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This file contains 97 entries. All entries are arranged by main entry, title, and date of publication.

Walden, May. Socialism and the Home. Pocket Library of Socialism; No. 28. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr & Co., (co-operative),<1900>. Pamphlet W162 .S6 1900p. PDF

---. Woman and Socialism. Chicago: C. H. Kerr, <1909>. Pamphlet W162 .W6 1909p. PDF

Waldman, John. Food and the People: The Problem of the High Cost of Living and the New York Legislature. New York: Rand School of Social Science, 1918. 45 pp. Pamphlet W164 .F6 1918p.

Waldman, Louis. Should Unions Be Incorporated?: Responsibility of Unions Under the Law. Washington, D.C.: Social Democratic Federation, U.S.A., <1937>. 20 pp. Pamphlet W164 .S5 1937p.

Walker, Ryan. New Adventures of Henry Dubb: Cartoons. Chicago, Ill.: Socialist Party, 1915. Pamphlet W183.7 .N4 1915p. PDF

Wallace, Henry Agard. Cooperation: The Dominant Economic Idea of the Future. New York: Cooperative League, 1936. 16 pp. Pamphlet W190 .C6 1936p.

Walston, Henry David Leonard George Walston. Our Daily Bread. Discussion pamphlet; no. 2. London: Labour Party, 1952. 24pp. Pamphlet W230 .O9 1952p.

War. Chicago, Ill.: Socialist Party, 1915. 46 pp. Pamphlet W253.3 .W3 1915p. PDF

War Aims, Peace Terms, and the World After the War: A Joint Declaration. New York: Rand School Press, 1941. 15 pp. Pamphlet W253 .W3 1941p.

Ward, Harry Frederick. The Profit Motive: Is It Indispensable to Industry? New York: League for Industrial Democracy, 1924. 44 pp. Pamphlet W258.5 .P7 1924p.

Ware, Clarissa S. The American Foreign-Born Workers. New York: Workers Party of American <1924?> 39 pp. Pamphlet W267.3 .A4 1924p.

Warren, Earl. The Law and the Future. New York: Time, Inc., 1955. 16 pp. Pamphlet W287.5 .L3 1955p.

Warren, Fred D., 1872 or 3-1959. $2,000 Per Year and a Six Hour Day: This is What Socialism Offers You for Your Vote; an Argument Backed by Facts. Girard, Kan.: Appeal to Reason, <1912>. 31 pp. Pamphlet W288 .T8 1912p. PDF

---. Warren's Defiance to the Federal Courts: Full Text of Fred D. Warren's Speeches Before the Federal Courts at Fort Scott and St. Paul. Chicago: C.H. Kerr, <1918>. 29 pp. Pamphlet W288 .W3 1918p. PDF

---. Why the Church Opposes Socialism: Showing the Material Basis of Society and Its Influence on the American Church. Girard, Kan.: Appeal to Reason, <1914>. 32 pp. Pamphlet W288 .W5 1914p. PDF

Watts, Robert B. Separation of Church and State. Dynamic Freedoms. New Series 3. Washington: Supreme Council, <1970>. 43 pp. Pamphlet W352 .S4 1970p.

The Way America Works: Dutch Trade-Unionists Visit U.S.A. <S.l.: s.n., 1950>. 61 pp. Pamphlet W357 .W3 1950p.

Wayland, J. A. Wayland's Undelivered Speech and Ben Wilson's Funeral Oration. Girard, Kan.: Appeal to Reason, 1913. 29 pp. Pamphlet W358 .W3 1913p. PDF

We Americans: Who We Are, Where We Came from, What We Believe, Whither We Are Going. Boston: Atlantic Monthly co., 1939. 127 pp. A881 .W4 1939p.

Weal, John. The Post Office Workers v the State: The Great1971 Post Office Strike. London: International Marxist Group,<1971>. 32 pp. Pamphlet W362 .P6 1971p.

Webb, John Nye. Facts About Unemployment. Social Problems No. 4. Washington: U. S. Govt. Print, Off., 1940. 34 pp. Pamphlet W366 .F3 1940p.

Webb, Sidney. The Economics of Direct Employment: With an Account of the Fair Wages Policy. Fabian Tract No. 84. London: Fabian Society, 1898. 15 pp. Pamphlet W368 .E3 1898p. PDF

Webster, W. L. Why Be an Employee?: Or, Democracy in Business After the War. <Cleveland>: W. L. Webster, 1918 <1920>. 56 pp. Pamphlet W385 .W5 1920p. PDF

Weiner, Sam. Ethics and American Unionism: And the Path Ahead for the Working Class. New York: Libertarian League, 1958. 24 pp. Pamphlet W423 .E8 1958p.

