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This file contains 90 entries. All entries are arranged by main entry, title, and date of publication.

Radek, Karl. Proletarian Dictatorship and Terrorism. Detroit: The Marxian Educational Society, <1921>. 60 pp. Pamphlet R126 .P7 1921p. PDF

Railroad Industrial Relations Project. Ithaca, N.Y.: Labor Management Documentation Center, M. P. Catherwood Library, New York School of Industrial and Labor Relations, 1973. 18 pp. Pamphlet R152 .R3 1973p.

Railroad Strike or Federal Inquiry?: Public and Press Demand Peaceful Settlement of Railway Wage Controversy by Interstate Commerce Commission or by Arbitration. S.l.: Association of Western Railways, <1916>. 31 pp. Pamphlet R152.3 .R3 1916p. PDF

Raiskii, Leonid Grigor'evich. The Struggle Against Opportunism in the American Labor Movement: An Appraisal of Daniel De Leon. New York: New York Labor News Co., 1959. xi, <1> 81, <3> pp. Pamphlet R149 .S7 1959p.

Ramos Oliveira, A. (Antonio). Catholics and the Civil War in Spain: A Collection of Statements by World-Famous Catholic Leaders on the Events in Spain. New York: Three Arrows Press, 1937. 15 pp. Pamphlet R175 .C3 1937p.

Rand School of Social Science. Dance of the Ten Thousand. <Broadway, NY>: Chatham Printing Co., 1918. 34 pp. Pamphlet R186 .D3 1918p. PDF

---. Should the United States Keep Out of Anti-Fascist War?: A Radio Debate. New York: Rand School of Social Science, 1939. 11 pp. Pamphlet R186 .S5 1939p.

Rand School of Social Science. Dept. of Labor Research. Campaign Issues 1930. New York, NY: Issued by the Socialist Party of New York State, 1930. 119 pp. Pamphlet R186 .C3 1930p.

Ransome, Arthur. On Behalf of Russia: An Open Letter to America. New York: New Republic, <1918>. 29 pp. Pamphlet R212 .O5 1918p. PDF

Rathbone, William. Protection and Communism: A Consideration of the Effects of the American Tariff Upon Wages. New York; London: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1884. 42 pp. Pamphlet R234 .P6 1884p. PDF

Raushenbush, Hilmar Stephen. The People's Fight for Coal and Power. New York: League for Industrial Democracy, 1926. 36 pp. Pamphlet R248 .P4 1926p.

Rawson, Frederick S. American Road Map to Success: First Steps in Psychology. San Diego, Calif.: Frederick S. Rawson Publishing Co., 1922. 142 pp. Pamphlet R262 .A4 1922p. PDF

Recht, Charles. American Deportation and Exclusion Laws: A Report. New York: National Civil Liberties Bureau, 1919. 33 pp. Pamphlet R296 .A4 1919p. [Note: Publisher's explanation sheet laid in, included at end of document.] PDF

Reconstructionist. The Conspiracy of the Priviledged. New York: Commonweal Workers <1908.> 24 pp. Pamphlet R294 .C6 1908p. PDF

The Red Hysteria: An Editorial from the New Republic of January 28th, 1920. New York: New Republic, 1920. 7 pp. Pamphlet R312 .R4 1920p. PDF

The Red Portfolio: Cartoons for Socialism. Girard, Kansas: Coming Nation, <1913> 32 pp. Pamphlet R312 .R42 1931p.

Reed, C. H. Civic Evils or The Relation of Money to Social Ethics. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr, <ca. 1900.> 30 pp. Pamphlet R323 .C5 1900p.PDF

The Registration and Corrupt Practices Acts of Indiana: With Explanations thereof Prepared by the Attorney-General of the State of Indiana and Issued by the Governor for the Instruction of Voters and Political Parties of This State. <S.l.: s.n.>, 1912. 58 pp. Pamphlet R337 .R4 1912p. PDF

Reid, Sol A. Jury Trials Suppressed: Why They are Denied by Military and Martial Law and an Appeal to the Socialist Party and Every Honest Citizen. Boston: I. Jacobs, 1913. 48 pp. Pamphlet R358 .J8 1913p. PDF

Reinstein, Boris. International May Day and American Labor Day: A Holiday Expressing Working Class Emancipation Versus a Holiday Exalting Labor's Chains. New York: National Executive Committee, Socialist Labor Party, <1916>. 32 pp. Pamphlet R374 .I5 1916p. PDF

Reissig, Herman F. How to Combat Communism. New York: Council for Christian Social Action, United Church of Christ, <1961>. 24 pp. Pamphlet R378 .H6 1961p.

A Report by Four Canadians on Cuba as They Saw It. Toronto, Can.: Fair Play for Cuba Committee, <1963>. 31 pp. Pamphlet R425.2 .R4 1963p.

