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This file contains 71 entries. All entries are arranged by main entry, title, and date of publication.

Kagin, J. H. White Blindspot. Osawatomie Pamphlets No. 1. Brooklyn, N.Y.: s.n., <1967>. 25 pp. Pamphlet K11.5 .W4 1967p.

Kahn, Alexander. The Conflict in the Socialist Party of the United States. New York: League for Democratic Socialism, <1935>. 15 pp. Pamphlet K12.3 .C6 1935p.

Kahn, Tom. Unfinished Revolution. New York: Socialist Party-Social Democratic Federation, 1960. 64 pp. Pamphlet K12 .U5 1960p.

Kaltenborn, Hans V. Kaltenborn's 1940 Campaign Handbook. <Chicago?>: Pure Oil Co., 1940. 28 pp. Pamphlet K14 .K3 1940p.

Kantorovitch, Haim. The Socialist Party at the Cross Roads. New York: M. Delson, 1934. 15 pp. Pamphlet K16 .S6 1934p.

---. Towards Socialist Reorientation. ASQ Reprints No. 1. New York: Education Committee of the Socialist Party, <1934>. 22 pp. Pamphlet K16 .T6 1934p.

Kaplun, Sergiei Ilich. The Protection of Labor in Soviet Russia. Soviet Russia Pamphlets No. 4. New York: The Russian Soviet Government Bureau, 1920. 30 pp. Pamphlet K17 .P7 1920p. PDF

Karp, Alan. The Great Depression. Palo Alto, CA: New York Labor News, 1980. 41 pp. Pamphlet K18 .G7 1980p.

Karp, Nathan. Crises in America: A Revolution Overdue. Brooklyn, N.Y.: New York Labor News, 1975. 31 <1> pp. Pamphlet K18.2 .C7 1975p.

---. Unionism, Fraudulent or Genuine? Palo Alto, Calif.: New York Labor News, 1975. 58 <2> pp. Pamphlet K18.2 .U5 1975p.

Karp, Stanley. Capitalism and Unemployment: Its Causes and Dimensions, the Failure of Reforms, the Jobless and the Unions, Socialist Solutions. Palo Alto, CA: New York Labor News, 1976. 42 pp. Pamphlet K18.3 .C3 1976p.

Karsner, David. Debs Goes to Prison. New York: Irving Kaye Davis & Company, 1919. 58, <2> pp. Pamphlet K18.7 .D4 1919p. PDF

Kautsky, Karl. The Capitalist Class. <Kautsky Pamphlets 2>. <New York>: National Executive Committee, Socialist Labor Party, <1911>. 32 pp. Pamphlet K21 .C3 1911p. PDF

---. The Class Struggle. New York: New York Labor News, 1899. 35 pp. Pamphlet K21 .C5 1899p. PDF

---. Communism and Socialism, by Karl Kautsky. New York: The American League for Democratic Socialism, 1932. 49, <1> pp. Pamphlet K21 .C6 1932p.

---. The Proletariat. New York: New York Labor News, 1898. 15 pp. Pamphlet K21 .P7 1898p. PDF

---. The Road to Power, by Karl Kautsky. Authorized Translation by A. M. Simons. Chicago: Ill., For sale by Socialist Party, <1909>. 127 pp. Pamphlet K21 .R6 1909p. PDF

---. The Socialist Republic. New York: New York Labor News Co., 1913. 48 pp. Pamphlet K21 .S6 1913p. PDF

---. The Working Class (the Proletariat). New York: New York Labor News Co., 1900. 32 pp. Pamphlet K21 .S63 1900p. PDF

Keebler, Robert Samuel. The Tennessee Evolution Case. Memphis: Davis Print. Co., <1925>. 34 pp. Pamphlet K26.3 .T4 1925p.

Keene, David. The Adult Criminal. Young Fabian pamphlet 15. London: Fabian Society, 1967. 32 pp. Pamphlet K26.5 .A3 1967p.

Keep America Out of War Committee. War--What for. New York: The Keep America out of War Committee, 1938. 31 pp. Pamphlet K26.3 .W3 1938p.

Keep America Out of War Congress. Keep America Out of War: War Crushes Democracy. New York: Keep America Out of War, <193-?> 1 folded sheet <4> pp. Pamphlet K26.7 .K4 1930?p.

Keeping Left: Labour's First Five Years and the Problems Ahead. New statesman pamphlet. London: New Statesman and Nation, 1950. 48 pp. Pamphlet K26 .K4 1950p.

