The Search for Andrew Potter's Grave

In 1973, Dr. Ray Neff asked an OCS candidate at the Marine Corps base at Quantico to locate the grave of Andrew Potter and provide a photograph, as the original gravesite located on the Potter farm had been moved by the Corps when the property was purchased prior to WWII. The photograph below is the result of that request.

The headstone was grimy, so to bring out the text, the officer-candidate's wife dusted the surface with talcum powder, creating an overly white contrast with the lettering. However marred, the photograph clearly refers to the remains of Andrew Potter.

Recent efforts to obtain information about the grave or view it have proved unsuccessful, according to reports we have received. We would be much obliged to anyone who could shed light on the "missing" grave of Andrew Potter. Contact us at 812 237-2610, the e-mail link at the foot of the page, or the provided form.

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