Reuther, Walter. This Is the New Beginning. Washington, D.C.: Congress of Industrial Organizations, 1955. 35 pp. Pamphlet R447 .T5 1955p.

Revell, Aldric. Saskatchewan Shows the Way. Madison: Socialist Party of Wisconsin, 1947. 16 pp. Pamphlet R451 .S2 1947p.

La Revolucion Granadina 1979-1983: Discursos de Maurice Bishop y Fidel Castro, con una Introduccion por Steve Clark. Nueva York, N.Y.: Pathfinder Press, 1984. 86 pp. Pamphlet R454.3 .R4 1984p.

The Revolution and Cultural Problems in Cuba. <Havana, Cuba>: Republic of Cuba, Ministry of Foreign Relations, , 1962. 76 pp. Pamphlet R454.4 .R4 1962p.

Revolutionary Analysis, Strategy and Tactics Today. Merit Pamphlet. New York: Pathfinder Press, 1971. 31 pp. Pamphlet R454.5 .R4 1971p.

Revolutionary Socialist Congress (1936: Brussels, Belgium). A Lead to World Socialism on Spain, War, Fascism, Imperialism: Report of Revolutionary Socialist Congress, Brussels, October 31St-November 2nd 1936. London: International Bureau for Revolutionary Socialist Unity, <1936>. 32 pp. Pamphlet R454.7 .L4 1936p.

Revueltas, Jose. The Youth Movement and the Alienation of Society. Merit Pamphlet. New York: Pathfinder Press, 1969. 34 pp. Pamphlet R449 .Y6 1969p.

Reynolds, Stephen Marion. Debs at Home: An Appreciation of Eugene V. Debs. Terre Haute, Ind.: Bureau of American Labor Lyceum. 15 pp. Pamphlet R464.7 .D4 1900p. PDF

---. Life. Terre Haute, Ind.: The Author, 1905. <14> pp. Pamphlet R464.7 .L5 1905p. PDF

---. The Revolution of Our Day: Its Progress and Its Meaning. Terre Haute, Ind.: Co-Operative Crafts Shop, 1909. 29 pp. Pamphlet R464.7 .R4 1909p. PDF

Reynolds, Verne L. The Party's Work. New York: Socialist Labor Party, 1925. 47 pp. Pamphlet R465 .P3 1925p.

Richards, W. H. Socialism Explained: A Brief Summary of the Ultimate Objective of the Socialist Party in America and How It Is Proposed to Re-Organize Industry to Give to the Worker the Fruit of His Toil. Indianapolis: W. H. Richards, 1932. 48 pp. Pamphlet R579 .S6 1932p.

Richardson, N. A. Methods of Acquiring National Possession of Our Industries. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr & Co., 1903. 30 pp. Pamphlet R524.3 .M4 1903p. Copy 1. PDF

Richardson, N. A. Methods of Acquiring National Possession of Our Industries. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr & Co., 1903. 30 pp. Pamphlet R524.3 .M4 1903p. Copy 2. [Only substantive page differences used from this copy.] PDF

Ricker, A. W., (Allen W.). Free Love and Socialism: The Truth as to What Socialists Believe About Marriage. Rip-saw Series; No. 7. Saint Louis, Mo.: National Rip-Saw Pub. Co., 1911. 31 pp. Pamphlet R539 .F7 1911p. PDF

---. The Most Frequent Objections to Socialism Answered. Chicago: National Office of the Socialist Party, <19-->. <4> pp. Pamphlet R539 .M6p.

---. The Political Economy of Jesus. Rip-Saw Series; No. 12. St. Louis: National Rip-Saw Pub. Co., 1912. 29 pp. Pamphlet R539 .P6 1912p. PDF

---. Shall We Have a Federation of Farmers? New York: Pearson's Magazine, <1915>. 11 pp. Pamphlet R539 .S5 1915p. PDF

Ridley, Francis A. Spartacus: A Study in Revolutionary History. London: Independent Labour Party, <1944>. 79, <1>pp. Pamphlet R545 .S6 1944p.

