pamphlet H568 .W53 1915p. PDF

---. Why I Am a Socialist: Address at a Mass Meeting of the Social Democratic Party at Central Music Hall, Chicago, Sept. 29, 1900. Pocket Library of Socialism; no. 20. Chicago: C. H. Kerr, 1900. 32 pp. Pamphlet H568 .W5 1900p Copy 1. PDF

---. Why I Am a Socialist: Address at a Mass Meeting of the Social Democratic Party at Central Music Hall, Chicago, Sept. 29, 1900. Pocket Library of Socialism; no. 20. Chicago: C. H. Kerr, 1900. 32 pp. Pamphlet H568 .W5 1900p Copy 2. [Note: Only substantive page difference used from this copy. Only title page verso is from Copy 2.] PDF

Herve, Gustave. Antipatriotism: Address of Gustave Herve at the Close of His Trial for Anti-Militarist Activity, Before the Jury of La Seine, December, 1905. New York: New York Labor News Co., 1916. 29 pp. Pamphlet H577 .A5 1916p. PDF

---. Patriotism and the Worker. Chicago: I.W.W. Publishing Bureau, <1912>. 32 pp. Pamphlet H577 .P3 1912p. PDF

Herz, H. S. Die Lehre von Arbeit und Capital. Hamburg: Hoffman und Campe, 1853. 32 pp. Pamphlet H576 .L4 1853p. PDF

Hessler, William H., (William Henry). The Land of the Free and the Home of the Slave. Cincinnati, Ohio: Freedom Press, 1950. 32 pp. Pamphlet H587.5 .L3 1950p.

Hickey, Michael J., ed. Bolshevism Self-Defined and Self-Convicted: A Collection of Official Decrees (Tr. from the Russian) Together with a Statement and Analytical Summary of Its "Functions and Objects." New York City: Washington, D. C.: National Association of Manufacturers, <1919>. 29 pp. Pamphlet H628 .B6 1919p. PDF

Hickey, Thomas A. The Land?: Legally, Morally, Philosophically and Biblically Considered. Hallettsville, Texas: Rebel Print., <1912>. 32 pp. Pamphlet H628.5 .L3 1912p. PDF

---. Theodore Roosevelt, the Political Dr. Cook: A Chronological Review of the Political Life of Theodore Roosevelt. Abilene, Tex.: T. A. Hickey, <1910>. 29 pp. Pamphlet H628.5 .T5 1910p. PDF

Hill, Christopher. Oliver Cromwell, 1658-1958. General series (Historical Association (Great Britain)); no. 38. London: Historical Association, 1969. 30 pp. Pamphlet H645.O4 1969p.

Hill, Louise Biles. State Socialism in the Confederate States of America. Southern sketches. First series; no. 9. Charlottesville, Va.: The Historical Publishing Co., 1936. 31 pp. Pamphlet 647 .S7 1936p.

Hillman, Sidney. Reconstruction of Russia and the Task of Labor. Amalgamated education series; no. 6. New York: Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, Education Department, 1922. 64 pp. Pamphlet H654.5 .R4 1922p. PDF

Hillquit, Morris. The Double Edge of Labor's Sword: Discussion and Testimony on Socialism and Trade-Unionism Before the Commission on Industrial Relations. Chicago: Socialist Party, National Office, <1914>. 191 pp. Pamphlet H654.7 .D6 1914p. PDF

---. Foundations of Socialism. Chicago: Socialist Party National Headquarters, 1934. 24 pp. Pamphlet H654.7 .F5 1934p.

---. Present-Day Socialism. Chicago: The Socialist Party of U.S., 1920. 84 pp. Pamphlet H654.7 .P7 1920p. PDF

---. Shall a Labor Party Be Formed? New York <N.Y.>: National Labor Forum, 1923. 32 pp. Pamphlet H654.7 .S53 1923p.

---. Should the American Workers Form a Political Party of Their Own?: A Debate. New York, N.Y.: Rand School Press, 1932. 31 pp. Pamphlet H654.7 .S5 1932p.

---. Socialism Summed up. New York: Rand School of Social Science, 1917. 78 pp. Pamphlet H654.7 .S6 1917p. PDF

Hinden, Rita. A World of Peace and Plenty. Discussion pamphlet. London: Labour Party, 1951. 30 pp. Pamphlet H662 .W6 1951p.

Hirsch, Richard. The Soviet Spies: The Story of Russian Espionage in North America. 1st ed. New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1947. 92, <4> pp. Pamphlet H669 .S6 1947p.

The Historical Experience of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Peking, Foreign Languages Press. 1961. 64 pp. Pamphlet J51 .H5 1961p.

Hitler, Adolf. Mein Kampf: An Unexpurgated Digest. New York: Political Digest Press, 1939. 31 pp. Pamphlet H675.5 .M4 1939p.

Hoan, Daniel W., (Daniel Webster). Abraham Lincoln, a Real American, by Daniel W. Hoan. Chicago: Ill., Socialist Party of the U.S.A., <1936>. 16 pp. Pamphlet H678 .A2 1936p.