Weisbord, Albert. Passaic: The Story of a Struggle Against Starvation Wages and for the Right to Organize. <Chicago>: Published for the Workers (Communist) Party by the Daily World Publishing Co., 1926. 64 pp. Pamphlet W426 .P3 1926p.

Weisenberg, Mina. The L.I.D.: Fifty Years of Democratic Education, 1905-1955; to Dr. Harry Laidler for a Life Time of Dedicated Service in Behalf of the L.I.D. and Its Democratic Ideals. New York: League for Industrial Democracy, 1955. 38 pp. Pamphlet W427 .L5 1955p.

Wells, Hulet M. Wilson and the Issues of Today: A Socialist Revision of George Creel's Famous Book. Seattle, Wash.: The Socialist Party, 1918. 125 pp. Pamphlet W454.3 .W5 1918p. PDF

Welsh, F. R. America's Greatest Peril: The Bolsheviki and the Mooney Case. s.l.: s.n. 15 pp. Pamphlet W461 .A4 1910p. PDF

Wentworth, Lydia G., b. 1858. Patriotism. Brookline, Mass.: Association to Abolish War, 1924. 15 pp. Pamphlet W478 .P3 1924p.

West, Julius. John Stuart Mill. London: The Fabian Society, 1913. 23 pp. Pamphlet W518 .J6 1913p. PDF

Western Railways' Committee on Public Relations. What the Agricultural Press Thinks of the Howell-Barkley Bill. <Chicago, Ill.: Western Railways' Committee on Public Relations, 1925.> 23 pp. Pamphlet W526 .W5 1925p.

What Did Debs Say? <Chicago, Ill.?>: Socialist Party, <1921?>. 4 pp. Pamphlet W555 .W5 1921p. PDF

Wheelock, O. K. Peter Collins Vs. Socialism. Cleveland, O.: The Author, 1914. 8 pp. Pamphlet W565 .P4 1914p. PDF

Where Do We Go from Here? Chicago, Ill.: Chicago BranchNo. 1 General Recruiting Union of the I.W.W., <193->. Pamphlet W567.5 .W5 1930zp.

Which Way for Teachers? The Fight against Cutbacks and Unemployment, Alliances with Parents and Students, the AFT-NEA Merger, Quotas for Minority Hiring, Political Action. New York: Pathfinder Press, 1974. 22 pp. Pamphlet W571.3 .W5 1974p.

Whitaker, Ben. Participation and Poverty. Fabian Research Series 272. London: Fabian Society, 1968. 21 pp. Pamphlet W577 .P3 1968p.

Whitaker, Robert. Songs of Fellowship. Seattle, Wash.: Seattle Fellowship, <193-?>. 28 pp. Pamphlet W578 .S6 1930p.

White, Lee A. The Community and the Newspaper. Richmond, Ind.: Palladium Publishing Corp., <1931>. 21 pp. Pamphlet W585.5 .C6 1931p.

Whiting, Frederic J. The Attack on Railroad Capitalizations. Boston: s.n., <1907>. 15 pp. Pamphlet W598 .A8 1907p. PDF

Whitman, Alden. Triumph Out of Tragedy. New York: American Foundation for the Blind; Helen Keller World Crusade for the Blind, 1968. Pamphlet W614 .T7 1968p.

Why Did They "Confess"?: A Study of the Radek-Piatakov Trial. New York: Pioneer Publishers, <1937?> 31 pp. Pamphlet W629 .W59 1937p.

Why Every Worker Should Join the Communist Party. <New York : Workers Library Publishers, 1930?> 31 pp. Pamphlet W29 .W5 1930p.

Why Should Women Vote?: An Appeal to Gallant Men. Cleona, Pa.: Holzapfel Publishing Co., 1915. Pamphlet W629 .W5 1915p. PDF

Wilde, Oscar. The Soul of Man Under Socialism. St. Louis, Mo.: Hermann Schwarz, 1906. 62 pp. Pamphlet W672 .S685 1906p. PDF

---. The Soul of Man Under Socialism. New York: Max N. Maisel, 1919. 63 pp. Pamphlet W672 .S68 1919p. PDF

---. The Soul of Man Under Socialism: The Socialist Ideal-- Art, and The Coming Solidarity. New York: The Humboldt Publishing Co., 1892. 48 pp. Pamphlet W672 .S6 1892p. PDF

Will Industrial Unions Suffice? Winnipeg, MAN.: Winnipeg Central Labor Council of the O.B.U., <1922>. Pamphlet W689 .W5 1922p. PDF

Willen, Paul. Who "Collaborated" with Russia? Yellow Springs, Ohio: Antioch Review, 1954. Pamphlet W711 .W5 1954p.