Riebe, Ernest. Crimes of the Bolsheviki: Dedicated to the Interests of the International Proletariat. Chicago: All-American Pub. Co., 1919. 48 pp. Pamphlet R548 .C7 1919p. Copy 1. PDF

---. Crimes of the Bolsheviki: Dedicated to the Interests of the International Proletariat. Chicago: All-American Pub. Co., 1919. 48 pp. Pamphlet R548 .C7 1919p. Copy 2. [Only apparent difference is size; Copy 1 is approximately 5 1/4 x 3 1/8" while Copy 2 is approximately 6 3/4 x 4 3/4".] PDF

---. Mr. Block and the Profiteers. Chicago: All-American Publishing Co., 1919. 44 pp. Pamphlet R548 .M7 1919p. PDF

Ries, W. F., (William Frederich). Bees and Butterflies. Toledo, O.: The Author, <1911?> 63 pp. Pamphlet R559 .B4 1911p. PDF

---. Hawks and Hens. Toledo, Ohio: The Author, <192?> 63 pp. Pamphlet R559 .H3 1920p. PDF

---. Hi-Cost of Living: Cost and Cure, a Peaceful Solution. Toledo, Ohio: W. F. Ries, 1920. 64 pp. Pamphlet R559 .H5 1920p. PDF

---. Men and Mules. Toledo: W. F. Ries, <1907?> 62, 2 pp. Pamphlet R559 .M4 1907p. PDF

---. Roosevelt Exposes Socialism. Toledo, Ohio: W.F. Ries, <191-?> 64 pp. Pamphlet R559 .R6 1910p. PDF

Rifkin, Jeremy. The Red, White, and Blue Left. Madison, Wis.: The Progressive, 1971. <8> pp. Pamphlet R564 .R4 1971p.

Rios, Fernando de los. What is Happening in Spain? London: <Press Department of the Spanish Embassy>, 1937. 29 pp. Pamphlet R586 .W5 1937p.

Rischin, Moses. Our Own Kind: Voting by Race, Creed or National Origin. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Fund for the Republic, 1960. 38 pp. Pamphlet R595 .O9 1960p.

The Road to Serfdom: A Radio Discussion. University of Chicago Round Table; No. 370. Chicago: University of Chicago, 1945. 17 pp. Pamphlet U58.9 .R6 1945p.

Robinson, Geoffrey. Europe: Problems of Negotiation. Fabian Research Series 263. London: Fabian Society, 1967. 38 pp. Pamphlet R661 .E9 1967p.

Robinson, Ira Ellsworth. Three Great Protests Against Trial of Civilians by Military Commissions: Arguments in Behalf of the Preservation of Constitutional Government and the Sacred Right of Trial by Jury: Two Dissenting Opinions of Judge Ira E. Robinson of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia in the Famous Habeas Corpus Cases of Maps, Nance, "Mother Jones," Charles Batley, Charles H. Boswell and Paul J. Paulson .. The Other, the Great Argument of Our Martyred President, James A. Garfield, in the Noted Milligan Case in the Supreme Court of the United States. Charleston, W. Va.: Kanawha Citizen Print, <1917>. 79 pp. Pamphlet R661.5 .T5 1917p. PDF

Robinson, William J., (William Josephus). The Pervert Maniac Hitler and His Gang. New York: Critic and Guide Co., 1933. 31 pp. Pamphlet R666 .P4 1933p.

Rocker, Rudolf. Rudolf Rocker: An Autobiography. London: Robert Anscombe & Co. for the Rudolf Rocker Book Committee, 1955. 32 pp. Pamphlet R682 .R8 1955p.

---. Socialism and State: With a Short Biography of Rudolf Rocker. Indore City: Modern Publishers, 1946. 33 pp. Pamphlet R682 .S6 1946p.

---. The Tragedy of Spain. New York: Freie Arbeiter Stimme, 1937. 47 pp. Pamphlet R682 .T7 1937p.

Rodriquez, Carlos Rafael. The Cuban Revolution and the Peasantry. <Havana : Cuba, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Dirección de Información, 1965 or 6> 35 pp. Pamphlet R696 .C8 1965p.

Roosevelt, Theodore. The Negro Question, Attitude of the Progressive Party Toward the Colored Race; Colonel Roosevelt's Reply to a Query at the Progressive National Convention; His Letter to Julian Harris, of Atlanta. New York: Mail and Express Job Print, <1912>. 16 pp. Pamphlet R781 .N4 1912p. PDF

Rose, Saul. The Socialist International. <London>: Labour Party, 1955. 20 pp. Pamphlet R797 .S6 1955p.

Rosenthal, A. The Differences Between the Socialist Party and the Socialist Labor Party: Also Between socialism, Anarchism and Anti-political Industrialism. Brooklyn, N.Y.: Grayzel, c1908. 44 pp. Pamphlet R815.4 .D5 1908. PDF

Ross, Lloyd Maxwell. Labor in Australia. New York: American Council, Institute of Pacific Relations, 1943. 47 <1> pp. Pamphlet R824.5 .L3 1943p.

Ross, Norman. Workshop Bargaining: A New Approach. Fabian Tract; 366. London: Fabian Society, 1966. 28 pp. Pamphlet R825 .W6 1966p.

Rotunno, Charles. Innocence of Sacco & Vanzetti. Cincinnati, Ohio: Pamphlet Publications, 1978. 55 pp. Pamphlet R851 .I5 1978p.

