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This file contains 6 entries. All entries are arranged by main entry, title, and date of publication.

Zaslavskii, David Iosifovich. The Face of Hitler's Army. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1943. 47 pp. Pamphlet Z38 .F3 1943p.

Zeidler, Frank P. The Spirit of American Socialism. New York: Socialist Party, <1952>. 11 pp. Pamphlet Z45 .S6 1952p.

Zeuch, W. E., (William Edward). The Truth About the O'Hare Case. Kate O'Hare Booklets No. 2. St. Louis: F. P. O'Hare,<1919>. 31 pp. Pamphlet Z62 .T7 1919p. PDF

Zelikon-Bobrovskaia, Ts. S. The First President of the Republic of Labor: A Short Biographical Sketch of the Life and Work of Y. M. Sverdlov. New York City: Workers Library Publishers, <1932?> 32 pp. Pamphlet Z49 .F5 1932p.

Zhou, Enlai. Report on the Work of the Government. Made at the First Session of the First National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China, September 23, 1954. Peking: Foreign Language Press, 1954p. 55 pp. Pamphlet Z63.7 .R4 1954p.

Zinovyev, Grigory Yevseyevich. Nicolai Lenin: His Life and Work. Cleveland, O.: Toiler Pub. Association, <1918>. 48 pp. Pamphlet Z77 .N5 1918p. PDF

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