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This file contains 41 entries. All entries are arranged by main entry, title, and date of publication.

Oakeshott, J. F., (Joseph Francis). A Democratic Budget. Fabian Tract; No. 39. London: Fabian Society, 1892. 15 pp. Pamphlet O11 .D4 1892p. PDF

---. The Humanizing of the Poor Law. Fabian Tract; No.54. London: The Fabian Society, 1897. 23 pp. Pamphlet O11 .H8 1897p. PDF

O'Brien, John Robert. The Constitution of the United States from the Worker's Viewpoint. Racine, Wisconsin: the Author, <n.d.>. 48 pp. Pamphlet O13 .C6p.

---. The Field Which We Must Combat: A Survey of the Entire Radical Movement in America. Racine, Wis.: The Soap-Box University, c1921. 21 pp. Pamphlet O13 .F5 1921p. PDF

O'Connor, Tom. The Truth About Anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union: Exposing the Fraud Perpetrated on the American People. New York: American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists & Scientists, <1949>. 24 pp. Pamphlet O18 .T7 1949p.

O'Hagan, Walter. Why a Catholic Should Be a Socialist. New York: Socialist Party, <1941-?> 8 pp. Pamphlet O36.3 .W5 1940p.

O'Hare, Kate Richards. Crime and Criminals. Kate O'Hare Booklets; No. 4. Girard, Kan.: Frank P. O'Hare, <1921>. 31 pp. Pamphlet O36 .C7 1921p. PDF

---. In Prison; Being a Report. St. Louis, Mo.: F. P. O'Hare, 1920. 64 pp. Pamphlet O36 .I5 1920p. PDF

---. Law and the White Slaver. Rip-Saw Series; No. 1. Saint Louis, Mo.: National Ripsaw Publishing Company, 1911. 32 pp. Pamphlet O36 .L3 1911p. PDF

---. Socialism and the World War. Kate O'Hare Booklets; No. 1. St. Louis: Frank P. O'Hare, 1919. 30 pp. Pamphlet O36 .S6 1919p. PDF

---. "Nigger" Equality. St. Louis, MO: National Rip-Saw, <19-->. 8 pp. Pamphlet O36 .N5 1900p. PDF

Olgin, Moissaye J., (Moissaye Joseph). Capitalism Defends Itself Through the Socialist Labor Party. New York: Workers Library Publishers, 1932. 40 pp. Pamphlet O45.5 .C3 1932p.

---. Life and Teachings of Friedrich Engels. New York: Workers Library Publishers, <1935>. 39 pp. Pamphlet O45.5 .L5 1935p.

Olney, Richard. In the Supreme Court of the United States, October Term, 1894. Chicago?: s.n., <1894>. 22 pp. Pamphlet O51.5 .I5 1894p. PDF

On the Question of Stalin; Comment on the Open Letter of the Central Committee of the CPSU (II) by the Editorial Departments of Renmin Ribao (People's Daily) and Hongqi (Red Flag), September 13, 1963. Peking: Foreign Languages Press, 1963. 23 pp. Pamphlet S782.5 .O5 1963p.

On the Revolutionary "Three-in-One" Combination. Peking: Foreign Languages Press, 1968. 37 pp. Pamphlet J51 .O5 1968p.

One World--Or None. <Cleveland: United World Federalists of Ohio, 1949>. 36 pp. Pamphlet U58.89 .O5 1949p.

Oneal, James. An American Labor Party: An Interpretation. New York: Rand School Press, <1936>. 14 pp. Pamphlet O58 .A5 1936p.

---. The Austrian Civil War. New York: Rand School Press, <1934>. 31 pp. Pamphlet O58 .A9 1934p.

---. Labor and the Next War: A Study of American Imperialism and Its Effect Upon the Workers. Chicago: Socialist Party of the United States, <192-?>. 40 pp. Pamphlet O58 .L3 1920p. PDF

---. Labor in England and America: A Significant Contrast. Chicago, Ill.: National Office, Socialist Party, <1925>. 19 pp. Pamphlet O58 .L33 1925p.