Roy, Donald. State Holding Companies. Young Fabian Pamphlet; 40. London: Fabian Society, 1974. 30 pp. Pamphlet R888 .S7 1974p.

Rudiger, Helmut. The Revolutionary Movement in Spain. New York: Libertarian Pub. Society, <1934>. 24 pp. Pamphlet R916 .R4 1934p.

Ruppel, Frederick C. Working Class Revolution Versus Capitalist Reform: A Debate: Resolved, That the Socialist Party and Not the Progressive Party Is Entitled to the Support of the Workers. Cleveland: International Publishing Co., <1912>. 23 pp. Pamphlet R946 .W6 1912p. PDF

Russell, Bertrand. Ideas That Have Helped Mankind: A Philosopher Looks at Man's Long History, Points to the Things That Moved Him Forward, and Shows What We Must Do in the Future If Civilization Is to Continue to Grow. Girard, Kan.: E. Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1946. 32 pp. Pamphlet R961 .I3 1946p.

---. The Meaning of Marx: A Symposium. New York: Farrar & Rinehart, 1934. 89 pp. Pamphlet R961 .M4 1934p.

Russell, Charles Edward. Gouged: Or The National Crisis. Newark, N.J.: Clarion Publishing Co., <1910>. 23 pp. Pamphlet R961.3 .G6 1910p. PDF

---. Socialism the Only Remedy. New York: Socialist Party, <1912>. 24 pp. Pamphlet R961.3 .S6 1912p. PDF

Russell, George William. The Dublin Strike. Dublin: "Irish Worker" Press, <1913>. 7 pp. Pamphlet R963 .D8 1913p. PDF

Russell, Maud. Some Background on China's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Far East Reporter. New York: Maud Russell, Publisher, <1967>. 40 pp. Pamphlet R965 .S6 1967p.

Russia with Our Own Eyes: Report. New York: SRT Publications, 1951. 96 pp. Pamphlet R969.2 .R8 1951p.

Russia. Constitution. Decrees and Constitution of Soviet Russia.. New York: The Nation Press, Inc., 1918. 89 pp. Pamphlet R969 .D4 1918p. PDF

Russian S.F.S.R. The Labor Laws of Soviet Russia: With an Answer to a Criticism by William C. Redfield. Soviet Russia Pamphlets, No. 1. New York: Russian Soviet Government Bureau, 1920. 48 pp. Pamphlet R970 .L3 1920p. PDF

---. The Russian Constitution: Adopted July 10, 1918. New York: Nation Press, <1919>. 20 pp. Pamphlet R969 .R87 1919p. PDF

---. The Russian Land Law Effective September, 1918. New York: J.H. Richards, <1919>. 16 pp. Pamphlet R969 .R874 1919p. PDF

---. Constitution, World's First Socialist Republic. Chicago: Socialist Party, <1918>. 32 pp. Pamphlet R969 .C6 1918p. PDF

Russian Soviet Government Bureau. The Marriage Laws of Soviet Russia: Complete Text of First Code of Laws of the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic Dealing with Civil Status and Domestic Relations, Marriage, the Family and Guardianship. Soviet Russia Pamphlets; No. 2. New York: The Russian Soviet Government Bureau, 1921. 85 pp. Pamphlet R970 .M3 1921p. PDF

Rustin, Bayard. The Anatomy of Frustration: An Address. New York: Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, 1968. 18 pp. Pamphlet R971 .A5 1968p.

---. The Labor-Negro Coalition, a New Beginning. <Washington? D.C.: American Federationist? 1968?> <5> pp. Pamphlet R971 .L3 1968p.

---. Three Essays. <New York>: A. Philip Randolph Institute, 1969. 23 pp. Pamphlet R971 .T5 1969p.

---. "Right to Work" Laws: A Trap for America's Minorities. New York: A. Phillip Randolph Institute, <1967>. 15 pp. Pamphlet R971 .R5 1967p.

Ruthenberg, Charles E., (Charles Emil). Are We Growing Toward Socialism? Cleveland, Ohio: Local Cleveland, Socialist Party, 1917. 48 pp. Pamphlet R974 .A7 1917p. PDF

Ryan, John Augustine. American Democracy Vs. Racism, Communism. Christian Democracy Series; No. 2. New York: The Paulist Press, 1939. 32 pp. Pamphlet R988 .A4 1939p.

---. Can Unemployment Be Ended? Washington, D.C.: American Association for Economic Freedom, <1940>. 15 pp. Pamphlet R988 .C3 1940p.

---. Roosevelt Safeguards America; Address. New York: Democratic National Committee, <1936>. 12 pp. Pamphlet R988 .R6 1936p.

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