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This file contains 48 entries. All entries are arranged by main entry, title, and date of publication.

I Am an American: What We All Are Fighting For. Racine, Wisc.: Whitman Publishing Company, c1942. 127 pp. Pamphlet C377.7 .I4 1942p.

Ibarruri, Dolores. Es hora ya de crear el gran Partido Unico del Proletariado: Informe pronunciado ante el Pleno del C. C. del Partido Comunista, celebrado en Valencia, en los dias del 18 al 20 de junio de 1937. Madrid: Talleres tipograficos Stajanov, 1937. 70 pp. Pamphlet I12 .H67 1937p.

Ickes, Harold L., (Harold LeClair). "Nations in Nightshirts": Address of Hon. Harold L. Ickes at the Seventeenth Annual Meeting of the American Civil Liberties Union, December 8, 1937, New York City. New York City: American Civil Liberties Union, 1937. 16 pp. Pamphlet I17 .N3 1937p.

Illinois Labor History Society. Altgeld Remembered, November 12, 1972: Gov. John Peter Altgeld, 1847-1902. Chicago: Illinois Labor History Society, <1972>. 1 folded sheet, <4> pp. Pamphlet A466.8 .A45 1972p.

In Refutation of Modern Revisionism. Peking: Foreign Languages Press, 1963. 140 pp. Pamphlet I35 .I5 1963p.

The Individual and the State: The Problem as Presented by the Sentencing of Roger N. Baldwin. <S.l.: s.n.>, 1918. 14 pp. Pamphlet I39. I5 1918p. PDF

Industrial Workers of the World. An Economic Interpretation of the Job. Chicago, Ill.: Industrial Workers of the World, 1922. 61 pp. Pamphlet I42 .E3 1922p. PDF

---. Gompers vs. Haywood. <Chicago, Ill.>: I.W.W., <1918>. 4 pp. Pamphlet I42 .G6 1918p. PDF

---. The Great Bisbee I.W.W. Deportation of July 12, 1917. Bigfork, MT: Signature Press, <1995?> Pamphlet I42. G6 1995p.

---. The I.W.W. in Theory and Practice. 5th Rev. Ed. Chicago: The I.W.W., <1937>. 124 pp. Pamphlet I42 .I95 1937p.

---. I.W.W., One Big Union of All the Workers: The Greatest Thing on Earth. Chicago: The Workers, <193-?>. Pamphlet I42 .I9 1930p.

---. The I.W.W.: A Plain Statement of Its Structures and Principles. Chicago: Indusrial Works of the World, <1934>. 40 pp. Pamphlet I42 .I99 1934p.

---. One Big Union of All the Workers: The I.W.W. Chicago, Ill.: Industrial Workers of the World, 1933. 16 pp. Pamphlet I42 .O5 1933p.

---. Songs of the Workers. 28th ed. Chicago, Ill.: Industrial Workers of the World, 1945. 64 pp. Pamphlet I42 .S664 1945p.

---. Songs of the Workers: On the Road, in the Jungles, and in the Shops. 10th ed. Chicago: I.W.W. Publishing Bureau, 1917. 56 pp. Pamphlet I42 .S6 1917p. PDF

---. Songs of the Workers: To Fan the Flames of Discontent. 31st ed. Chicago: Industrial Workers of the World, 1964. 63 pp. Pamphlet I42 .S66 1964p.

---. Twentyfive Years of Industrial Unionism. New York, NY: I.W.W. Publications, <1935>. 79 pp. Pamphlet I42 .T9 1935p.

---. Unemployment and the Machine. Chicago: Industrial Workers of the World, <1934>. 48 pp. Pamphlet I42 .U5 1934p.

---. That "Victory" of the Coal Miners.. Chicago, Ill.: Industiral Workers of the World, 1922. 13 pp. Pamphlet I42 .V53 1922p. PDF

---. What is the I.W.W. Preamble? A Dialogue. Chicago, Ill.: Department of Education, Agricultural Workers Industrial Union, No. 110, I.W.W., 1922. 39 pp. Pamphlet I42 .W5 1922p. PDF

Ingersoll, Robert Green. The Complete Works of Robert G. Ingersoll. New York: C. P. Farrell, 1902. 8 pp. Pamphlet I47 .C6 1902p. PDF

---. The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius, <193-?>. 24 pp. Pamphlet I47 .L5 1930p.

---. An Open Letter to Indianapolis Clergymen. Economic Library Series 4. Indianapolis, Ind.: Vincent Publishing Co., 1893. 4 pp. Pamphlet I47 .O6 1894p. PDF

Inside the United Nations: The American Struggle Against Human Rights. Monthly Review Pamphlet Series No. 2. New York: Monthly Review, 1951. 30 pp. Pamphlet I59 .I5 1951p.