---. Militant Socialism. Rip-saw Series; No. 11. Saint Louis, Mo.: National Rip-Saw Publishing Co., 1912. 33 pp. Pamphlet O58 .M5 1912p. PDF

---. The Next Emancipation. 2nd ed. New York: Emancipation Publishing Co., 1922. 31 pp. Pamphlet O58 .N4 1922p. PDF

---. "Resolved: That the Terms of the Third International Are Inacceptable to the Revolutionary Socialists of the World": Being the Report of a Debate, Held in Star Casino, New York City. . . January Sixteenth, 1921. N.C.Y. <i.e. N.Y.C.>: The Academy Press, 1921. 31, <1> pp. Pamphlet O58 .R4 1921p. PDF

---. Sabotage: Or, Socialism Vs. Syndicalism, a Critical Study of Theories and Methods. Rip-saw Series; No. 20. Saint Louis, Mo.: National Rip-Saw Publishing Co., 1913. 32 pp. Pamphlet O58 .S2 1913p. PDF

---. Socialism Versus Bolshevism. New York: Rand School Press, 1935. 27 pp. Pamphlet O58 .S6 1935p.

---. Socialism's New Beginning. New York: Gene Debs People's Forum Foundation, 1958. 37 pp. Pamphlet O58 .S63 1958p.

---. The Workers in American History. 2nd ed. Terre Haute, Ind.: J. Oneal, 1910. 136 pp. Pamphlet O58 .W6 1910p. PDF

Oneida, Ltd. Oneida Community: 1848-1901. <Oneida, N.Y.?: Oneida Ltd.?, 1901?> 8 pp. Pamphlet O58.2 .O5 1901p. PDF

Openshaw, Keith. The Remoter Rural Areas. Fabian Research Series; 253. London: Fabian Society, 1966. 25 pp. Pamphlet O61 .R4 1966p.

Oppenheimer, Moses. Outlawing Socialism. Chicago: Socialist Party of the United States, 1920. 44 pp. Pamphlet O62 .O9 1920p. PDF

Oppenheimer, Ralph. Whatever Will Happen to the National Plan? Young Fabian Pamphlet; 12. London: Fabian Society, 1966. 24 pp. Pamphlet O62.3 .W5 1966p.

<Order Form>. London: Published by the Labour Party, <1849>. 3 pp. Pamphlet O65 .O7 1949p.

Orear, Leslie F. Out of the Jungle; the Packinghouse Workers Fight for Justice and Equality, by Leslie F. Orear and Stephen H. Diamond. <n.p.>: Hyde Park Press, 1968. 1 vol. (unpaged). Pamphlet O66 .O9 1968p.

The Origin and Development of the Differences Between the Leaderships of CPSU and Ourselves: Comment on the Open Letter of the Central Committee of the CPSU. Peking: Foreign Language Press, 1963. 99 pp. Pamphlet J51 .O7 1963p.

Orr, Charles Andrew. Stalin's Slave Camps: An Indictment of Modern Slavery. Brussels: International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, 1951. 104, <1> pp. Pamphlet O75 .S7 1951p.

Osborne, James B. The Truth About Socialism: An Analysis of the Philosophy Enunciated in the Declaration of American Independence, as Compared with the Philosophy of Social Democracy. Oakland, Calif.: International Press, 1912. 31 pp. Pamphlet O81 .T7 1912p. PDF

Out of Their Own Mouths: A Documentary Study of the New Line of the Comintern on War. New York: Young People's Socialist League, Greater New York Federation, <1936?> 39 pp. Pamphlet O94 .O9 1936p.

Overseas Socialist Hostels Society. British and Overseas Socialists Unite in This Appeal for Funds to Establish Residential Centres for Overseas Comrades Temporarily Resident in the United Kingdom. London: Overseas Socialist Hostels Society, <1957>. 4 pp. Pamphlet O96.3 .B7 1957p.

---. International Socialist Hostel Appeal. <London: Overseas Socialist Hostels Society, 1957?> 1 folded sheet (4 pp.) Pamphlet O96.3 .I5 1957p.

Overstreet, H. A., (Harry Allen). What We Must Know About Communism. New York: Alumni Publications, 1959. 14 pp. Pamphlet O96 .W5 1959p.

Owen, David Elystan. Social Services for All? Part Four. Fabian Tract; 385. London: Fabian Society, 1968. 122 pp. Pamphlet O97 .S6 1968p.

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