Memory Memorabilia:
Artifacts from the Herrmann Collection

The following images represent some of the objects, or artifacts, found in the Herrmann Collection on Human Memory. They are provided, not as an exhaustive representation of objects about human memory, but as entertainment for the viewer.

Various objects associated with human memory, including The Thinker, elephants, a miniature phrenology head, and coffee cup with an elephant image

Bottles of elixirs and vitamins claiming to improve memory

Numerous elephants given to Douglas Herrmann by well-wishers

Regal elephant sculptures, or objects, in the Herrmann Collection accompanied by small elephant

Close up of sleeping elephant with legs dangling on edge of table

Examples of products designed to assist with one's memory

There are many more examples of objects in the collection, including a found art object created by Herrmann himself. Visitors are always welcome.

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