Terre Haute June 23/84

The lodge opened in regular session Worthy Master E. V. Debs in the chair The minutes of the previous meeting were Read and approved

An invitation from Evening Star lodge No 112 McVernon Ills. The purport of which was to attend a picnic given by them. The communication was received and placed on file
And also from Whipple Lodge No 142 which was also noted and placed on file. And also from Twin City lodge No 39. Rock Island which was also placed on file
The Report of the Grand Secretary and Treasurer was Read and placed on file
        The communication from the Grand Master in Regard to establishing a home for disabled firemen was Read and Remarks made by many of the Brothers in favor Regard to it
It was moved seconded & carried that Vigo Lodge No16 has no plans nor no suggestions to offer nor neither had did they approve of it the home for disabled fireman.

There was some remarks in Regard to the Yard Masters using this hall for meetings. The whole matter was Refered [sic] to the Trustees On motion the key of the hall be left at the Gra Office of the Grand Officers and that the Janitor have a key made
The Bill of James Smith for janitor 1/3 of Janitor fee from May 1st to July 1st, 84 amounting to $333 1/3/100 was allowed and ordered paid
The Resolutions presented by Bros Glenn Ebbage & Arnold in Regard to the Revd J. K. Wheeler and the ladies of the first Baptist church were Read and approved and placed on file

There being no further business the Lodge closed in due form
Receipts of the meeting 75¢

John F. O'Reilly     E.V. Debs
Secy     Master

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