Kelley, John W. Why I Am a Socialist. S.l.: s.n. 16 pp. Pamphlet K30 .W5 1900p. PDF

Kelman, Steven. Beyond New Leftism. New York: Young People's Socialist League, <1969>. 21 pp. Pamphlet K29.3 .B4 1969p.

Kelso, Harold. Build for Socialism!: A Manual on Organization. Chicago: Socialist Party of America, <1920>. 31 pp. Pamphlet K29 .B8 1920p. PDF

Kemp, T. D., (Thomas D.). Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Fifty minute biographies; no. 1. New York City: The Robert C. Cook Co., 1933. 32 pp. Pamphlet K32 .A3 1933p.

Kempton, Murray. Socialism Now!: Democracy's Only Defense. New York: Young People's Socialist League, Youth Section, Socialist Party, <1941>. 22 pp. Pamphlet K32.5 .S6 1941p.

Kennan, James. Australian Labour: A Time of Challenge. Young Fabian pamphlet; 25. London: Fabian Society, 1971. 27pp. Pamphlet K34 .A9 1971p.

Kennedy, John C., (John Curtis). "Will Socialism Save the World?" Affirmative: Professor John C. Kennedy. Negative: Mr. Clarence S. Darrow, at the Garrick Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, January 26, 1919. Maclasky & Maclasky, Court Reporters, Chicago. Chicago: J. F. Higgins, Printer, 1919. 32 pp. Pamphlet K35 .W5 1919p. PDF

Kennedy, W. P., (William Parker). W. P. Kennedy, President, B. of R.T., at the Grave of Eugene V. Debs (1855-1926), Highland Lawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, Indiana, November 6, 1955. Terre Haute, Ind.: s.n., <1955>. 1 sheet. Pamphlet K36 .W6 1955p.

Keracher, John. Economics for Beginners: Elementary Economics in Simple Language. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr, 1935. 40 pp. Pamphlet K39 .E2 1935p.

---. Frederick Engels. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr & Company, 1946. 44, <4> pp. Pamphlet K39 .F7 1946p.

---. The Head-Fixing Industry. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr & Company, 1955. 52 pp. Pamphlet K39 .H4 1955p.

---. Producers and Parasites. Chicago: Kerr, 1935. 28 pp. Pamphlet K39 .P7 1935p.

---. Wages and the Working Day. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr, 1946. 26 pp. Pamphlet K39 .W3 1946p.

---. Why Unemployment. Chicago: C. H. Kerr, 1935. 23 pp. Pamphlet K39 .W5 1935p.

Kerr, Charles H. Socialist Songs. Pocket Library of Socialism; No. 11. Chicago: C. H. Kerr, 1900. <32> pp. Pamphlet K41 .S6 1900p. PDF

---. What to Read on Socialism. New York: Socialist Literature Co., ca., <1910>. 63 pp. Pamphlet K41 .W5 1910p. PDF

---. What Socialism Is. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr & Co., <1909>. 32 pp. Pamphlet K41 .W5 1909p. PDF

Kerr, Clark. Unions and Union Leaders of Their Own Choosing. New York: Fund for the Republic, <1957>. 23 pp. Pamphlet K41.2 .U5 1957p.

Keyserling, Leon Hirsch. The Economy of Israel: Progress Under Freedom. New York: Development Corporation of Israel, 1959. 47 pp. Pamphlet K44 .E2 1959p.

---. Full Employment Without Inflation: Prepared for the Task Force of the Committee on Full Employment. Washington: Conference on Economic Progress, 1975. 48 pp. Pamphlet K44 .F8 1975p.

---. Inflation and Recession: An Address. New York: League for Industrial Democracy, <1970>. <7> pp. Pamphlet K44 .I5 1970p.

The King Vs. J. S. Woodsworth: Indictment for Publishing Seditious Libels Six Counts and Speaking Seditious Words. Winnipeg: Defense Committee, <1920>. 14 pp. Pamphlet K52 .K5 1920p. PDF

King, Carlyle. What is Democratic Socialism? Victory and reconstruction series; no. 3. Ottawa: Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, 1943. 31 pp. Pamphlet K52.3 .W5 1943p.

Kingsbury, John Adams. Health Security for the Nation. New York: League for Industrial Democracy, 1938. 39 pp. Pamphlet K55 .H4 1938p.

