Faculty Collection Search Tips

The following assumes you want to browse through the names of individuals. Otherwise you would search directly on the name of an author.

There is a simple way to browse specifically for books housed in the Faculty Collection. Using the basic search module in the OPAC, replace "All Fields" with "Call Number.". In the "Search" field, type @quot;faculty@quot; followed by the first letter of the last name of the faculty or staff member whose works may be of interest you. You will retrieve a list of individuals whose last names start with that letter. This action will produce a listing from which you may choose individual records to view. This is the first approach.

A second way to conduct a search is to use the advanced search module and restrict the search location to "Faculty Collection." Then you may search by subject, author, date range, etc. and combine terms with operators.

Most Faculty Collection materials have duplicate copies in the main stacks. In some instances, only one copy of the book was acquired and therefore may be cataloged either for the Faculty Collection or another location in the department or library. Titles located elsewhere may not be searched as described above. Titles external to the Faculty Collection may be searched for by author, title, etc. in the OPAC, FusionPlus. The ISU affiliation will be indicated in a note in the record of such items. Most notes are searchable, so the advanced search module may still be effective in retrieving material prepared by ISU employees even when not held by the Faculty Collection.

There are currently approximately 1,100 monographs, CDs, and similar items cataloged for the Faculty Collection. In addition, several thousand photocopies and offprints of articles published in periodicals and books are held. These materials are accessible available only by manual searching in file folders. Eventually, a database of these non-monographic holdings will be prepared. For information about Faculty Collection and related holdings, please inquire in the department by calling 812/237-2610 or use the provided form or the browser-dependent link at the bottom of the page to e-mail the department.

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