Travel Passes Issued to Andrew Potter,
William B. Earle, and Captain James W. Boyd

Travel passes for Andrew Potter, William B. Earle, and Captain James W. Boyd, presumed not to exist or to be misidentifed, were issued by Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, re: Passes Issued by the Secretary of War, January 1864-May 1865, Volumes 373 & 375 (National Archives & Records Administration Group 107). See details below and additional remarks about related travel passes.

Additional remarks:

Of additional interest . . . is the record of a travel pass issued to Ward and Robert Lamon, together, on the date of the [Lincoln] assassination. This confirms the absence of Lincoln's "bodyguard" from Washington on . . . Good Friday night and points . . . to Ward and Robert Lamon's involvement in the Northern speculators' profiteering schemes with Richmond, named in the record as the Lamons' destination.

Dark Union tells how an emissary of the profiteers from 178½ Water Street, New York, a fortnight after the assassination, took the steamboat Fulton for Savannah with a load of labels designed to mark ownership of cotton stacked there. His name was Kein. And here too we find record of a pass issued April 29, 1865 to John W. Kein, destination Savannah, Georgia.

--Leonard F. Guttridge, 29 March 2004

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