Inter-Allied Labour and Socialist Conference. Memorandum on War Aims Agreed Upon at the Central Hall, Westminster, London, S.W.: On February 20th to 24th, 1918. London: Co-operative Printing Society Limited, <1918>. 16 pp. Photocopy. Pamphlet I61.5 .M4 1918p. PDF

Interfaith Conference (1940: Washington, D.C.). "Unemployment Must Be Abolished!" Washington: American Association for Economic Freedom, <1940>. 31 pp. Pamphlet I61.4 .U5 1940p.

The International. Chicago, Ill.: Industrial Workers of the World, <19-->. 3 pp of music. Pamphlet I42 .I5 1900p. PDF

International Association of Machinists. Right to Work Laws: Three Moral Studies. Washington: International Association of Machinists, 1955. 55 pp. Pamphlet I61.5 .R5 1955p.

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions. World Congress (1st: 1949: London, England). For Bread, Peace and Freedom: Decisions of the First World Congress of the ICFTU, London, November-December 1949. ICFTU pamphlets; no. 1. Brussels; New York: International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, 1950. 32 pp. Pamphlet I61.7 .F6 1950p.

International Labor Defense. What is the I.L.D.? New York: International Labor Defense, 1934. 24 pp. Pamphlet I61.54 .W5 1934p.

International Labour Organisation. International Labor Organization: What It is . . . What It Does . . . How It Works.. Washington, D.C.: International Labor Office, <1959>. 1 folded sheet. Pamphlet I61.53 .I5 1959p.

International Ladies Garment Workers' Union. Educational Dept. Equal Opportunity Union Made. New York: The Union, <1962>. 71, <1> pp. Pamphlet I61.56 .E6 1962p.

International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. The End of the Communist Adventure in the Garment Unions. New York: International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, <1926>. 11 pp. Pamphlet I61.56 .E5 1926p.

International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. General Executive Board. Health and Welfare Committee. Health and Welfare Services: Bringing More Happiness and Security to the Men and Women of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union: Based Upon a Report for the Years 1950, 1951, and 1952. 2nd ed. <New York>: ILGWU, 1954. <58> pp. Pamphlet I61.56 .H4 1954p.

International Marxist Group. The Struggle in Bengal and the Fourth International. London: (182 Pentonville Rd, N.1), International Marxist Group, <1971>. 16 pp. Pamphlet I61.6 .S7 1971p.

International Typographical Union. Epochal History of the International Typographical Union: Condensed and Arranged by Period Developments. Indianapolis: International Typographical Union, 1925. 108 pp. Pamphlet I61.67 .E6 1925p.

International Union United Automobile, Aircraft, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America. Fair Practices and Anti-discrimination Dept. UAW Outlaws Discrimination. Detroit, Mich.: UAW, <1946>. <12> pp. Pamphlet I61.68 .U2 1946p.

International Union, United Automobile, Aircraft, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America. Full Employment Conference. Full employment -- Key to Abundance, Progress, Peace: Prepared for the National UAW-CIO Full Employment Conference: Together with the Program Adopted by the Conference . . . Washington, D. C., December 6-7, 1953. Detroit, Mich.: International Union UAW-CIO, <1953>. <48> Pamphlet I61.68 .F8 1953p.

International Union, United Automobile, Aircraft, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America. All My Life My Daddy's Been on Strike to Make My Future Better: The Kohler Worker's Story. <Indianapolis, Ind.>: UAW-CIO International Union: UAW-CIO Local 833, 1955. 32 pp. Pamphlet I61.68 .A4 1955p.

International Union, United Automobile, Aircraft, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America. Education Dept. "This Union Cause": An Illustrated History of Labor Unions in America. Publication (International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America. Education Dept.); no. 376. Detroit, Mich.: UAW Education Department, <1963>. 30 pp. Pamphlet I61.68 .T5 1963p.

International Union, United Automobile Workers of America (CIO). Build Labor Party: Fight Reaction. Flint, Mich.: UAW-CIO, 1947. 13 pp. Pamphlet I61.68 .B8 1947p.

International Wokers Aid. Captives of Capitalism. <Chicago: International Workers Aid, 1924?> 16 pp. Pamphlet I61.8 .C3 1924p.

Is Yugoslavia a Socialist Country?-- Comment on the Open Letter of the Central Committee of the CPSU (III) By the Editorial Departments of Renmin Ribao (People's Daily) and Hongqi (Red Flag), September 26, 1963. Peking, Foreign Languages Press, 1963. 69, <1> pp. Pamphlet I73 .I8 1963p.

Ise, John. Our Vanishing Oil Resources. New York: League for Industrial Democracy, 1929. 20 pp. Pamphlet I78 .O9 1929p.

Issues Facing the Labor Movement in the 1970s. New York: Pathfinder Press, 1973. 31 pp. Pamphlet I86 .I8 1973p.

It Matters to You. London: Reynolds News in conjunction with the Co-operative Party, 1959. 62 pp. Pamphlet I88 .I8 1959p.

Iudin, P. (Pavel). Soviet Culture. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1943. 35, <1> pp. Pamphlet I92 .S6 1943p.

Ivanova, K. Parks of Culture and Rest in the Soviet Union. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1939. 26 pp. Pamphlet I93 .P3 1939p.

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