---. Dollars Vs. the People. <Milwaukee>: Milwaukee County Central Campaign Committee, <1940?> <6> pp. Pamphlet H678 .D6 1940p.

---. The Failure of Regulation, by Daniel W. Hoan. Chicago: The Socialist Party of the United States, 1914. 98, <2> pp. Pamphlet H678 .F3 1914p. PDF

---. Mayor Hoan Answers Critics. Milwaukee, Wis.: s.n., <1933>. 8 pp. Pamphlet H678 .M3 1933p.

Hoang, Van Thai. Some Aspects of Guerilla Warfare in Vietnam. Hanoi, Foreign Languages Pub. House. 1965. 39, <1> pp. Pamphlet H678 .S6 1965p.

Hochman, Julius. Industry Planning Through Collective Bargaining; a Program for Modernizing the New York Dress Industry, as Presented in Conference with Employers on Behalf of the Joint Board of the Dressmakers' Union by Julius Hochman, General Manager, Joint Board of the Dressmakers' Union, International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. New York: City <Joint Board of the Dressmakers' Union, International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union>, 1941. 51 pp. Pamphlet H685 .I5 1941p.

Hoke Travis. Shirts!: A Survey of the New "Shirt" Organizations in the United States Seeking a Fascist Dictatorship. New York: American Civil Liberties Union, 1934. 30 pp. Pamphlet H721 .S5 1934p.

Hollingsworth, James H. Eugene V. Debs, What His Neighbors and Others Say of Him. Terre Haute? Ind.: s.n. 27 pp. Pamphlet H741 .E9 1910p. PDF

---. Eugene V. Debs: What His Neighbors and Others Say of Him. Terre Haute? Ind.: s.n., <1913>. 30 pp. Pamphlet H741 .E94 1913p. PDF

---. Eugene V. Debs: What His Neighbors Say of Him. Terre Haute? Ind.: s.n., <1914>. 27 pp. Pamphlet H741 .E944 1914p. PDF

---. The World-House. 2nd ed. Terre Haute, Ind.: J. H. Hollingsworth, <193?>. 32 pp. Pamphlet H741 .W6 1930p.

Holman, H. L. A. What to Do: The Problem of the Socialist Party of America. Dayton, Ohio: s.n., <1919>. 26 pp. Pamphlet H747 .W5 1919p. PDF

Holmes, John Haynes. Can the Church Be Radical? Debate Held at the Lexington Theater Sunday Afternoon, February 12, 1922. New York: Hanford press, 1922. 39, <1> pp. Pamphlet H751 .C3 1922p. PDF

---. Debs -- Lover of Men. Community Pulpit. Series 1926-1927; No. 5. New York: Community Church, <1926>. 19 pp. Pamphlet H751 .D4 1926p.

---. Hymn: Written in the Red Square, Moscow, Under the Kremlin Wall. <S.l.>: The Author, <19??> <4> pp. Pamphlet H751 .H9. PDF

---. Jerusalem. <S.l.>: The Author, 1929. <4> pp. Pamphlet H751 .J4 1929p.

---. Palestine: A Christmas Poem for Jews and Christians. <S.l.>: The Author, <19??>. 3 pp. Pamphlet H751 .P3.

---. Reinforcements of Faith. New York City: Community Church, <1942?>. 21 pp. Pamphlet H751 .R4 1942p.

---. The Seven Deadly Sins of Militarism. Community Pulpit. Series 1925-1926 No. 20. New York City: The Community Church, 1925. 21 pp. Pamphlet H751 .S4 1925p.

---. What the World Owes to the Bolsheviki! Community Pulpit. Series 1927-1928 No. 3. New York City: Community Church, 1927. 23 pp. Pamphlet H751 .W5 1927p.

---. Freedom of Speech and of the Press; Striking Passages from Distinguished Champions of Freedom of Expression, Selected by John Haynes Holmes. New York: city, Washington, National civil liberties bureau, 1918. 30 pp. Pamphlet H751 .F7 1918p. PDF

Holmes, T. J. Socialism: Aim, Methods and Tactics as Applied to Twentieth Century Conditions. New York City: New York Labor News Co., 1925. 16 pp. Pamphlet H753 .S6 1925p.

Honig, Nathaniel. The Trade Union Unity League Today: Its Structure, Policy, Program and Growth. New York: Labor Unity Publishers, 1934. 23pp. Pamphlet H773 .T73 1934p.

---. The Trade Unions Since the N.R.A.: The A.F. of L., Company Unions, T.U.U.L. Unions, Independent Unions. New York City: Labor Unity Publishers, 1934. 32 pp. Pamphlet H773 .T7 1934p.

Hook, Sidney. Heresy, Yes--Conspiracy, No! New York: American Committee for Cultural Freedom, <1952>. 29 pp. Pamphlet H781 .H4 1952p.

---. John Dewey: His Philosophy of Education and Its Critics. Public service pamphlet (Tamiment Institute). New York: Tamiment Institute, <1959>. 23 pp. Pamphlet H781 .J6 1959p.