Williams, A. L. What is Marxism. Tillicoultry, Scotland:The N.C.L.C. Publishing Society, <1946>. 36 pp. Pamphlet W721 .W5 1946p.

Williams, Albert Rhys. The Bolsheviks and the Soviets: The Present Government of Russia, What the Soviets Have Done, Difficulties the Soviets Faced, Six Charges Against the Soviets, the Soviet Leaders and the Bolsheviks, the Russians and America. New York: Rand School of Social Science, 1919. 48 pp. Pamphlet W728 .B6 1919p. PDF

---. Soviet Russia: An Address. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr,<1919>. 60 pp. Pamphlet W728 .S6 1919p. PDF

Williams, David C. The Intelligent Socialist's Guide to America. London: Tribune Publications, <1951>. 16 pp. Pamphlet W722.5 .I5 1951p.

Williams, Philip Maynard. Athens Under the Spartans. Fabian research series; 264. London: Fabian Society, 1967. 24pp. Pamphlet W726 .A8 1967p.

Wilshire, Gaylord. Hop Lee and the Pelican. Newark, N. J.: Clarion Publishing Co., <between 1900 and 1913?>. 7, <1gt; pp. Pamphlet H791 .H6 1900p. PDF

---. Socialism: The Mallock-Wilshire Argument. New York: Wilshire Book Co., <1907?> 54 pp. Pamphlet W746 .S6 1907p. PDF

----. Why a Workingman Should Be a Socialist. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr, <1912>. Pamphlet W746 .W5 1912p. PDF

Wilson, Ben F. Russia and Religion. <Erie, Pa.>: Erie Tageblatt Pub. Co., Inc., <1932>. 16 pp. Pamphlet W746.7 1932p.

Wilson, Harold, Sir. Democracy in Industry: A Speech Delivered at the N.W. Regional Conference of the Labour Party 17 March 1973. Edinburgh Series of Policy Speeches No. 3. London: Labour Party, <1973>. 16 pp. Pamphlet W749 .D46 1973p.

---. Democracy in Local Affairs: A Speech Delivered at the Seventeenth Local Government Conference of the Labour Party in Newcastle Upon Tyne on 10 February 1973. Edinburgh Series of Policy Speeches No. 2. London: Labour Party, <1973>. 19 pp. Pamphlet W749 .D4 1973p.

---. Individual Choice in Democracy: A Speech Delivered at an East of Scotland Labour Party Meeting at Leith on 20 January 1973. Edinburgh Series of Policy Speeches No. 1. London:Labour Party, <1973>. 19 pp. Pamphlet W749 .I5 1973p.

---. Remedies for Inflation: A Series of Manchester Guardian Articles. London: Labour Party, 1957. 15 pp. Pamphlet W749 .R4 1957p.

---. Top of the League. London: Published by the Labour Party, <1957?>. 4 pp. PamphletW749 .T6 1957p.

---. We Accuse: Labour's Indictment of Tory Economic Policy. London: Labour Party, 1956. 31 pp. Pamphlet W749 .W4 1956p.

Wilson, Lilith M. Socialism and Christianity: Radio Address. Reading, PA.: Local Berks Socialist Party, between, <1924>. Pamphlet W750 .S6 1924p.

Wilson, Stanley B. Can a Catholic Be a Socialist? Los Angeles: A. Levin, <1912?> 59 pp. Pamphlet W753 .C3 1912p. PDF

Winnipeg Defense Committee. Saving the World from Democracy: The Winnipeg General Sympathetic Strike, May-June, 1919 ... : Strike -- Arrests -- Trials -- Penitentiary. Winnipeg, Manitoba: s.n., <1920>. 276 pp. Pamphlet W776 .S3 1920p. PDF

Winsbury, Rex. Government and the Press. Fabian Tract 379. London: Fabian Society, 1968. 32 pp. Pamphlet W777 .G6 1968p.

Withers, William. Public Debt and Taxation in the Postwar World. L.I.D. Pamphlet Series. New York: League for Industrial Democracy, 1945. 32 pp. Pamphlet W824 .P8 1945p.

Wolfe, Bertram David. Marx and America. John Day Pamphlets No. 38. New York: John Day Co., 1934. 32 pp. Pamphlet W855.5 .M3 1934p.

Wolin, Simon. Communism's Postwar Decade: The Gains & Losses of Communist Parties in the Non-Communist World Since 1945. Public Service Pamphlet (Tamiment Institute). New York: Tamiment Institute, <1956>. Pamphlet W861.7 .C6 1956p.

Wollenstonecraft, Mary. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. a Digest; v 7. Girard, Kan.: Haldeman-Julius, 1944. 43 pp. Pamphlet W864.7 .V5 1944p.

