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Donors to Collections (Through September 2011)

Not only gifts of funds, but gifts of published and manuscript works themselves have been significant in creating the various collections housed in the Special Collections Department. I have listed individuals or groups below who have donated more than one title, unless the donations were for the Faculty Collection only. Faculty donors of titles for the Faculty Collection will be noted on a separate list, since they will be members of the faculty as well as being donors, a noteworthy distinction.

Either the individuals honored in listing below have expressed no desire to remain anonymous or anonymity is no longer required because of a change in conditions. In instances where an asterisk appears in front of a name and then in front of the collection, the marks indicate the main person or persons behind the establishment of a collection. Private collections which have been subsequently housed in host collection or entity are indentified separately followed by the host collection given in a parenthetical statement

The names listed here are derived principally from online records and recollections. In the case of collections yet to be cataloged, the inclusion of donor names must be made in the future, as the adding of these names would require an inordinate amount of research which cannot be undertaken at this time. To donors who fall into this category I offer my apologies for your exclusion from this listing. Please contact us and we will add your name or that of your family member, if you wish.

We aim to salute all donors, both those who knowingly and those whose gifts have come into the collection through the offices of other individuals. I think it will be clear to many perusers of this list that several of our collections have been assembled primarily through gifts. Most others were established with significant initial and, in many cases, subsequent gifts. Without the foundation of such donations, a number of the collections would never have been established here at ISU or anywhere else.

While not listed separately, the importance of several antiquarian booksellers who have known of ISU's collecting interests and gone to great lengths to acquire books for resale to ISU should be acknowledged. For example, without the acquisition of a number of the offerings of Antique Books of its stock of textbooks at reduced prices when it decided to go out of business, ISU's Floyd Family and Walker collections would lack many significant titles. The same might be said for Karen Thomson Books and Rulon-Miller Books, British and American purveyors of language texts. Over the last decade or more, these and other booksellers have supplied a greater number of language books to the Cordell Collection than any other vendor. To the many other booksellers who have figured prominently in the building of collections at Indiana State University, although unnamed here, I extend my heartfelt thanks. You know who you are and rightfully should take pride in your service to ISU Library and its special collections.