Hoover, J. Edgar, (John Edgar). The Communist Party Line: Prepared for the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-Seventh Congress, First Session. Washington: U. S. Govt. Print. Off., 1961. 6 pp. Pamphlet H789.5 .C6 1961p.

---. Testimony of J. Edgar Hoover, Director FBI: Communist Strategy, Practices, and Activities 1964. Washington, D.C.: Young Americans for Freedom, <1964>. <15> pp. Pamphlet H789.5 .T4 1964p.

Houghton, Douglas. The Family Circle: The Story of Britain's New Age of Social Security. London: Labour Party, 1948. 29 pp. Pamphlet H838 .F3 1948p.

How the Soviet Revisionists Carry Out All-Round Restoration of Capitalism in the U.S.S.R. Peking, Foreign Languages Press. 1968. 73 pp. Pamphlet W138 .H6 1968p.

How the War Came to America. Washington <D.C.>: G.P.O., 1917. 32 pp. Pamphlet H847.2 .H6 1917p. PDF

How to Sell the Daily Worker. New York: Daily Worker, n.d. 30 pp. Pamphlet H847 .H6 1900p.

Howard, Victor. Against Both War Camps: A Program to Defeat War and Totalitarianism. Chicago: Socialist Education Committee, 1949. 55 pp. Pamphlet H853 .A4 1949p.

Howe, Irving. On the Nature of Communism and Relations with Communists. New York: League for Individual Democracy, <1966?> 16pp. Pamphlet H856 .O5 1966p.

Howe, Robert H., (Robert Harrison). Woman's Place. Chicago: Kerr, <1900>. 26, <6> pp. Pamphlet H857 .W6 1900p. PDF

Hubbard, Elbert. The Age of the Auto. East Aurora, N.Y.: Roycrofters, 1910. 21 pp. Pamphlet H875 .A4 1910p. PDF

---. Riding to Success on the Shoulders of Giants. East Aurora, N.Y.: Roycrofters, <n.d.> <12> pp. Pamphlet R544 .R5p.

Huberman, Leo. The ABC of Socialism. Monthly review pamphlet series, no. 7. New York: Monthly Review, 1953. 64 pp. Pamphlet H877 .A2 1953p.

---. Socialism is the Only Answer. Monthly review pamphlet series; no. 3. New York, N.Y.: Monthly review, 1951. 32 pp. Pamphlet H877 .S6 1951p.

Hughan, Jessie Wallace. What Is War Resistance? New York City: War Resisters League, <192-?> 1 folded sheet, <4> pp. Pamphlet H892 .W5 1920?p PDF

Hughes, Emrys. Keir Hardie. London: Lincolns-Prager, 1950. 79 pp. Pamphlet H893.2 .K4 1950p.

---. Keir Hardie: Some Memories. London: Francis Johnson, <1939>. 15, <1> pp. Pamphlet H839.2 .K45 1939p.

Hughes, H. D., (Herbert Delauney). Advance in Education. Labour Discussion Series No. 15. London: Labour Party, <1947>. 19 pp. Pamphlet H893.3 .A3 1947p.

Hughes, Hugh John. Cooperation Here and Abroad: A Brief Survey of Cooperative Achievement. Minneapolis, Minn.: Northern States Cooperative League, 1933. 48 pp. Pamphlet H893 .C6 1933p.

Hughes, John. An Economic Strategy for Labour. Fabian tract; 372. London: Fabian Society, 1967. 40 pp. Pamphlet H893.5 .E3 1967p.

Humphries, Wilfred R. The Structure of Soviet Russia: Economic and Political. Chicago: C. H. Kerr, 1920. 32 pp. Pamphlet H928 .S7 1920p. PDF

Hunter, Robert. Labor in Politics, by Robert Hunter. Chicago: The Socialist party, <1915>. 202 pp. Pamphlet H947 .L3 1915p. PDF

Hurst, Fred (Frederick). Political Science and Truth: Featuring Science of History, Cause and Cure of the Depression, the Human Mind and Propaganda: Racketering <Sic> in Money and Bonds, Russian Economics, an Educational Treat. Cranston, R.I.: Fred Hurst, 1932. 30 pp. Pamphlet H966.5 .P6 1932p.

---. A Reply to a Most Consistent and Persistent Opponent of Socialism, the Providence Visitor (Catholic). Cranston, R.I., F. Hurst, c1914. 60 pp. Pamphlet H966.5 .R3 1914p. PDF

Hurt, Walter. Eugene V. Debs: An Introduction. Williamsburg, Ohio: Progress Publishing Co., <1900>. 48 pp. Pamphlet H967 .E9 1900p. PDF

Hutchings, Ken. Urban Transport: Public or Private? Fabian research series; no. 261. London: Fabian Society, 1967. 24 pp. Pamphlet H973 .U7 1967p.

Hutchinson, Lester. The Rise of Capitalism. London: N.C.L.C. Publishing Society, <1939>. 18 pp. Pamphlet H974 .R5 1939p.

Hyman, Sonia Zunser. Economic Security and World Peace, by Sonia Zunser Hyman. New York City: The League for Industrial Democracy, 1938. 29 pp. Pamphlet H996 .E2 1938p.

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