Kinnear, Peter. Wrecking the Nation: The Crime of 1907-8: True Causes of the Panic Stringency of Money and Idleness of Millions of Men. Columbus, Ohio: Co-operative Publishing Co., 1908. 44 pp. Pamphlet K55.7 .W7 1908p. PDF

Kirkland, Lane. Labor and the Liberal Tradition. New York: League for Industrial Democracy, 1971. 19 pp. Pamphlet K59.3 .L3 1971p.

Kirkpatrick, George R., (George Ross). The Slander of the Toilers. Pittsburgh, Pa.: The Collectivist Press, 1919. pp. 58-83. Pamphlet K59 .S6 1919p. PDF

---. The Socialist Party and the Ku Klux Klan. Chicago, Ill.: Socialist Party, <1924?> 1 folded sheet <4> pp. Pamphlet K59 .S63 1924p.

---. Think, or Surrender. Girard, Kansas: Appeal to Reason, 1916. 96 pp. Pamphlet K59 .T5 1916p. PDF

Kirshenbaum, Louis. The Mind of Organized Labor. Chicago, Ill.: L. Kirshenbaum. 24 pp. Pamphlet K61 .M5 1930p.

Knauss, Elizabeth. The Menace of Bolshevism in America and Throughout the World. 6th ed. Davenport, Ia.: The author, <192-?> (Chicago: The Diligent Press). 24 pp. Pamphlet K67 .M4 1923p.

Kollontai, A. (Aleksandra). Communism and the Family. San Francisco: Richmond Record, <1920>. 15 pp. Pamphlet K81 .C6 1920p. PDF

Korngold, Ralph, b. 1886. Are There Classes in America? Chicago: The Socialist Party, 1914. 34 pp. Pamphlet K84 .A7 1914p. PDF

Korzeniowske, T. Engineering: A Treatise on Workers Control and Management of Industry, with a Review of Present Mis-Management. Chicago, Ill. U.S.A.: Industrial University, <1922>. 64 pp. Pamphlet K84.5 .E5 1922p. PDF

Kraft, James P. The Fall of Job Harriman's Socialist Party: Violence, Gender, and Politics in Los Angeles, 1911.. Los Angeles: Historical Society of Southern California, 1988. 68 pp. Pamphlet K89 .F3 1988p.

Krehm, William. Spain: Revolution and Counter-Revolution. Toronto: The League for a Revolutionary Workers' Party, <1936>. 56 pp. Pamphlet K92 .S6 1936p.

Kreymborg, Alfred. Edna: The Girl of the Street. New York. 1919. 27 pp. Pamphlet K92.4 .E3 1919p. PDF

Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kniaz.' An Appeal to the Young. Pocket Library of Socialism; No. 36. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr, <19--?> 30, <2> pp. Pamphlet K93 .A6 1900p. PDF

---. An Appeal to the Young. Chicago: Charles Kerr, <n.d.>. 26 pp. Pamphlet K93 .A67 1900p. PDF

---. An Appeal to the Young. Chicago: Free Society Publishers, 1901. 16 pp. Pamphlet K93 .A674 1901p. PDF

---. Mutual Aid. Girard, Kansas: Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1945. 32 pp. Pamphlet K93 .M8 1945p.

---. The State, Its Historic Role. Big blue book; B-575. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1947. 32 pp. Pamphlet K93 .S7 1947p.

Krueger, Maynard C. Inflation: Who Wins and Who Loses? Issues of the Day; No. 4. Chicago: Socialist Party of America, 1934. 16 pp. Pamphlet K94 .I5 1934p.

Krzycki, Leo. The Unions and the Socialists. Chicago: Socialist Party of U. S. A., <1933>. 15 pp. Pamphlet K94.7 .U5 1933p.

Kuhn, Henry. The Socialist Labor Party During Four Decades, 1890-1930. New York City: New York Labor News Co., 1931. 126, <2> pp. Pamphlet K91 .S6 1931p.

Kun, Bela. The Most Burning Question: Unity of Action. New York: Workers Library Publishers, 1934. 63 pp. Pamphlet K96 .M6 1934p.

Kunitz, Joshua. The Jewish Problem in the USSR. Monthly review pamphlet series; no.6. New York: Monthly Review, 1953. 47 pp. Pamphlet K95.5 .J4 1953p.

Kurinsky, Philip. The Intellectual and the Worker. New York: Workers' Educational League, <1921>. 36 pp. Pamphlet K96.7 .I5 1921p. PDF

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