David Vancil, January 2005

Sarah Bence - Debs, Faculty, Indiana, Rare Books, and Special Collections Reference collections
Elizabeth Bevington - Lowney Turner Handy Library (Rare Books Collection)
Ernest Borden - Debs Collection
Joseph Borden - Debs Collection
Nathan Bridwell - Floyd Family Collection
∗Bernard Brommel - ∗Debs Collection
Fredrick W. Bunce - Bunce Collection (Rare Books Collection)
Paul W. Bunten - Floyd Family Collection
∗Dr. Henry and Barbara Burger - ∗Burger Archive (Manuscripts Collection)
Arthur Carson - Floyd Family Collection
Harold Carson - Carson Collection (Debs, Floyd Family, Indiana, Rare Books collections)
Robert L. Carter - Debs, Indiana, Rare Books, Special Collections Reference collections
Center for Advanced Study, University of Illinois - Cordell Collection
Chicago Tribune - Debs Collection
Albert Christenberry - Floyd Family Collection
Robert Clouse - Cordell and Rare Books collections
Gilbert Coble - Jesse Stuart Collection (Rare Books Collection)
John Cogswell - Floyd Family Collection
∗Denis Conrady - ∗Conrady Collection (Historic Music Collections)
J. Robert Constantine - Debs Collection
∗Marguerite Debs Cooper - ∗Debs Collection
Ernest (Ernie) Cordell - Cordell Collection
∗Warren and Suzanne Cordell - ∗Cordell and Rare Books collections
Barbara, Robert, and Warren Cordell and Jeanne Cordell Shafer - Cordell Collection
Crawford Family - Floyd Family Collection
Vernon Cristee - Floyd Family Collection
Bess Cunningham, wife/widow - ∗Cunningham and Rare Books collections
Family of Arthur Cunnigham - Cunningham Collection
Helen Cygnarowicz - Debs Collection
Eugene V. Debs Foundation & Home - Debs Collection
Dictionary Society of North America - Cordell Collection
Edith Gertrude Dome - Floyd Family Collection
Ruth A. Dowdy - Floyd Family Collection
Dreiser Centennial Committee - Indiana Collection
Oscar Edelman - Debs Collection
Pat Engelland - Kirk Collection (HIstoric Music Collections)
Federal Writers Project - Indiana Collection
Leslie W. Felling - Floyd Family Collection
Iran Floyd - Floyd Family Collection
∗William and Cletis Floyd - ∗Floyd Family Collection
Blanche Foster - Indiana and Rare Books collections
Friends of Cunningham Memorial Library - Cordell, Debs, Floyd Family, Rare Books,
and Special Collections Reference collections
Julia Fuerst - Indiana and Rare Books collections
Norbert Fuerst - Indiana, Rare, and Special Collections Reference collections
Sarah (Sally) Gale - Floyd Family Collection
John Edward (Ed) Gates - Cordell Collection
Margaret M. Gillum - Indiana and Rare Books collections
Jack Grantham - Debs, Floyd Family, and Rare Books collections
Kevin Griffith - Floyd Family Collection
Alfred Griffy - Floyd Family Collection
∗Leonard Guttridge - ∗Neff-Guttridge Collection
Dewey L. and Beulah B. Hanner - Indiana and Rare Books collections
Shelton Hannig - Rare Books Collection
Agnest H. Harbrueger - Floyd Family Collection
Jane Cunningham Hazledine - Rare Books Collection
Kenneth Hazledine - Rare Books and Faculty collections
∗Douglas J. Herrmann - ∗Herrmann Collection
Raleigh Warren Holmstedt - Indiana and Rare Books collections
C. Hull - Cordell and Rare Books collections
Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library - Floyd Family Collection
ISU Archives - Cordell Reference Collection
ISU Lab School - Floyd Family Collection
ISU Music Department - Kirk Collection (Historic Music Collections) and Rare Books collections
Allen Keathley - Cordell, Floyd Family, and Rare Books collections
Frances Kepfner - Floyd Family Collection
Charles D. King - Floyd Family and Indiana collections
∗C. Weir Kirk - ∗Kirk Collection (Historic Music Collections)
Paul Koda - Rare Books Collection
Richard Landini - Faculty, Indiana, and Special Collections Reference collections
Lilly Library - Cordell and Indiana collections
Arthur Lindholm - Debs Collection
Eleanor Loewenthal - Debs Collection
Daniel Lucky - Rare Books Collection
Donald Ludwig - Floyd Family Collection
George Mathews - Mitford Mathews Papers (Manuscripts Collection)
Lawrence J. McCrank - Indiana and Special Collections Reference collections
Helen McGaughey - Indiana and Rare Books collections
Earl McNaughton - Indiana Collection
Harriet McNeal - Cordell Collection
Merriam-Webster Company - Cordell and Cordell Reference collections
Elizabeth Ross Miller - Indiana Collection
Harriette Miller - Floyd Family Collection
Mrs. Logan Miller - Floyd Family Collection
James B. Meisenheimer Jr. - Faculty and Rare Books collections
T. Mobley - Cunningham and Indiana collections
Urmila Mohapatra - Indiana Collection
John Robert Moore - Rare Books Collection
Mary E. Moran - Debs and Indiana collections
Jane Mustin - Floyd Family Collection
∗Ray Neff - Indiana, Faculty, and ∗Neff-Guttridge collections
Charlotte Nesbitt - Cunningham, Indiana, and Walker collections
Robert K. O'Neill - Cordell Collection
Richard Ouweneel - Floyd Family Collection
Hildegard (Hilda) Delgado Pang - Rare Books Collection
Juliet Peddle - Indiana, Rare Books, and Special Collections Reference collections
Mildred F. Pendergast - Floyd Family Collection
Richard Pierard - Cordell, Debs, and Faculty collections
Eugene (Gene) Pomerance - Debs Collection
Dorothy Porter - Cunningham, Indiana, Rare Books collections
Elmer Porter estate - Cunningham, Indiana, Rare Books collections
Allen Walker Read - Cordell Reference Collection
Roslyn Rensch - Rare Books Collection
Michael and Marlene Rifkin - Booth Tarkington Collection (Indiana Collection)
H. Rocke Robertson - Cordell Reference Collection
∗Jerry M. Rosenberg - ∗Rosenberg Archive (Manuscripts Collection)
Saul Rosenthal - Floyd Family, Indiana, and Rare Books collections
Paul Rosheim - Obscure Publication Press Collection (Rare Books Collection)
Rob Rulon-Miller - Cordell, Floyd Family, and Indiana collections
Robert L. Sackrider - Debs, Indiana, Floyd Family, and Rare Books Collection
Howard Sandison - Indiana and Rare Books collections
Richard Schneirov - Debs Collection
David Scott - Cunningham and Indiana collections
John W. Shonk - Floyd Family Collection
Walter O. Shriner - Floyd Family Collection
Theodore Silverstein - Cordell, Cordell Reference, and Rare Books collections
Robert Smith - Rare Books Collection
Jada Snoddy - Floyd Family Collection
Socialist Workers Party (Minneapolis/St. Paul) - Debs Collection
Francis M. Stalker - Indiana Collection
Sullivan Public Library - Indiana Collection
John R. Taylor - Debs and Indiana collections
Robert Taylor - Debs Collection
Donald W. Thibeault - Cordell Collection
James Thielman - Rare Books Collection
Lawrence (Larry) W. Thielman - Rare Books Collection
Ralph N. Tirey and wife - Cunningham, Indiana and Rare Books collections
Ruth Hill Tirey - Cunningham, Faculty, and Rare Books collections
Ruth Turner - Indiana, Floyd, and Rare Books collections
David Vancil - Indiana, Faculty, Rare Books collections
Wabash Valley Genealogical Society - Indiana
Benjamin Walker - Floyd Family and ∗Walker collections
Elizabeth Weller - Cunningham Collection
Lana Jo Whicker - Cordell Collection
John Hoyt Williams - Williams Collection (Rare Books Collection)
Wilmette Historical Museum - Wilmette Collection (Historic Music Collections)
William Wilson - Indiana and Cordell collections
Jonathan Wind - Kirk Collection (Historic Music Collections)
Robert W. Wolfe - Faculty and Rare Books collections
Kathryn Wright - Indiana Collection
Ladislav Zgusta - Cordell Collection

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