Wollheim, Richard. Socialism and Culture. Fabian Tract 331. London: Fabian Society, 1961. 48 pp. Pamphlet W864.5 .S6 1961p.

Woltman, Frederick Enos. The McCarthy Balance Sheet. New York: Educational Department, International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, <1954>. 31 pp. Pamphlet W869 .M4 1954p.

The Woman Question. New York: International Publishers, 1951. 96 pp. Pamphlet W872 .W6 1951p.

Women's Liberation in Canada. Toronto: Pathfinder Press, 1975. 23 pp. W812.5 .W6 1975p.

Woodburn, Arthur. The Mystery of Money. 5th ed. Tillicoultry, Scotland: N.C.L.C. Publishing Society, <1948>. Pamphlet W884 .M9 1948p.

Woodruff, Abner E. The Evolution of Industrial Democracy. Chicago: Illinois, General Defense Committee, n.d. 40 pp. Pamphlet W893 .E9 1900p. PDF

Woolman, John. A Word of Remembrance and Caution to the Rich. Fabian Tract No. 79. London: The Fabian society, 1898. 15pp. Pamphlet W914 .W6 1898p. PDF

Wootton, Barbara. Should Socialists Support Federal Union? Report of a Debate Between Federal Union (Mrs. Barbara Wootton) and Socialist Party of Great Britain (Mr. E. Hardy). S.P.G.B. Library No. 14. London: Socialist Party of Great Britain, 1940. 46 pp. Pamphlet W918 .S5 1940p.

Work, John McClelland. What's So and What Isn't. <Chicago>: Socialist Party National Office, 1916. 111pp. Pamphlet W926.5 .W5 1916p. PDF

---. Where You Get Off. Chicago: Socialist Party, <1912>.48 pp. Pamphlet W926.5 .W54 1912p. PDF

---. Why Things Happen to Happen. Chicago: National Office of the Socialist Party, 1917. 59 pp. Pamphlet W926.5 .W59 1917p. PDF

Workers Library Publishers. Books and Pamphlets. New York, NY: Workers Library Publisher, Inc., 1941. 15 pp. Pamphlet W919 .B6 1941p.

---. Books and Pamphlets. New York, NY: Workers Library Publisher, Inc., 1942. 15 pp. Pamphlet W919 .B6 1942p.

The Workers Library: Books and Pamphlets, 1934. New York: Workers Library Publishers, <1934>. Pamphlet W926.6 .W67 1934p.

The Workers Library: Books and Pamphlets, August, 1933. New York City: Workers Library Publishers, 1933. Pamphlet W926.6 .W6 1933p.

Workers of All Countries, Unite, Oppose Our Common Enemy. Peking: Foreign Languages Press, 1962. 26 pp. Pamphlet J51 .W6 1962p.

Workers of All Countries, Unite, Oppose Our Common Enemy! (Three Editorials). Peking, Foreign Languages Press. 1963. 90 pp. Pamphlet J51 .W6 1963p.

Workers Party of America. For a Labor Party: Recent Revolutionary Changes in American Politics. New York: Workers Party of America, 1922. 48 pp. Pamphlet W926.7 .F6 1922p. PDF

World Congress of Women (1963: Moscow). The Struggle Between Two Lines at the Moscow World Congress of Women. Peking: Foreign Languages Press, 1963. 60 pp. Pamphlet W927.3 .S7 1963p.

World Cooperation and Social Progress: A Symposium. New York: League for Industrial Democracy, <1951>. 38 pp. Pamphlet L185 .W6 1951p.

World Socialist Party National Administrative Committee. The Perspective for World Socialism: Featuring, World Socialist Party on the Air. Boston, MA: W.S.P. of U.S., 1974. 48 pp. Pamphlet W927 .P4 1974p.

The World Today: The Socialist Perspective. London: Socialist International, <1963>. 11 pp. Pamphlet S687.5 .W6 1963p.

Worman, Eugene Clark. Working with Organized Labor: A Study of Y.M.C.A. Practice and Policy. New York: Association Press, 1944. 98 pp. Pamphlet W928 .W6 1944p.

Woytinsky, Wladimir S. The Twelve Who Are to Die: The Trial of the Socialists-Revolutionists in Moscow. Berlin: Delegation of the Party of Socialists-Revolutionists, 1922. 127 pp. Pamphlet W938 .T8 1922p. PDF

Wyatt, Woodrow. The Jews at Home. London: Tribune Publications, 1951. 24 pp. Pamphlet W976 .J4 1951p.

Wyer, Samuel S. Primer on Economics. Columbus, Ohio: Fuel, Power, Transportation Educational Foundation, 1927. 23pp. Pamphlet W979 .P7 1927p.

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